Lorch Isaac "Meltdown" Tigren

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    Physical information

    Name: Lorch
    Pronunciation: Lor-tsh
    Full name: Lorch Isaac “Meltdown” Tigren
    Nickname(s): Lorchie, LorchieLicious

    Meaning of this name: The name “Lorch” is originally derived from the Old French word “Archer” and the preposition “le”, which means “the”. “Lorch”, in older Miniknog terms, sometimes referred to a sniper.

    Birth date: February 28th
    Gender: Male
    Physical age: 25
    Race: Apex
    Nationality: Former Miniknog, Fringean

    Body type: Slim, mesomorph
    Height: 1.72m / 5’6”
    Weight: 62kg / 136lbs

    General body health: Healthy
    Body cleanliness: Very clean as a result of showering every day and intensely cleaning his fur.
    Body build: Slim, featuring slight definition of the muscles
    Posture: Confident and flaunting, sometimes humble and small, depending on his mood
    Gestures: Uses an average amount of gestures while communicating.

    Skin type: Skin that’s covered in fur for the most parts, except for his face, chin, chest, abdomen, lower abdomen, and pubic area. The fur, unlike most Apexes, is as soft as a cat’s pelt due to it being treated with natural oils that he makes himself.

    Skin colour: Caucasian, slightly tanned.
    Fur color: Brown, currently dyed pich black.
    Skin texture: Smooth, often treated with moisturizer.
    Body hair: Shaved and trimmed into a quick transition from bare skin to fur.

    Scars: One scar located on his right shoulder and one on his lower back; invisible due to his fur.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings/earrings: Pierced earlobes, sometimes seen with glistening studs in them. During his gothic phase, he's wearing illuminated skyblue studs.
    Birthmarks: None

    Scent/body smell: Faint smell of pinetrees and a flowery tea.

    Other unusual body features: Is born with prehensile feet. Basically feet in the shape of hands, complete with fingers he can utilize.

    Face and head
    Complexion: Smooth
    Face shape: Round
    Wrinkles: None visible, slightly when smiling
    Freckles/spots/markings: None

    Make-up: Normally none, but during his gothic phase, he wears pink eye shadow.

    Glasses/contacts: Usually seen wearing glasses despite not having a need for them.
    Eyebrows: Plucked
    Eye color: Sky blue

    Hairstyle: Faux hawk when shorter, roughly laid back when longer. During his gothic phase, his hair is dyed pitch black and hanging down over the side of his face with a slight wave.
    Natural hair colour: Brown
    Facial hair: Apex beard, trimmed

    Appearance perceived by race: Like a babe
    Appearance perceived by themselves: Homely / handsome

    Clothes and accessories
    Normal outfit: A wide variety of colorful clothes with all kinds of accessories.
    Job/school outfit: Normal outfit
    Underwear: Find out yourself
    Sleepwear: Sometimes in underwear, sometimes wearing a set of pyjamas with a fat, orange lazy dragon pictured on the chest.
    Formal outfit: Usually wearing blazers
    Other outfits: A revealing devil’s outfit for Halloween, Scuba gear, various cosplay outfits, a gothic outfit.

    Jewellery: Glistening studs for in his pierced ears. During his gothic phase, he's wearing illuminated skyblue studs.
    Clothing accessories: Usually wears scarfs and glasses

    Weapon(s): None
    Gadget(s): Mobile device
    Favourite accessory: Mobile device

    Remarkable objects owned: Tailoring tools


    Birth date: February 28th
    Birth place: Miniknog colony named Yanthu
    Home town: Yanthu

    Family and relations

    Biological father's name: Archeus “Meltdown” Tigren
    Status: Alive
    Relationship with your character: Bonding after a troublesome childhood

    Biological mother's name: Amanda Maddov
    Status: Alive
    Relationship with your character: Close

    Sibling(s): Cain “Meltdown” Tigren
    Status: Alive
    Relationship with your character: Stable.

    Culture they were born in: Miniknog culture
    Influence on future life: Little to none. Didn’t agree with the culture. Deliberately avoided the father’s culture and grew up with his mother’s values of life.

    Friends: Hayden, September Oxium, Nuvvox, Archer, Taichi, Takuma, Ryder Ayron, Nevada Brown, Gary Noose, Dave Ward, Belle Parry, Rose Avalice, Misery, Jura, Bluemoon Dustfall, Bradley Sykes, Ro’di Sykes, Cole James Truman, Chalk, Sanam, B’vorn Fresk, Yuri Glazkov, Zahnah, Ponecia, Illondea, John McCoy, Tayveen, Vinny, Sanmuel Dist, Leu Trän, Lesslyn Stuìricke, Robin Flynn, Xander Nehuisa, Selani Inperra, August Dimaggio, Evelyn Winters, Caleb Carpenter, Akaseru Narakuno.

    Sexual orientation: Homosexual, 5-6 on Kinsey scale.
    Partner: None
    Love interest(s): Too many.
    Ex partner(s): Mitsuzo Caudata, Lars Garland, Takuma, Chalk

    Love life: Falls in love easily and fears rejection. Can become insecure for various reasons
    Sex life: Adventurous but passionate and intimate.
    Opinion on sex and sexuality: Open opinion.

