Amanda Maddov

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    Physical information

    Name: Amanda
    Pronunciation: A-man-da
    Full name: Amanda Maddov
    Nickname(s): None

    Meaning of this name: Amanda is a Latin female gerundive name meaning "deserving to be loved," "worthy of love," or "loved very much by everyone."

    Birth date: November 11th
    Gender: Female
    Physical age: 48
    Race: Apex
    Nationality: Fringean, former rebel against the Miniknog.

    Body type: Slim, mesomorph
    Height: 1.67m / 5’4”
    Weight: 66kg / 145lbs

    General body health: Healthy
    Body cleanliness: She maintains good hygiene, despite her minimalistic ways of life.

    Body build: Curvy, featuring a moderate definition of the muscles
    Posture: Confident and strong.
    Gestures: Only gestures when she’s having a pleasant conversation or trying to explain something. No significant gestures.

    Skin type: Skin that’s covered in fur for the most parts, except for her, face, chin, chest, abdomen, lower abdomen, and pubic area. Her fur is a little rough, but not unpleasant when touched.
    Skin colour: Graying brown
    Skin texture: Overall fairly smooth, but wrinkled due to her age

    Scars: A scar located at the side of her chest and a under her fur.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings/earrings: Pierced ear lobes, but only wears earrings when the occasion calls for it.
    Birthmarks: None

    Scent/body smell: A smell of the forest mixed with her own odor.

    Physical defects/handicaps: Slightly impaired sight.

    Other unusual body features: Is born with prehensile feet. Basically feet in the shape of hands, complete with fingers she can utilize.

    Face and head
    Complexion: Aged and moderately wrinkled
    Face shape: Round

    Skin color: Shade of blue
    Wrinkles: Wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead and around her corner’s of her mouth.
    Freckles/spots/markings: None
    Make-up: None

    Glasses/contacts: Mostly seen wearing glasses that are worn and dusty.
    Eyebrows: Thin
    Eye color: Emerald green

    Hairstyle: Ponytail
    Natural hair colour: Graying brown
    Facial hair: A short Apex beard

    Appearance perceived by race: Like a babe
    Appearance perceived by themselves: Average

    Clothes and accessories
    Normal outfit: A white blouse and a pair of blue jeans that reach above the waist.
    Job/school outfit: None
    Underwear: Find out yourself!
    Sleepwear: Sometimes in underwear, sometimes wearing a nightgown
    Formal outfit: None
    Combat outfit: Black tank-top that reveals her belly a little and gray cargo pants
    Hunting outfit: Combat outfit
    Other outfits: None

    Jewellery: A wristband that her son once made for her.
    Clothing accessories: None

    Weapon(s): An enhanced compound crossbow.
    Gadget(s): Mobile device

    Favourite accessory: None
    Remarkable objects owned: Countless artifacts and trinkets meant to decorate her house.


    Birth date: November 11th
    Birth place: A Miniknog colony
    Home town: None

    Family and relations

    Biological father's name: Athos Maddov
    Status: Deceased
    Relationship with your character: A close relationship.

    Biological mother's name: Adellaine Maddov
    Status: Deceased
    Relationship with your character: A close relationship

    Sibling(s): Unknown (open spots for new characters)
    Status: -
    Relationship with your character: -

    Culture they were raised in: Culture of the rebels; a culture of freedom.
    Influence on future life: The culture formed her as a person


    Partner: None
    Love interest(s): None
    Ex partner(s): Yuri Glazkov
    Love life: Romantic, but cautious with those she has an interest in.
    Sex life: Adventurous but passionate and intimate.
    Opinion on sex and sexuality: Open opinion on both.
    Sexual orientation: Straight, 2 on the Kinsey scale

    Enemies / Antagonists: The Miniknog.

    Education, jobs & work (experiences)
    Current job(s)/occupation(s): Farmer at her own farm
    Place of Work: Her farm in the clearing of a forest planet, far away from most big colonies in the Fringe.
    Work-related Skills: Teaching, subterfuge, hunting, farming, cooking, baking.
    Past Occupations: Rebel, Spy, Kindergarten teacher
    Finances: Average to poor.

