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    =Anomaly and Psionics=
    By: @Dekerrex, @Pinkbat5, @Iamnotanumber2000, @PrivateNomad, & @WowGain


    +Anomaly, Hyperspace, and The Cuil+
    "It has forever been in our very nature as sapient beings to delve into the deep, unraveled mysteries of the unknown out of the sheer force of our own curiosity, of the need to understand and of the need to demystify. Even in our field theories of the most fundamental form once thought concrete to the absolute, breaks and problems arise in the most strangest of situations, even when mathematically and logically sound. Science was searching for the answers as it should, failing to realize that it was not their own theories that were incorrect, but reality itself."

    Anomaly is, in essence, the weakness of realspace forces; where reality fails, and allows foreign laws to take hold. It has been well established that the laws of physics are inconsistent. The way molecules, atoms and subatomic particles interact with each other vary depending on where they are. Chemical and physical reactions that occur in some areas behave completely differently in others, as if reality is governed by different laws entirely. This inconsistency has a pattern, and is considered a new field of study in the 33rd century commonly referred to as either Anomalistics or Metaphysics.
    Anomaly has many units of measurement, but the most common is Cuils and Environmental Cuil Factor, or ECF for short. Cuils(‽), a unit of measurement coined by Purgatorian scientists in 3284, details how the laws of physics behave in a particular area. In Realspace, where the Environmental Cuil Factor -ECF- is slightly above zero, reactions and forces behave in a manner that is considered normal to natives of our current reality. In Hyperspace, where the ECF is roughly 20‽, the same reactions under otherwise identical conditions will come to different conclusions. Different levels of cuils correspond to different sets of laws, which vary so wildly that an organism that evolved in an ECF of one can quickly perish in the other due to their delicate biochemistry no longer being able to function.
    Historically speaking, anomaly has long been documented in history, but written off as unexplainable phenomena or hoaxes. Only with the recent discovery of the Hyperspace Sub-Dimension has a better understanding become attained, as it is the cause of many anomalous phenomena. Hyperspace’s high ECF can prove to be dangerous when the barrier between the two dimensions are broken or weakened, allowing cuils to flood into Realspace. These are largely known as Observable Anomalies and range from what can be considered as a ‘tear in spacetime’ or Sub-Space Anomaly, to the small Vortex or Vortices of anomaly that appear in pinpoint locations. One of the more peculiar instances of this would be what is known as an Anchor World, where the parallel solar systems in realspace and hyperspace overlap perfectly, causing a relatively high ECF around the synchronized planets.

    Psionics is the name given to the use of anomaly by a mind in order to manipulate reality, both through conscious will and accidental subconscious manipulation known as ‘involuntary will manifestation’. Most psions arise from events called ‘awakenings’, in which a psion unlocks their potential through either careful study or forced exposure to cuils. Through their growth as a character, psions learn to become more aware of their manipulation of the flow of anomaly, and learn to make use of new abilities unique to them.

    Sensing Anomaly
    As psions become more aware of the flow of anomaly and the presence of flux, they gain the ability to sense it, allowing them to perceive the presence of active psionic abilities, anomalous objects, anomalous substances, and more. This feeling is typically a feeling of ‘wrongness’, but the sensation is different for everyone.

    Psionic Subjects

    There are six broad categories, known as subjects, that psionic abilities can be placed into: these are neuroinvasion, clairsentience, ESP, metamanipulation, metacreation, and aberrant. These subjects can be arranged into a partial hexagon separated by the aberrant category; this diagram of the psionic subjects is colloquially known as the “horseshoe” because of its horseshoe shape.

