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    (made by the amazing Nitrousルー)

    (Chalk and Belle made by the epic pocl.v)

    (made by the beautiful Randy)

    General Information

    Nickname: Chalk
    First name: Cerlise
    Family name: ???
    Age: 28
    Date of birth: March 15, 3261
    Race: Floran
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Current residence: Olympus
    Relationship status: Single
    Social status: Normal
    Financial standing: Modest

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): Floran Hiss
    Language spoken: Galactic Common, Floran
    Style of speaking: Simple, sometimes misunderstands words. Doesn't swear often.
    Volume of voice: Normal

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 167 lbs
    Eye color: Black
    Skin color: Olive Green
    Shape of face: Diamond
    Distinguishing features: Wildly colorful foliage.
    Build of body: Thin, a little musclely.
    Foliage color: Green, Yellow, Pink, Teal
    Foliage style: Brushed back
    Complexion: Pale for a Floran
    Posture: Decent
    Tattoos: A beehive covering a former ritualistic scar and a single bee along with some vines, he has had some tattoos removed.
    Piercings: None
    Typical clothing: Looks kind of like hiking/climbing gear.
    Is seen by others as: Awkward, but nice.


    Likes: Art, food, nature
    Dislikes: Alcohol, blood, hunting
    Education: Tribal teachings, Information from others, Self-taught artist.
    Fears: Being a liability. Being without help. Failing to express himself.
    Personal goal: Make something that a lot of people will appreciate.
    General attitude: Optimally, calm and happy, fluctuates sometimes.
    Religious values: Blank slate
    General intelligence: A little below-average on most topics except for art.
    General sociability: Tends to focus on sketching, but likes talking with people.


    Illnesses (if any): None
    Allergies (if any): None
    Sleeping habits: Typical
    Energy level: Fluctuates
    Eating habits: Was generally well fed by Belle, now often forgets to eat unless absolutely necessary, or if offered food from someone.
    Memory: Decent
    Any unhealthy habits: ???

    Chalk generally had an interest and given talent with the arts, and while his talent was recognized by his tribe it wasn’t appreciated. Chalk wasn’t comfortable or able to hunt and his refusal to do so led to him being considered a liability. At 19 years old his tribe branded him an exile and sent off into the jungle. He’d either learn to hunt himself and return to the tribe one day, or starve in the harsh wilderness. Fortunately as Chalk was approaching the brink as foraging became less and less reliable his luck turned around. An explorer ship landed down on the planet nearby and took pity on the Floran, after some years he learned enough from the crew to go out into the galaxy alone.

    Recent history...
    After a massive breakdown alone Chalk fled his home abandoning Belle without as much as a goodbye. Constantly being in her shadow, always telling himself he doesn't deserve what he had, that Belle didn't deserve him, it finally all caught up to him. He'd go out and try to find his family and put his entire Fringe life behind him... but finding a nomadic tribe turned out to be impossible, for him alone at least. He hired a group to help him, who promptly took his money and ran. The second group he traveled with, but they were left without as much as a clue and Chalk was completely drained of funds, returning to the Haven with nothing.​


    Parents: ???
    Siblings: Eldest Sister Holypt, Eldest Brother Rowan, Older Brother Kichory, Younger Sister Marel, Youngest Brother Ainzel.
    Any enemies (and why): Tiberius (the guy's racist and Belle considered dating him for a short time), Circle Eye (not confirmed yet, but he better not try to hurt belle)
    Children: None
    Friends: Lorch?, Zelis?, Cierlo?, Kari?
    Best Friends: Mir?, Xex?
    Ex-wife: Belle


    Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
    Weapon (if applicable): Concussion Gun, Taser, Fangs
    Style of fighting: Hit and run, or takedown, depending on the situation.


    Occupation: Freelance Artist
    Current home: Single Apartment on Olympus
    Favorite types of food: Meats
    Favorite types of drink: Water or lemonade
    Hobbies/past times: Art, TV, Fishing
    Guilty pleasures: Weed, Alcohol
    Pet peeves: People who don’t get to the point quickly, unnecessarily loud noises, hearing words he doesn’t understand.
    Pets: A pet fish named Ainzel, who is a Barred Danio
    Talents: A very good artist when it comes to natural shapes, landscapes, and even some abstraction. Decent in many different forms of art.
    Favorite colors: Cool colors, blue, green, purple
    Favorite type of music: Indie rock, Pop, Easy listening
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