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    =Anomaly and Psionics=
    By: @Dekerrex, @Pinkbat5 & @Iamnotanumber2000


    +Anomaly, Hyperspace, and The Cuil+
    "It has forever been in our very nature as sapient beings to delve into the deep, unraveled mysteries of the unknown out of the sheer force of our own curiosity, of the need to understand and of the need to demystify. Even in our field theories of the most fundamental form once thought concrete to the absolute, breaks and problems arise in the most strangest of situations, even when mathematically and logically sound. Science was searching for the answers as it should, failing to realize that it was not their own theories that were incorrect, but reality itself."

    Anomaly is, in essence, the weakness of realspace forces; where reality fails, and allows foreign laws to take hold. It has been well established that the laws of physics are inconsistent. The way molecules, atoms and subatomic particles interact with each other vary depending on where they are. Chemical and physical reactions that occur in some areas behave completely differently in others, as if reality is governed by different laws entirely. This inconsistency has a pattern, and is considered a new field of study in the 33rd century commonly referred to as either Anomalistics or Metaphysics.
    Anomaly has many units of measurement, but the most common is Cuils and Environmental Cuil Factor, or ECF for short. Cuils(‽), a unit of measurement coined by Purgatorian scientists in 3284, details how the laws of physics behave in a particular area. In Realspace, where the Environmental Cuil Factor -ECF- is slightly above zero, reactions and forces behave in a manner that is considered normal to natives of our current reality. In Hyperspace, where the ECF is roughly 20‽, the same reactions under otherwise identical conditions will come to different conclusions. Different levels of cuils correspond to different sets of laws, which vary so wildly that an organism that evolved in an ECF of one can quickly perish in the other due to their delicate biochemistry no longer being able to function.
    Historically speaking, anomaly has long been documented in history, but written off as unexplainable phenomena or hoaxes. Only with the recent discovery of the Hyperspace Sub-Dimension has a better understanding become attained, as it is the cause of many anomalous phenomena. Hyperspace’s high ECF can prove to be dangerous when the barrier between the two dimensions are broken or weakened, allowing cuils to flood into Realspace. These are largely known as Observable Anomalies and range from what can be considered as a ‘tear in spacetime’ or Sub-Space Anomaly, to the small Vortex or Vortices of anomaly that appear in pinpoint locations. One of the more peculiar instances of this would be what is known as an Anchor World, where the parallel solar systems in realspace and hyperspace overlap perfectly, causing a relatively high ECF around the synchronized planets.

    +Psionics and Psionic Awakenings+
    Psionics is the name given to the use of anomaly to achieve a variety of otherwise impossible or improbable feats. Cognitive in nature, psionics is derived from an organic’s conscious and subconscious influences over anomaly and anomalous processes. Of these influences, there are two major categories of psionic abilities: Telekinetics and Empathetics.
    In line with psionics, but instead being a physical reaction to anomaly, is Cuil-Walking: a population’s adapted ability to withstand anomaly.

    Most psions arise from what has been referred to as Awakenings or Awakening Incidents. These events are an umbrella term for multiple happenings that could prove capable of suddenly awakening an individual to their psionic potential. These events include but are not limited to severe traumatic experiences, and rarely overexposure to cuils.
    Some psions are already predisposed to their potential from birth, and may begin experiencing manifestations of phenomena around them without experiencing an awakening. It is unknown if psionic potential is caused by nature, nurture, a combination of both, or some other means. There is sparse evidence for all of the above, but none definitive.

    Post-Awakening Psions– also known as Manifesting psions– may come to understand that their force of will may cause interesting physical world outcomes or give them very interesting insights. Manifestations of psionic ability are often mistaken for luck or chance at first, but often grow more and more obviously abnormal over time– as a simple thought or strong emotion could cause something sporadic to occur, like a vase suddenly breaking, a painting tilting, a clock stopping, et cetera. Given time, patience and practice, this behavior can be then further refined into true controlled psionics, provided the individual realizes what is going on.

    Default Psionic Abilities
    All psions, with only a few exceptions, possess a vague awareness of anomaly. This sensation manifests as a feeling of something being ‘off’ or ‘wrong’ a strong gut feeling that you may not be able to pinpoint, but this sensation will become familiar as the psion refines their understanding of their gifts and anomaly itself. This innate ability is what allows most psions to be able to detect other anomalous objects of interest, be it a substance, a sub-space anomaly, or a fellow psion.

    Empathetics are a cognitive extension of the mind that extends one’s awareness of the world around them. Empaths are gifted with the ability to see, hear, feel or otherwise sense things that normal individuals cannot, though some have also been known to exert influence over the minds of other creatures. The most powerful empaths can see through the eyes of others, determine the chemical composition of anything at a glance, and even control minds.

    Telekinesis is a cognitive extension of the mind that allows influence over physical matter and energy flow. Telekinetics have the ability to control matter directly and shape it depending on their level of mastery. The most powerful telekinetics can lift matter, break down every molecular bond in an object, and very rarely manipulate the fabric of reality itself.

    Cuil-Walking is the physical ability for an individual to resist high levels of cuils. This typically occurs through the individual’s genetics, physical structures and processes, and circumstances of birth, but very rarely it can happen to those exposed to cuils throughout their lives. The most powerful cuil-walkers can tolerate otherwise fatally high ECFs at the expense of losing the ability to return to lower ECFs.