    A psion, when they awaken, acquire an aptitude for a single subject. Psionic abilities are more effective when they are from the subject the psion has an aptitude for; for example, a person with aptitude in metacreation would find themselves able to effectively develop and harness metacreation abilities more than say, a neuroinvader would. However, it is possible to branch into categories other than the one you have an aptitude with, depending on their placement in the horseshoe. The further a category is from your natural aptitude (using the partial hexagon as a guide), your natural talent with it drops towards baseline level. For example, someone whose aptitude is in clairsentience will find it easier to develop and use neuroinvasion and ESP abilities, but will find it more difficult to develop and use complex metacreation abilities due to that category’s distance from clairsentience on the hexagon. In addition, having more natural talent in a subject allows you to develop more complicated abilities in that subject more easily than you would if your aptitude was far from it. For example, a metamanipulator would have a much easier time developing complex biokinetic abilities than a neuroinvader would. For each step a category is away from a psion’s aptitude, its efficiency in developing it and using it drops by approximately 30%, starting from around a 200% efficiency for your aptitude. It is possible, in some circumstances, for your aptitude to change. Some abilities may be more complex than others and might use techniques or abilities from other subjects, for example a metacreator using metamanipulation to manipulate metacreated objects, or other affector abilities that use sensor aspects in their function.

    The horseshoe is divided at the bottom using the aberrant subject; neuroinvasion and metacreation are opposite ends of the spectrum, meaning a metacreator will have trouble developing neuroinvasion abilities, and vice-versa. Aberrant is a separate category on its own, noted by its separation from the circle.

    A psion’s aptitude is a culmination of many factors, but primarily depend on their personality traits and the conditions of their awakening. More passive individuals tend to have aptitude with the sensory subjects such as clairsentience or ESP, whereas more proactive and determined individuals tend to have aptitude with affector subjects such as neuroinvasion or metamanipulation. The categories can also be ordered from most common to most rare from top to bottom, with ESP having the most common abilities, and unique abilities being the rarest.

    When it comes to it, many psionic abilities develop out of an innate need or desire made possible through cuils; if your desire for something becomes strong enough, you may awaken into a category that accompanies such a desire. This is not always the case, however; when dabbling into anomaly, the outcome is sometimes unpredictable.

    “Sinji's eyes widened, sniffing the air, head rising until he was looking up.
    ‘What is it?’ asked Masina.
    ‘The most gold I have ever smelled, sitting above the ceiling... the result of failing this test,’ he said, shivering, ‘ getting crushed by gold.’ ”

    ESP is the subject related to the sensing of matter or energy. Psions with an aptitude in ESP are called espers. As a sensory subject, ESP is the ability to extend your cognitive awareness outside of your immediate perception in order to sense what you wouldn’t normally be able to sense. Many ESP abilities are passive, always working whereas some require the esper to expand their focus to use them. The personality of those who have aptitude with ESP tend to be passive observers of the world around them; they awaken from a desire to see more than what is immediately in front of them. Espers make up the vast majority of psions, and many espers aren’t even aware that they are using psionics. People awakening as espers often don’t realize they have awoken, and as a result often don’t learn the other basic techniques of psions that allow them to sense flux.

    Example Abilities:
    • Chemocognition (Molecule Detection)
    • Envoyism
    • Photocognition
    “Adela falls. Perhaps the hook shot hits, perhaps it doesn't. She finds herself in Mir's grasp, his aim, and her descent somehow infallibly linked. Mir's heart was sent racing, somehow. His breath haggard, as if he'd just over-exerted himself. He felt like he might faint.”

    Metamanipulation is the subject related to the manipulation of matter or energy. Psions with an aptitude in metamanipulation are called manipulators. As an affector subject, metamanipulation allows a psion to enact their will on matter and energy itself, allowing them to manipulate various things. There is a wide variety of abilities that could be developed in the metamanipulation subject, though because it is an affector subject, psions awakening as manipulators often experience a phenomenon known as involuntary will manifestation, in which a psion unused to their power will at times unwillingly use uncontrollably versions of basic metamanipulative abilities such as telekinesis and thermokinesis; objects might be lifted without the user’s knowledge, or the temperature of the room might shift slightly depending on the psion’s mood. With training, a manipulator can control how they manifest their abilities, and use it to develop entirely new abilities. Involuntary Will Manifestation is often weak and rarely takes effect when it's needed.

