Robin Flynn: From Gutters to Greatness

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    General Information
    Robin Flynn is a (former) human who has spent the entirety of her life in and around the fringe. She's generally very approachable, holding disdain for those who think themselves above all those around them. Having spent her entire life out in the more dangerous parts of space she knows better than to let her guard down and is usually ready for trouble even if she seems completely relaxed. She's currently 28, having been born in 3259 on a corporate hell hole of a planet called Dromia. She is currently the Owner and Operator of Red & Goldie's Requisitions whose color scheme matches her own with her favorite color, that color being red.

    Physical Appearance
    Robin art.png

    Robin is about 5'6" with ginger/red hair. She weighs about 145lbs without her exo suit (160lbs with) and has a pretty athletic build from her life of labor in the fringe. She's fair skinned and generally dresses pretty casually (albeit as casual as you can be with an exo suit on underneath) and she's usually found with a plasma pistol tucked away somewhere discreet.

    Personality Type: ENTJ
    Political Beliefs: Robin's political beliefs are very much anti big government from her time spent on the corporate hell hole of Dromia. She naturally distrusts large governing groups like the one in Haven as she views them as electing very questionable people to positions of power though she won't bother starting that argument in Haven itself.

    Robin was born to two service workers on a backwater Corporate hellscape known as Dromia. The rich of the planet lived in luxury eating five star meals every meal of the day and not worry about much of anything besides their profits. The other 99% of the planet lived in slums, slaving away for essentially nothing so that the wealthy could keep on living their lives of luxury. Robin's family was very much a part of that system and her childhood suffered because of it. She lost her legs in an accident in her family's garage and from the age of eight had to learn to use cybernetic legs since they couldn't afford organic replacements. Not long after this incident, her parents disappeared one day without a trace and try as she might, she couldn't keep the family garage running by herself. She managed to secure passage off the planet via her family's life savings and her being a literal child causing people to feel sorry for her.

    She'd spend the next sixteen years traveling the fringe, going from place to place and honing the skills of engineering she'd learned from her parents. Along the way she'd make lots of questionable decisions fueled by her need to survive and press forward no matter the cost. This lead to her being forced out of several places along the way, often being chased off by angry criminals and the odd bounty hunter. Eventually the turbulent young woman found her way to this odd corner of the fringe where she immediately set out to make her mark.

    Since she arrived almost a year ago, a lot has happened. She's worked with empires such as Atlas, visited mystical places she'd never have dreamed of, come closer to death than ever before, actually died, fallen in and out of love several times. While her image and public opinion may be mixed, since her arrival she's made a lot of friends and achieved quite a lot for herself. She doesn't know if she'll achieve her goals of making herself and her company known out in these parts but only time will tell in the coming years if she's got what it takes to withstand the test of time.
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