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    General Information


    Akuseru Narakuno, better known as simply 'Seru', is a 22 year old female Hylotl born on October 17th, 3265. She was born in the city of Sukoshiri on the planet of Ieko (that's a capital i, not a lowercase L) in the Chisakari System, on the edge of Hylotl Empire CivSpace and the Fringe. She's a former delinquent that had originally made her way to the Fringe to make her grandfather proud, according to her self.

    Seru currently works on Horizon's security team, but has held many different jobs. Her color scheme tends to be red, white, and yellow. Her skills include punching, as many already know, but also include singing, voice acting, swordsmanship, surfing, and problem solving. She is currently in a relationship with Naokii Kurosawa, though is known to be bisexual and has had two exes.

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    Combat Theme
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    Voice Reference: Sayaka Kanamori

    Physical Appearance

    Seru is a lithe and toned Hylotl woman with an athletic build standing at a modest height of 5'6", though her long legs and typically heeled boots often make her seem taller than she actually is. Her skin is mostly an off-white color with portions that are a pale red including her distinct Axolotl-esque fins, of which the middle and bottom pair are pierced twice.

    Her three eyes are orange-red, leaning more towards red, and are often highlighted by the black eye-liner she wears pretty much every day. Her expressions tend to be very muted, defaulting towards a bored or scowling face more often than not leading to her genuine expressions of joy to be seen as rare and special. Despite what occurs with real Axolotls, her fins are not her gills and a set of them is apparent on either side of her neck.

    Various scars cover her body, standing out particularly on the back of her right hand (likely due to hitting hard objects?), across the right side of her abdomen (slash scar), on her lower left back (bullet scars), vertically down her left shoulder (left arm was removed at one point), and scattered across her legs (shrapnel). She has no cybernetics or augmentations and is 100% organic. Her teeth are naturally a bit on the sharp end, though this does not stop her from eating non-meat things and she still has a very varied diet.


    Personality Type: ISTP

    Political Ideology: ???

    Seru typically comes off as aloof and cold, even threatening or scary at times. Her monotonous and borderline bored manner of speaking, with a lack of real inflection or emotion combined with a similar facial expression makes her seem uninterested. In reality she is very capable of putting a lot of emotion into her voice and expressions, but simply prefers not to. Seru is rarely the person that will engage dialogue but will gladly talk for hours once a conversation has begun. Oddly, she appears to be far more social and active on the Nexus chatroom than in person. This is because there is no face to face interaction. It is far less emotionally exhausting for her.

    Despite seeming detached she takes what she hears and sees to heart, analyzing and observing her surroundings. Seru is quick to anger and will often use threats of physical violence, both in a joking and serious manner, though in many cases she may back those threats up without thinking ahead. Though her initial ambitions and goals were making her grandfather proud Seru has since shifted to keeping her friends safe and helping where ever she can. Seru is not actually shy but just prefers to keep information to herself until the time is right.

    She is a very outspoken hater of grapefruit and celery.


    Seru was born to a typically large Hylotl family, one of the eldest siblings out of 9 (including herself) and the daughter of Hideki and Rei Narakuno. Her early life was rather simple and without much genuine conflict, though as she grew into early adolescence and her other siblings were born she seemed to only grow more detached in a manner similar that pushed her away from her father and led her into increasingly troublesome activities. At around the age of twelve or so after particularly bad school fight, her mother asked Seru's grandfather (her father) Yuma Kashimoi, who ran the local martial arts dojo, to take her under his wing. Hideki disapproved of this greatly, having a dislike of Yuma. Seru, on the other hand, loved her grandfather and so gladly accepted his tutelage.

    From this point onwards Seru and her father's relationship was increasingly strained and Yuma became her father figure. Despite this guidance as she entered high school she became an apparent delinquent, frequently fighting other's, in trouble with school administration and even local law enforcement, and increasingly frustrated at her father's attitude towards the rest of her family, despite ironically being incredibly similar to him even if she would never admit it. Arguments between the two became commonplace in the household even after her graduation from high school as she attempted to find work while still living with her parents.