    Example Abilities:
    • Telekinesis (Object Manipulation)
    • Thermokinesis (Temperature Manipulation)
    • Chemokinesis (Chemical Manipulation)
    • Biokinesis
    • Psychoportation (Psionic Teleportation)
    • Hirohiko (Wave Martial Arts)
    Clairsentience is the subject related to the sensing of things related to the mind or consciousness. Psions with an aptitude in clairsentience are called clairsentients or empaths. As a sensory subject, clairsentience is the ability to extend your cognitive awareness outside your immediate perception, in order to sense matters of the mind such as the emotional state of others. Many clairsentience abilities are passive, though some require the psion’s focus to use them. People who awaken with an aptitude towards clairsentience tend to be either very social people, or very withdrawn people that hold a desire to understand others.

    Example Abilities:
    • Emotion Reading
    • Consciousness clairvoyance (Consciousness Detection)
    • Crowd reading
    • Remote Viewing (Scrying)
    Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.

    In that very instant- as everyone else was freed from her outpouring wrath, it was focused entirely onto Kane. The immediate compaction of everything. All of her suffering and pain and agony and hopes and dreams and her wrath. Decades. Her entire life, pressed into that single instant, a needle that was shoved into the depths of his mind. And in that second. It burst. In that moment, he could see himself as every single person that had ever caused her suffering or pain before in her life. Dane. Vilidius. Circle-eye. Her Village. Her Family. Her Parents. The thousands in Haven who scorned her as a murderer just as she was gaining the sympathy and trust of others.

    A woman born with a disease she had no part in making, a curse put on her from genocide and hatred that predated her by thousands of years but would come back, born within her. The deaths of millions come back countless years later to enact their revenge on the future that refused to see the error in violence. And they would have their revenge through her.

    Neuroinvasion is the subject related to the manipulation of things related to the mind or consciousness. Psions with an aptitude in neuroinvasion are called invaders. As an affector subject, neuroinvasion allows others to enact their will on other minds, allowing them to influence people or manipulate their minds in some ways. There is a wide variety of abilities that could be developed in the neuroinvasion subject, though because it is an affector subject, psions awakening as neuroinvaders often experience a phenomenon known as involuntary will manifestation, in which a psion unused to their power will at times unwillingly use uncontrollably versions of basic neuroinvasion abilities, such as unwillingly projecting their own emotions onto others. In regards to personality, neuroinvaders are the most divisive, and can be seemingly opposite sides of the ‘moral’ compass; they can be passionate people that care about others, or they can be sociopathic masterminds that desire power over others - in terms of the will needed to manifest psionic abilities, there is no morality. Evil can be just as effective as good, neither is superior to the other in the eyes of the universe.

    In addition, neuroinvasion abilities can also affect yourself, allowing neuroinvaders to have abilities that alter their own consciousness or memories; such abilities might even develop unknowingly, such as someone going through a severely traumatic event and developing an ability that causes them to forget everything related to the event. Such abilities can also be developed in order to counter other abilities, such as by redirecting the target of a neuroinvasion ability to a tulpa.

    Example Abilities:
    • Emotion Projecting (Emotion Mirroring)
    • Illusions and Hallucinations
    • Limited Mind Control
    • Emotion Amplification
    • Animal Control
    • Dream Manipulation
    • Psychic Anesthesia
    • Tulpamancy
    Metacreation is the subject related to the creation of matter or energy. Psions with an aptitude in metacreation are called creators. Metacreation is the extreme of kinesis, involving the direct conversion of flux to more real forms of matter or energy. As a basic ability, metacreators might be able to metacreate trace amounts of a single compound, though the creation of real matter can be tiring and time-consuming. There are anomalous materials much easier to metacreate, including but not limited to psionic hardlight, phase matter, and a substance called ‘faux matter’.

    Psionic hardlight is almost entirely similar to photonic hardlight, created through similar means. Psionic hardlight requires a constant flux inflow to upkeep and becomes more difficult to create and manipulate as it becomes larger or more complex, but is able to be shaped much easier than real hardlight. Shaping psionic hardlight after it is created is technically a metamanipulation ability.

    Given its nature as an anomalous material, and the little energy that goes into its creation, another thing a metacreator could make would be phase matter, and the best metacreators could even give life to created phase matter, creating simple creatures or even creating things such as extra limbs made out of phase matter. The extent of this ability depends only on the psion’s training and imagination.

