Significant Rework of Psionics

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    Application thread

    Good morning, everyone. The staff team has been hard at work in the past couple of months making significant changes to our psionics lore, and are now ready to release it to the public. There are a wide variety of changes, all made to make psionics more interesting and unique of a system while retaining its base feel.
    • Completely redid the different categories of psionics.
      • Instead of empathetics and telekinesis, there are now six categories called subjects.
        • Neuroinvasion for empathetic abilities that affect other minds.
        • Clairsentience for empathetic abilities that involve sensing other minds.
        • ESP for telekinetic abilities that sense matter or energy.
        • Metamanipulation for telekinetic abilities that manipulate matter or energy
        • Metacreation, a brand new category that involves the creation of matter or energy,
        • and Aberrant, a category describing unique abilities that do not fit other categories.
      • Psions now have aptitude with a single subject. Aptitude is acquired through awakening. Aptitude gives a psion a significant boost with abilities in a category.
      • Psions can develop abilities in different categories. The ease of development and the effectiveness of new abilities in different categories depend on their distance from your aptitude in the above chart. This is explained more in the edited codex.
    • Psionic abilities will now be stronger. Abilities related to the subject you have aptitude in will be approximately twice as strong now, and go more towards the old baseline level the further the ability's subject(s) is from your aptitude subject. This is explained more in the edited codex. Staff will work with individuals on how this affects their abilities.
    • Correctional Energy is now commonly known as Flux and is now explained.
    • Anomalous flow is now defined.
    • More lore on how psionic abilities are developed, and there are now two primary means of awakening psionic abilities and expanding one's awareness of anomaly:
      • Guided Expanded Awareness (GEP) is a method of awakening that is slower and more methodical, but also safer, practiced by institutions and mentors that teach psionics to others.
      • Forced Expanded Awareness (FEP) is simply the method of awakening we use already. It is dangerous and unpredictable.
      • There are now basic techniques that all psions have access to in order to manipulate their flux or flow of anomaly.
      • There are methods for determining what your aptitude is.
    • There is now lore on how psionics works for different species.
    • There is now a lore section explaining the knowledge the public has on psionics.
    • There are now psionic ability applications that allow psions to show progress in their training by developing new and unique abilities that fit them as a character. These ability applications function similar to tech apps and are made as a reply to your psionic character application.
    • Minor changes to the psionic character application to include aptitude.
    • Why?
      • These changes were made to develop psionics as a system more unique to roleplay and our setting. They were made to allow characters to develop unique abilities separate from the basic ones such as telekinesis. These changes were also made to separate psionics more from common technology
    • How do I adapt to the new changes?
      • Soon, several members of the staff team will be going around working with people with psions privately to work with making sure they conform to the new system. For most characters that do not stray too far from the currently given example abilities, this will simply involve choosing your character's aptitude. However, for some with unique abilities that the new system is designed to encourage the creation of, you may have to create an ability application.
    • I shouldn't have to know x to make an ability application.
      • As with tech apps, staff will happily help you in applying for a psionic ability.
    • This sounds like magic...
      • Always has been.
    • I want my custom species to have certain affinities towards types of psionic subjects or abilities.
      • Work with staff or your grader on editing your species application to include such information.
    • This is a lot of information...
      • Most of the actual anomaly lore is hidden to public view. In an effort to reveal more information to everyone so they can make use of it, none of the new lore is redacted, so that's why there is a lot of it.
    Other questions can be asked in the Q&A thread.
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