    Enemies / Antagonists: The Miniknog, Welton family, Lillith Northman

    Education, jobs & work (experiences)

    Current job(s)/occupation(s): Owner of the Stuìricke's branch in Haven's Corrav district.
    Place of Work: The clothing store in Haven's Corrav district
    Work-related Skills: Tailoring, styling, hair cutting, pedicure, manicure, make-up arts
    Past Occupations: Fashionista, Stylist, photo model.
    Finances: Well above average

    Hobbies: Playing video games, knitting, playing chess, yoga, hosting tea parties.

    Transportation: Public transit, taxis and on occasions using teleporters

    University of Yanthu, Bachelor degree in textile design and technology
    • Graduated - GPA 92 / 100
    • Member of Yanthu's chess team "Knights of the square table"
    Work experiences:
    Melting Heart's clothing & styling - Owner
    • Managing a team of employees
    • Directing and assisting with the business processes
    • Arranging workshops for employees and schools on Margury
    • Designing clothes and creating clothing collections
    • Hosting fashion shows and several events
    • Assisting with photo shoots for the catalogs
    • Making appointments with customers and clients
    • (Re)styling, hair cutting, pedicure, manicure, skin care
    Garland Cafe - water and co-manager
    • Preparing and cooking meals
    • Serving the customers
    • Managing the cash register
    Banana corner, smoothies and sandwiches - waiter
    • Cutting and peeling fruits
    • Making smoothies and creating new ones for the menu
    • Making sandwiches and creating new ones for the menu
    • Operating the cash register and addressing customers.
    • Hygienically cleaning the machines
    Lo-price supermarket
    • Refilling the stocks
    • Operating the cash register and helping customers

    • Making warm clothes for the refugees after the Godus glassed Old Margury
    • Collected money
    • Started a crowd funding platform to help the people build homes
    • Arranging weddings, including the design of wedding attires
    • Hosting parties as well as themed parties
    Personality: Energetic and positive, adjusting to the impressions people give him about himself.

    Jung personality: Extravert(38%) Sensing(16%) Feeling(59%) Perceiving(16%)
    Meaning: Playful, enthusiastic, friendly, spontaneous, tactful, flexible. Have strong common sense, enjoy helping people in tangible ways.

    Current main objective: Finding a partner in order to settle down and getting a place of his own, remaining a stable life.
    Past goals: Becoming famous for his work as tailor, stylist and fashionista and gaining respect for the reasons behind his goals

    Fears: Rejection, imprisonment, death
    Phobias: Spiders and a lot of bugs
    Mental/emotional traumas: Physical abuse by his father that make him fear rejection and doing something wrong.

    Mental state: Stable, but fragile
    Sanity: Sane
    Mental illness(es): None

    Passive or aggressive personality: Passive, but confronting
    Self-control: In control
    Stress resistance: Depending on the source of stress. Emotional stress resistance is low, while work stress resistance is high.
    General temperament: Sanguine. Is angered by unjust, racism and discrimination

    Optimist/pessimist: Optimist
    Drives and Motivations: Opinions and advice of friends and family
    Good Characteristics: Sociable, joyous and caring.
    Character Flaws and Quirks: Is easily jealous when it comes to partners and other people’s relationships. Judges quickly. Sometimes speaks his mind a bit too literally
    Pet peeves: People calling him “monkey”, unless it is an obvious joke.

    Privateness about personal life: Is very open about his personal life; sometimes too open.

    Predictability: Mostly predictable when people get to know him. Mostly.
    Responsibility: Very responsible to himself and those around him
    Self-reliance: Is able to take care of himself and rarely relies on others for small things.
    Tidiness: Dependant on his mood; his room’s tidiness reflects his mood.
    Manners: Well-mannered

    Current faith/religion: None

    Strengths and skills
    Physical strengths: Agile, can use his prehensile feet to climb with ease
    Mental strengths: Quick thinker and a creative mind

    Physical weaknesses: Low strength, is clumsy
    Mental weaknesses: Easily manipulated when approached with charm and boldness

    Sense of touch: Good
    Sense of vision: Good
    Sense of smell: Good
    Sense of taste: Good
    Sense of hearing: Good

    Languages fluently spoken: Galactic common
    Languages non-fluently spoken: French, Margurian.
    Languages well understood: Galactic common
    Languages averagely to barely understood: French, Margurian
    Languages well read: Galactic common
    Languages averagely to badly read: -

    Mother language(s): Galactic common
    Accent: None
    Dialects spoken: None
    Other languages known: None
    Voice: Higher pitched than the average Apex voice tone.

    Volume of voice: Normal
    Other special things about the voice: He tends to speak in a flirty way, with intonations and often giving people nicknames.

    Aggressive or passive: Passive

    Physical fighting skills: He is limited to throwing unskilled punches at his enemies, biting them with his Apex fangs and using objects to defend himself with.
    Physical fighting style: He usually tries to avoid physical fights, but relies on his instincts when cornered.
    Weapon(s) they’re skilled with: None
    Specific attack(s)/weapon(s): None
    Abilities: None
    Signature weapon/attack: None

    Current place of residence: Mother’s farm on a forest planet, Father’s ship

    Current culture: Fringean common culture with values inherited from his mother
    Opinion on other cultures: Open, but realistic opinion, depending on the culture.
    Opinion on cloning: Strongly against cloning himself. Indifferent about others being cloned.


    Related to the character
    Theme song:

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    UPDATE 04-10-2020
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    - Updated his friends list, sorry if I forgot some people. Notify me of any missing characters!
    - Updated Lorch's appearance to fit his current goth phase
    - Updated Lorch's occupation and goals, though some of those might change again later on.
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