    Another thing a metacreative psion could create is the closest thing to real matter one could create. Faux matter, as its name implies, is not real matter - it is instead flux given physical form and properties created to resemble real matter. It is temporary and will begin to decay if not sustained by an ability, but it is the closest thing to the real deal. Proper faux matter creation takes a great deal of training; the psion must train with the material they are creating to understand and memorize every detail. This is especially true in the creation of entire faux objects - a person attempting to create a faux object must study the object extensively, down to the details and properties of each of its constituents. They must look at the object, feel it, draw it, smell it, even taste it until they begin to even hallucinate it. When these hallucinations begin to have actual weight, then their training has succeeded. However, even these objects will not be as real as their real counterparts - they may be weaker, or they might not be convincing, and might be their ideal form (as in they often won’t have any blemishes indicating it being a real object with history). Objects with other objects like moving parts are even more difficult to create, requiring a great deal of mental training and concentration, and materials with chemical properties can be even more arduous to create. In addition, since faux matter is made from solidified corrective energy, it can show up as such to a cuilometer, and another psion may be able to detect it if they are perceptive enough or if they have cuilsight.

    Metacreation depends much on the user’s own ability to visualize and be creative; if a creator attempts to metacreate faux objects without much thought or training, the types of things they conjure will be directly correlated with their subconscious preconceptions of the object; for example, some people have difficulty visualizing color, so their metacreated objects may not have any color unless they practice.

    Example Abilities:
    • Hardlight Creation
    • Phase Matter Construct Creation
    • Object Creation
    • Light Creation
    • Electron Creation
    “ ‘Do you see this?’ she questioned, anomalous energies visible only to him beginning to shroud her body gently - before suddenly, they intensified, suddenly burning like an incredible, white-hot fire. Her eyes turned black like the abyss, the mood of the room instantly turning over as he was drawn to her eyes, which seemed to have an infinite depth to them, leading to a single, pin-sized point of the purest white. The aura surrounding her burned with an incredible power, and he immediately felt pins and needles across his body as the monster before him seemed to reveal itself in the swirling vortex before him, a terrifying wide smile appearing in the flames.”

    Aberrant abilities are a special subject, acting as a subject for abilities that do not fall into any other category. Psions cannot have an aptitude for the aberrant subject - psions that have aberrant abilities develop them through some other means, outside of their normal aptitude. Regardless, psions that have abilities in the aberrant subject can be called aberrants. In almost every case, aberrant abilities cannot be trained; they usually manifest out of chance or exposure to incredibly high cuils, or have evolved as part of a species. Most aberrant abilities also tend to be event-only.

    Example Abilities:
    • Precognition (Future Sight)
    • Anomalokinesis (Cuil/Flux Manipulation)
    • Reality Warping (Event-only)
    • Anomaly Creation (Event-only)
    • Anti-Psionics (Negative Cuil Manipulation)
    Correctional Energy (Flux)

    Correctional Energy, also known as ‘Flux’, is the result of the universe correcting anomalous conditions. Flux is the fuel for all psionic abilities, possessing exceptional qualities that make it malleable to the will of conscious minds. When the ECF (Environmental Cuil Factor) is above zero, aberrations in reality that are corrected result in flux being produced as the average of the two values, meaning a psion will be capable of naturally generating more flux if they are in an area with a higher ECF. A common analogy is potential gravitational energy, where energy can be made through the process of lifting a ball in the air. Baseline reality (0‽) can be considered the ground. In this analogy, the psion is the one lifting the ball and bouncing it, harnessing their own flux in order to enact their will upon the world.

    Flux manifests as an anomalous substance possessing qualities of both matter and energy, a volatile substance teetering on the edge of real and unreal, acting as everything simultaneously. Flux is generated naturally by a psion, concentrated around their nerves and brain; it can only exist within the psion’s immediate vicinity, rapidly dissipating if it leaves. Strangely enough, a person’s flux seems to be usable only to them except for special circumstances, dissipating out of their vicinity even if in the vicinity of another psion. It is possible to find flux in other places; psionic technology can be used to contain and harness it, and flux can even be found naturally in some places with a high ECF, able to exist if there are large quantities of flux already present.