    Hobbies: Hiking, swimming, jogging, target practice

    Transportation: Her Sparrow class ship.

    No official graduation.

    Work experiences:
    • Growing, maintaining and harvesting crops
    • Hunting, skinning, gutting and preparing wild animals
    • Taking care for the barn animals
    • Shaving flufalos, milking mooshi
    • Processing the yield into basic products
    • Selling and shipping the produce
    Apex rebel camp
    • Subterfuge and infiltration
    • Writing detailed reports and discretely reporting back to the base.
    • Planning and leading an assault
    Yanthu Sunny Days kindergarten
    • Taking care of children
    • Teaching
    Personality: Kind, easy-going and motherly

    Jung personality: Introvert(12%) Sensing(12%) Feeling(29%) Judging(33%)

    Meaning: Warm, considerate, gentle, responsible, pragmatic, thorough. Devoted caretakers who enjoy being helpful to others.

    Current main objective: Spending the rest of her time in peace on her farm in the forest.
    Past goals: Cripple the 134th Miniknog division by infiltrating it and work from the inside, raise her son in peace, finding back her lost son, settling down and starting a new life.

    Fears: Cages and imprisonment
    Phobias: None.
    Mental/emotional traumas: None
    Mental state: Stable and strong
    Sanity: Sane
    Mental illness(es): None

    Passive or aggressive personality: Passive, unless provoked
    Self-control: In control
    Stress resistance: Highly resistant
    General temperament: Phlegmatic

    Optimist/pessimist: Realistic
    Drives and Motivations: Her son and her peace.

    Good Characteristics: Motherly, caring, family-focused, helpful
    Character Flaws and Quirks: Can easily grow suspicious of people and their reasons once they give her the wrong impressions

    Pet peeves: None
    Privateness about personal life: Is very private about their personal life.
    Predictability: Predictable when calm, but unpredictable when threatened.

    Responsibility: Very responsible to herself and those around her
    Self-reliance: Is able to fully provide and take care of herself.
    Tidiness: Doesn’t mind having a mess laying around, as long as it isn’t in her way
    Manners: Well-mannered

    Current faith/religion: None

    Strengths and skills
    Physical strengths: Agile, can use her prehensile feet to climb with ease and perfected her fighting skills over the years.
    Mental strengths: Able to think of more than one solution, hard to mentally break.
    Physical weaknesses: Her age. Despite being a good fighter, she isn’t as flexible as she used to be
    Mental weaknesses: None

    Sense of touch: Good
    Sense of vision: Impaired
    Sense of smell: Good
    Sense of taste: Good
    Sense of hearing: Good

    Languages fluently spoken: Galactic common
    Languages non-fluently spoken: Slight french, slight russian, slight arabic
    Languages well understood: Galactic common
    Languages averagely to barely understood: Slight french, slight russian, slight arabic
    Languages well read: Galactic common
    Languages averagely to badly read: -

    Mother language(s): Galactic common
    Accent: None
    Dialects spoken: None
    Other languages known: None
    Voice: Warm and gentle
    Volume of voice: Normal
    Other special things about the voice: None

    Aggressive or passive: Aggressive
    Physical fighting skills: Has had years of training in the rebel base
    Physical fighting style: She analyzes her opponent carefully and only strikes them in the weak spots before taking the upper hand.

    Weapon(s) they’re skilled with: Submachine guns, crossbows, compound bows, hunting rifles.
    Specific attack(s)/weapon(s): Enhance compound crossbow
    Abilities: None

    Signature weapon/attack: None

    Current place of residence: Her farm on a forest planet
    Current culture: Fringean common culture

    Opinion on other cultures: Open, but realistic opinion, depending on the culture.
    Opinion on cloning: Somewhat against cloning herself, but would do it for those she loves.. Indifferent about others being cloned.

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