    At the age of 21 in 3286, her grandfather unfortunately passed at the ripe old age of 188. It was this and the subsequent argument with her father (who saw his passing as a good thing) that provided her a catalyst to cut off contact entirely with her father and leave for the Fringe with only a basic understanding of Common and the ship she inherited from her mother. Her inspiration was to follow in her grandfather's footsteps and adventure in the Fringe as he did when he was her age. She is still not on speaking terms with her father, but occasionally visits home to speak and have lunch with her mother.

    Seru found her first friends in the Fringe through the Reborn Order of the Moonlighters which she applied to as she entered the Fringe proper, particularly of note are Lillian Skye, Naokii Kurosawa, Cassius Carac-Nash, and Koo Ch'kan. Cassius proved to be a source of 'adventure' that she was looking for, though she was quickly head over heels and would find her future boyfriend chopping her extremely injured left arm off to save her life at the end of her first real adventure. Seru began living with Cassius as his roommate in Haven after this. At some point after this she also met Churuqui Tacti, who would become one of her best friends and would eventually name Seru the godmother of her daughter.

    Some time after this she would employ her best friend, Lillian, and then romantic interest, Naokii, to assist in saving Cassius after his sudden disappearance in 3286, which they were successful in despite numerous setbacks. She would also meet Rose Avalice during this journey, who arrived to try and rescue Lillian after her apparent disappearance. Seru and Naokii began dating after this and have maintained a steady relationship since then.

    Seru would find herself employed at various position throughout the summer of 3286, and overworked herself to the point of a minor mental breakdown. Cassius managed to encourage her to keep going and helped her get back on the right track, and she would quit her numerous jobs and focus only on a singular position, a rather unlikely one at that, as the Secretary to the Attorney General of Haven. She was not good at her desk job and was unsuited for an office. Around this point she met Caleb Carpenter, who would go on to become one of her best friends as well.

    Sometime around early November of 3286 she fell into a depression, having been convinced that her life was completely aimless and thus pointless. This culminated with her having another mental breakdown, though this time it was far more violent as she ran off to Schelor for a day after someone told her to on the Nexus. She killed multiple people while on Schelor but after her rampage found herself still aimless and so she left for an uncharted planet not connected by Hyperlane to any other system, a system which she nicknamed the Yasu System after her pet bunny, Yasu. She eventually returned to the Fringe and began routinely seeing a therapist, who she still sees to this day.

    During the Zephyr Festival of 3286 she was blinded in one eye by a flash of lightning. She would have this eye replaced shortly after, but before then she would participate in the Battle of the Ark against militant Ocassus forces on behalf of Lillian, but would meet her future boss Gary Noose/Jeliovasi there, as well as many other figures.

    In early 3287 Seru gained knowledge of the Precursors on Garlen and their quests and so undertook two quests from the Precursor known only as The Hermit. The first was to plant a tree on Olympus, an easy task that she complete within the hour. The second was to destroy the remnants of the Hanged Man. To do this she asked Gary to borrow a handheld superweapon which, much to her surprise, he approved. After severely burning her hands in the process Seru destroyed the remnants of the Hanged Man and acquired two qarin arrows. She was helped to the Ikeda Memorial Hospital on Haven by Xander and used the first arrow on herself, giving her the qarin she eventually named Space Oddity. The second disappearance of Cassius around this this time hit her hard as she had no way of rescuing him this time, since she did not know where he was.

    Very shortly after this she applied for and joined Horizon's security team (something recommended to her by Lillian), finally quitting her job at the District Attorney's office to do so. She signed up for the third season of Comet League Boxing and was initially paired with Robin Flynn, but due to her death (and resurrection) eventually took Lorch Tigren as a partner. They would eventually lose in the first round. Between signing up for CLB and the present day she has had numerous smaller adventures with close friends such as Robin, Caleb, and Koo. Her largest since then was the rescue of Adela Rodriguez from the Undercrypt in collaboration with numerous other people. Seru is always looking for the next bit of action to keep her going, which tends to involve helping her friends in one way or another.

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