    Flux is visible only with the aid of cuilsight, though it can be sensed by other psions; the greater in volume it is, the more prominent it becomes to other psions. Psions sense flux in different ways - to most it may be a feeling of simply something being ‘off’, but some may have other reactions to the presence of flux, like a sense of pins and needles. In this sense, the volume of the flux one has is often indicative of their power, with larger amounts of flux being fairly intimidating to perceive. Flux passes through most matter and tends to float; it ignores conventional laws of pressure, able to exist at different densities without exerting outward force. In most forms, such as around most psions, flux manifests as an ethereal gas. At higher densities, it manifests as an ethereal liquid, and it is even possible for it to exist as a solid at extremely high densities. When looked at using cuilsight, it takes on a color associated with the user. Some powerful psions’ flux manifests as a liquid coating their body, and extremely powerful beings may even have it coating their body like a viscous solid. In higher densities, it can become difficult for someone to move through if they are not psions or a cuil walker, and it's even possible to walk on dense enough solid flux.

    Flux vs Flow
    In researching the intricacies of the mechanics that allow psionics to operate, one can expect to come across two terms which seem to cover a similar topic- but are indeed their own, distinct things. Cuil Flux and Anomalous Flow. Both are directly related to the actual abstraction that baseline reality experiences, however they carry with them the following distinctions:

    Anomalous Flow
    • Intangible, non-physical
    • Spaces of unpredictable abstractions on reality- the scale of which directly relates to the local ECF (higher ECF, more dramatic abstractions)
    • Can only be weakly manipulated by psions (pockets shifted around, temporarily given certain shapes, converted into flux)
    • Operates on mechanics similar to perlin noise and turbulence
    • Cannot be depleted from an area, is an inherent consequence of space having mass in it
    Cuil Flux
    • Cannot be normally seen- but it has a physical nature to it, acting in a state between matter and energy
    • Does not occur naturally, must be generated by psions using anomalous flow as a catalyst
    • Responds very well to a psion’s attempts to mold it into more specific abstractions of reality, vital to higher level techniques
    • Concentrates around a psion as they generate it, cannot exist for very long while separated from their immediate vicinity and direct psionic influence
    • Can be temporarily be depleted if a psion outpaces their own ability to generate more of it
    Developing Psionics and Basic Techniques
    Although many psions exhibit extremely variable capabilities and powers, there is a certain set of techniques and practices which are universal to all psions. These skills are fundamental to the further development of more niche, advanced power sets and abilities and outline the most basic utilization of psionic powers.

    Psionics itself are, fundamentally, the direct and willful manipulation of the abstraction of reality provided by anomality, and the core of all psionic training, development, and techniques are stringent upon this fact.

    While most of what is covered below pertains to the training and development of psionic abilities under the tutelage of someone with a great deal of experience in the psionic arts, it is entirely possible- and rather common in certain areas, for a psion to be almost entirely self-taught. What is outlined below simply covers some of the most common practices among those who teach psionics- and training may vary from this depending on the specifics of this training.

    For those who are self-taught, simply expect the processes for grasping each of the concepts outlined below to be done over a longer period of time with a greater amount of trial-and-error as a fledgling psion slowly discovers the various facets of their abilities. Oftentimes, self-taught psions will end up having a more incomplete picture of what psionic powers entail, likely causing them to misunderstand some of its mechanics or what capabilities they have with it.

    Given the somewhat arcane, esoteric nature of most institutions’ research of psionics, the exact specifics of the methods utilized by any one institution which is able to train people in the psionic arts will differ from others. Some view psionics as an ancient, inherently spiritual art, while others view psionics from a purely scientific- almost sterile angle. Some through the nature of the specifics of their training, can only pass along proper tutelage to a select group of people with whom the sort of training will properly resonate.

    The first thing any fledgling to the psionic arts must learn is to open their own awareness to the flow of anomality around them. All conscious minds are subconsciously aware of the shifts brought upon reality by its abstraction, particularly when it is to a great degree- however, a psion is one who has brought this innate sense to the forefront of their mind and honed it.

    There are two main paths by which one can open their awareness to anomalous flow. The first is known as Guided Expanded Awareness or GEP. This process is characterized by being slower, more methodical, and altogether far safer than the alternative.

