Renaize, Gossa City

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    Renaize - Gossa City

    Gossa City is a city on the colonized planet of Renaize that prides itself on its freedom and has been forged by individuals who have had either poor experiences with the other factions of the fringe or a clashing of ideologies with them. While it claims to be an anarchist state it is anything but, having a group of harbingers known as the Renaize Council who are not lawmakers but rather make major decisions for the colony with the support of the rest of the populace alongside them. That being said, there are no formal laws on Renaize other than common sense enforced by the Rangers, a makeshift police force.

    Renaize’s colony is supported financially by several other factions, including the Cieleblod Rhueberint house of La’Megoth, the glitch House of the Eclipse, and makes several business trades throughout the Fringe in order to stay afloat with both.


    On the thirteenth of September, 3287 several individuals known as the "founders," including but not limited to the city's namesake, Gossareime, as well as Rehihuko, Grik, and a sludgeskin known as Oenui, descended upon what would become Renaize and settled a mine created by the Civspace Titan company, which the city is now based around. Due to Gossa and Rehi's influence and recruitment efforts the city is now also partially populated by members of the Xinod species as well as Cieleblod vampyr seeking to escape the political turmoil of La'megoth.

    Following several successful (and not so successful) raids on facilities for tech and supplies as well as the construction of multiple services, Renaize has grown to a respectable size over the few months of its existence up to the point in which this piece of journalism was written, its only hindership as of the moment being the great amount of debt it is in to its funders as well as terrible reputation among the galaxy, despite their attempts to quell the eyes of the public and become primary exporters of Rubium and weaponry.

    To become a citizen, fill out the application below and submit it to "goss" on the nexus. (crumchy#0758).

    Full Name:
    Other Citizenships:
    ((OOC name and other info))

    As of now, the only important resources touted by Renaize are firearms being traded with the House of the Eclipse, and several dormant Rubium mines dotted across the landscape. A lumbermill is also present on Renaize which saws the trees that can be found just about anywhere near the borders of Gossa City.


    crumchy - Gossa (c)

    Exon - Dox (c) (and more)

    Slither - Kilariya (c)

    Teldrassil - Khiknos

    Shawnx17 - Enoch/Paulie

    MaskedHero - Ki’a

    Cabbage - Diana

    Quazwerty456 - Rehihuko (and more)

    Dorfus - Naru

    Zecon125 - Ace

    Pinkbat - Kera

    Ryanatorx - Abdul

    TriReef - Aidman

    Skid - Testament

    Chance - Ichiro

    Lane - hog BIGSLEY

    Lange - Fenyang

    PrivateNomad - Noel

    Capital - P1X-3L

    TurnWall - Adri

    Cheffy - Mistletoe
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    Full Name: zy-a07601
    Age: 27 years since manufacturing.
    Species: Android
    Sex/Gender: Non-Binary/Androgynous
    Skillset: I was originally manufactured as a medical combat android, but after I was no longer needed I left and I have sharpened my medical skills and also looked into botany and cooking, rather than meeting the fate of the others built for my same purpose.
    Other Citizenships: None.
    ((zirconzz ! They use they/them or she/her pronouns or any mix of the two :) ))
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    Full Name: 'Orchird'
    Age: 37~
    Species: Shifter
    Sex/Gender: Agender
    Skillset: Scientist - Botany, Paleontology, Conservation.
    Other Citizenships: N/A.
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    Full Name: Purple Palm
    Age: 0
    Species: Avian... I think?
    Gender: Male
    Skillset: What's a skill? I'm strong, is that good?
    Other Citizenships: Huh..? I don't... What's that?
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    Full Name: Zarta Hodunk
    Age: I don't fucking know, 20's
    Species: DEADBEAT
    Gender: woman
    Skillset: I make guns and work with metal
    Other Citizenships: HAVEN
    ((ME! Spir. Khaos. The man.))
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    Full Name: Edith Rheuberint
    Age: Early 50's
    Species: Cieleblod
    Gender: Female
    Skillset: Alchemy, medicine, nursing. Music, writing.
    Other Citizenships: None.
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    Full Name: Allison Grace Williams
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Sex/Gender: Female
    Skillset: I'm an experienced engineer, even though I still have a lot to learn. I'm pretty good with weapons. I'm a decent singer? That's what some people have told me, at least.
    Other Citizenships: None