    +Different Species in relation to Psionics+
    While anomaly may have overarching effects on all of Realspace and its inhabitants, not every species has displayed the same aptitude in regard to psionic potential, however this discretion among the species becomes even wider when taking into account different kinds of lifeform.
    Biological life has been shown to be the most apt to psionics as we know it. Nonbiological, mechanical, and synthetic life have had no observed instances of psionic awakenings, with the exception of those who have organic nervous systems integrated into their body. However, there are theories that inorganics have their own unique responses to cuil exposure, with cases of cuil induced ‘hallucinations’ and other malfunctions being reported in robotic life, Glitches, and even in nonsapient computers.

    The effects of high exposure to Cuils can be incredibly damaging. By definition anomaly is a vast expanse of foreign forces of nature acting upon you and the environment. Overexposure will induce a spectrum of negative effects dependant on the species and potency of the cuil exposure.

    To organics, high or prolonged exposure can incur both physical and psychological damage. At any ECF higher than one, cancerous and noncancerous growths may occur as the body starts undergoing minute ‘errors’ in its functioning and makeup— this is known as ‘cuil cancer,’ and becomes worse and more common as ECF rises. Once the ECF hits 6 cuils, however, more effects begin to appear as the individual contracts ‘cuil overdose syndrome.’ Sufferers may begin experiencing anxiety, shortness of breath, hallucinations, seizures, paralysis, delusions of grandeur and even total organ failure if the exposure is for too long. Synthetics have their own version of this syndrome that manifests at five cuils instead— sufferers experience memory/file corruption, motor and mobility issues, vision loss, battery health degradation and fatal processor damage. Exposure to ECFs above eleven is extremely dangerous. This is when both organics and inorganics experience “retour al vide,” a rare and lethal condition in which chunks of the victim’s body are sucked out of realspace and enter hyperspace instead. This continues even after the individual is killed, until no atom from the victim’s body is left in realspace.

    Psions are more at risk than most, as psionics derives from anomaly, and thus the psion is under nigh constant exposure, and is incentivized to expose themselves to higher ECFs to strengthen their abilities. They however do not perish as quickly as others would in similar circumstances, as most psions have a very weak cuil resistance that comes with their talents.
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    Rules and Guidelines
    By applying to have a character with insight and/or practice in the psionic art you hereby agree to the following terms of use:
    1. You acknowledge that possession of the knowledge or capability of psionics is a privilege that is held to a high standard of quality and responsibility that is expected to be met. Use common sense: Don’t abuse psionic powers, especially in CRP. Don’t powergame or metagame, know the limitations of your character.
    2. All psionic characters must be approved by at least two staff in a process similar to seconding a passed application. Event only psionics require the approval of three, the third being one of the psionic loremasters.
    3. Passed psion characters can train and learn new abilities over time, but only when approved in a conversation with a staff member first– preferably the person that passed your psion application.
    4. You acknowledge that you can be denied a psionic character for numerous reasons that can span outside the character concept itself. Examples of which include but are not limited to: a poor track record of behavior, past enforcement issues, strong justifiable belief of inability to properly play a psion, et cetera.
    5. Your privileges may be revoked at any time after approval for any justifiable reason.

    Application Process
    1. Fill out the application below. Staff will be notified of submissions, and will get in touch.
    2. You and the staff member will work out what abilities your psion character can have and you’ll be given access to additional relevant psionics lore so you know how to play your character. There is more information laid away that is waiting to be discovered, all can be achieved through character growth. This information will be presented to you that is relevant to the character in question. To maintain lore integrity, try to be respectful of the information you are given and don’t give away information excessively. Doing so may result in the loss of psionic privileges.
    3. If the character in question is to be used in an event, they will undergo a similar process, however the applicant is required to provide the event context and reasons why this event only psion should exist. Event only psions are suggested to be treated as an npc instead of a player character, and should be seen predominantly in the context of their event. Using an event only psion outside of their event without any discussion and approval with relevant staff may result in loss of psionic privileges.
    4. Once the applicant’s psion is approved, they will be placed in a spreadsheet to be kept track of. The player may begin using their psion, but will not be given total freedom as their character may be monitored for some time to ensure it is being played properly. If your character is a newly awakened psion, a staff member may GM the discovery of their abilities for you. While you are also able to get creative with your approved capabilities, it is always safe to run ideas by your ‘psionic coaches’ prior if you aren’t sure if something is possible or allowed.
    Application Format
    Post Applications Here
    Discord Name: You may communicate with staff over Discord instead of over the forums if you prefer.
    Character Name: Self explanatory
    Species: Self explanatory
    Character Sheet: This is a hard requirement to ensure serious nature of the character being applied. If the character is newly created, excessive detail isn’t needed, but try to get a nice summary of what you plan on the character being like.
    Awakening or Existing Psion?: Either or. Existing psions will require more extensive justifications and may result in more extensive discussion. Awakening psions require an awakening event to occur and abilities may be more out of the roleplayer’s/character’s control initially.
    Psionic Branch(es): Empathetics, Telekinetics, and/or Cuilwalking, Aberrant (Event-Only)
    Event Only: Y/N – Event-only psions can be extremely powerful for the purposes of storytelling, but must be treated as an event NPC.
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