    Most psions who are being directly trained by any institution which values the safety of its pupils and has a sense of due respect for the potential hazards of uncontrolled awakenings will be trained in this manner. The process of GEP involves a series of steady, guided meditations designed to slowly bring your innate awareness of anomality to your conscious mind. These meditations are highly varied in their specifics, with most usually being tailored to the specific institution which is responsible for their development- including a wide array of highly-personalized ceremonies and rituals that hold significance to the groups that oversee them.

    Beginning with meditation in the psion-to-be's native ECF, instruction is given on how to sense and hone in on the very subtle reactions the mind and body have to the passive flow of anomality. As the novice's awareness slowly grows, they will be slowly acclimated into areas of higher and higher local ECF, allowing the novice to sharpen their mental view of the flow around them until they reach a point at which it no longer requires their active focus to commit to it. At this point, a psion training under GEP is considered to be 'awoken'.

    The alternative to this path is Forced Expanded Awareness, or FEP. FEP is characterized by being rapid, simple, unpredictable, and far more dangerous than GEP. Through FEP, a psion-to-be is put into a situation where their innate sense of anomality is put into overdrive, typically through a sudden explosion in the level of either their local ECF, or the amount of anomalous flow being concentrated and directed at them as Flux. Simply as a natural bodily response to this sudden increase in outward strain, the novice's mental awareness of anomality will become acute, and if taken advantage of properly, they will instinctively attempt to manipulate and force this flow away from their immediate vicinity, lest they be at risk of great physical or mental harm.

    This is extremely risky for many obvious reasons, such as its entirely unpredictable nature- given that any two prospective psions could react to the process in wildly different ways, coupled with the immediate risks of unacclimated high ECF exposure and the uncontrolled pure will manifestation of psionic powers by someone with little to no understanding of how to properly control these outbursts, a mismanaged FEP awakening can cause grievous harm or even outright kill someone in the process. As such, few institutions of psionic tutelage tolerate or allow FEP awakening to be done in their facilities.

    Flow Manipulation
    Once a psion has become consciously aware of the flow of anomality around them to a proper degree, the next stage of their training begins. This stage is centered around honing the psion's ability to actually begin exerting their will upon this flow through the act of shaping its naturally chaotic, turbulent nature into one which is more deliberate.

    There exist two fundamental states of manipulated flow:

    Shrouded flow, that which is manipulated so that it is concentrated in a safe manner around the psion for their immediate use and to increase their ability to detect both the level of anomality around them as well as heighten their sensitivity to others that may be manipulating it.

    Expelled flow, that which is manipulated so that it is pushed away from the psion, giving them reprieve from the strain of its direct exposure when a psion is in a higher ECF environment temporarily and making the process of their detection much more difficult.

    To learn to manipulate flow, a psion is typically placed within a vessel filled either with smoke, or a fluid which clearly shows the turbulence of its currents. The psion is then directed on sensing the flow of anomality around them within the chamber. Once they have locked onto it, they are then directed to slowly imagine pulling it toward themselves, using the gyres of either the smoke or the tinted fluid to guide their mental focus on the task. As they manage to redirect the flow, they will visually be able to confirm their progress simply by watching the smoke/fluid begin shifting, creating waves and rings as the anomalous flow is dragged through it. Once concentrated around the psion, it will be clearly visible to them as their training medium will have coagulated around them, forming a small pocket of extreme turbulence.

    Sensationally, it will be as if they were draped in the flow- its tactile stimulation being much stronger than when it is in a more passive, distributed state. Once a psion has shown a good handle on concentrating the flow, they are then directed to push it away, observing the reverse process within their training medium.

    With advanced ability in flow control, psions can condense their flux further, able to even turn it into liquid or solid flux. Flux in this state has special qualities, and advanced users can condense their flux into a solid ‘lens’ in front of their eyes that gives them the ability of cuilsight, allowing them to see flux itself and areas of higher ECF.

    Now that a psion has become both aware of the presence of anomalous flow, and they’ve learned to manipulate its local concentration- it is time for them to move on to the last step of their basic training. Once they have become accomplished enough with these principles, they may move on to more specialized, focused training centered around their own particular proficiencies and gifts.

    Learning to harness the ability to manifest a deliberate, discrete, and desired outcome from anomalous flow is the key to higher level abilities as a psion, and it is the most fundamental aspect of forming truer ‘abilities’ that may either transcend or better utilize the basic principles.

    To start, a psion is directed to manipulate the flow around them to a state of being highly shrouded- as concentrated as they can safely make it. Once this flow is so strongly concentrated around them that it almost feels like a damp blanket being hung over them, they are then directed to focus on the flame of a candle in front of them, placed outside of the range of their shrouded flow. Once they have cleared all else from their mind but this candle, they are then instructed to put as much of their focus as they can into manipulating something about this candle’s flame. The result of this test will inform both the psion and their instructor as to their true proficiency in a particular psionic subject.
    • If the psion detects that the flame’s heat, its intensity, or the smell of the smoke drifting from the flame become particularly pronounced- but this effect is only felt by the psion themself- then it is likely that they are an Esper, gifted in the subject of ESP.
    • If the flame begins to expand in size, free itself from the wick of the candle, or suddenly extinguish itself, the psion is most likely to be a Manipulator, gifted in the subject of Metamanipulation.
    • If the flame changes in color, begins to smell different, produce sparks, or produces greater quantities of smoke, the psion is likely to be a Creator, gifted in the subject of Metacreation.
    • If the psion suddenly feels themselves being able to detect the varying strengths of the candle on the other living persons in the room- be they their own mentor or the warmth felt by a third party such as a passing animal, they are most likely to be a Clairsentient, gifted in the subject of Clairsentience.
    • If the mentor can suddenly notice something about the way they experience the candle’s flame, but it is a change that is unfelt by the psion or others in the room, the psion is most likely to be a Neuroinvader, gifted in the subject of Neuroinvasion.
    • If any other effect occurs, the psion is likely to be an Aberrant, gifted in a wide array of strange, esoteric, and unique abilities that typically vary wildly from person to person and may disobey some preconceived principles of psionic capabilities.
    With the results of this test, they are then directed to focus on that particular change they made, and attempt to reproduce it. This process is repeated over and over again, many times, until the psion can cause the given change to occur to the candle’s flame at will.

    The entire time that they are training with this method, a psion is slowly honing and increasing their natural ability to generate Flux- the usable form of anomalous flow which is able to be safely harnessed by a psion to enact their desires upon the world. Although a psion can force their will into action directly through the naturally present flow around them, it is far more unpredictable and dangerous to do so- and as such, is generally associated with untrained or self-taught psions who are unaware of the possible risks involved with this use of their powers.

    Flux, given its nature, responds much more readily to the influence and action of a psion’s will- and as such, a psion who is capable of producing large quantities of Flux in short order will be much more adept at quickly putting their ability to use, particularly in greater quantities or over extended periods of time.

    Species-specific Psionics
    Different species’ biology, and the individual’s previous experiences and upbringing, etc. can influence the awakening and development of psionic abilities. Though flow manipulation and the other basic techniques are typically the same for all species, some species develop certain types of powers significantly easier than others, or some species may have an inclination or even restriction to a certain subject rather than others. Similarly, some species may have trouble developing certain powers.

    Novakids are a rare exception of inorganic species being capable of psionics, likely due to their mysterious origins as a species. Novakids develop abilities related to plasma, magnetism, electromagnetism, and electricity significantly easier. However, it is impossible for Novakids to develop neuroinvasive and clairsentient abilities that affect or sense other organic species.

    Florans natural affinity with plants gives them an incredible affinity towards developing abilities that involve plants, to the extent that some Florans simply develop certain biokinesis abilities without much effort. Florans’ natural affinities with certain ability can depend on the specific subspecies of Floran they are; for example, Florans that adapt to be more animalian would have an easier time with abilities related to animals.

    Agarans have similar affinities as Florans, except with abilities involving fungus instead of plants. Like Florans, different subspecies of Agarans can have different affinities.

    Hylotl develop abilities related to liquids easier if they spent an extended length of time living in an underwater colony. As a side effect of this, Hylotl also tend to be better with flow manipulation and techniques stemming from it.

    Deadbeats have natural affinity with abilities related to radiation and mutation. And sometimes guns.

    Greys have affinity towards neuroinvasion.

    Glitch are also a rare exception of inorganic species being capable of psionics. Assumed to be a feature of being designed by a precursor species, it is currently unknown what mechanism within them actually grants them this potential. Glitch psions may have affinities toward metamanipulation abilities which revolve around the fine-tuned control of machine code through the manipulation of the recorded electron states. Very rarely and under extremely specific circumstances, a Glitch may become an antipsion- capable of influencing order rather than anomalous flow or cuil flux. Glitch psions often have a great difficulty utilizing neuroinvasive or clairsentient abilities on organics, though it is possible with enough training. In the past, certain psions have utilized precursor-level technologies that have ended up increasing their aptitude toward this sort of ability through currently unknown methods.

    Froggs have affinity towards clairsentience.

    Public Knowledge
    Public knowledge regarding anomality and psionics differs vastly from place to place. Though psionics and psions has existed for over thousands of years, psions have passed by history’s eyes, their existence and effects on history reasoned as them being extraordinary people, or that recorded history simply exaggerated things. In reality, psions did exist throughout history, and they have affected history, though which historical figures were psions is a mystery that may never be solved.

    As of the year 3287, the existence of psionics is met with skepticism from the greater scientific community as well as the overall public of most modern nations. Many who are aware of the existence of psionics choose not to attempt to spread awareness of its existence, as it can be a powerful tool to those who would use it for evil. Overall, psionics is deeply rooted in occultism and hyperspatial sciences; even psions themselves are usually not aware of it themselves. Even the term ‘psionics’ is almost never used, superseded by other terms in other cultures, and most characters would know the word ‘psionics’ as little more than a literary device used in science fiction films.

    There are, of course, exceptions as with everything. The common term for a psion for those associated with Gary Jeliovasi is ‘conduit’, coined by the spir himself. The people of Mardi Eternél, a society in which psions are recognized by the mafia-like high society, refer to psions as ‘mystics’. The Occasus, a ruin-worshipping order with a past deeply rooted in the use of psionics, refers to psions as ‘mystics’, and psionics itself as ‘cabalistics’. Secretive Hylotl psionic orders refer to psions as saishi, and refer to flux as ensū.

    Cuil-Walking is the physical ability for an individual to resist high levels of cuils. This typically occurs through the individual’s genetics, physical structures and processes, and circumstances of birth, but very rarely it can happen to those exposed to cuils throughout their lives. The most powerful cuil-walkers can tolerate otherwise fatally high ECFs at the expense of losing the ability to return to lower ECFs.

    The effects of high exposure to Cuils can be incredibly damaging. By definition anomaly is a vast expanse of foreign forces of nature acting upon you and the environment. Overexposure will induce a spectrum of negative effects dependant on the species and potency of the cuil exposure.

    To organics, high or prolonged exposure can incur both physical and psychological damage. At any ECF higher than one, cancerous and noncancerous growths may occur as the body starts undergoing minute ‘errors’ in its functioning and makeup— this is known as ‘cuil cancer,’ and becomes worse and more common as ECF rises. Once the ECF hits 6 cuils, however, more effects begin to appear as the individual contracts ‘cuil overdose syndrome.’ Sufferers may begin experiencing anxiety, shortness of breath, hallucinations, seizures, paralysis, delusions of grandeur and even total organ failure if the exposure is for too long. Synthetics have their own version of this syndrome that manifests at five cuils instead— sufferers experience memory/file corruption, motor and mobility issues, vision loss, battery health degradation and fatal processor damage. Exposure to ECFs above eleven is extremely dangerous. This is when both organics and inorganics experience “retour al vide,” a rare and lethal condition in which chunks of the victim’s body are sucked out of realspace and enter hyperspace instead. This continues even after the individual is killed, until no atom from the victim’s body is left in realspace.

    Psions are more at risk than most, as psionics derives from anomaly, and thus the psion is under nigh constant exposure, and is incentivized to expose themselves to higher ECFs to strengthen their abilities. They however do not perish as quickly as others would in similar circumstances, as most psions have a very weak cuil resistance that comes with their talents.
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