// Come To Cozy Renaize! //

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    //Below, an advertisement would be shown, sprinkled about the nexus in various places.//


    Attention all fringegoers!

    Looking for a safe place to call home? Don't want to associate yourself with the belligerent "Big Guys" of the Fringe and constantly being under attack? Or are you simply looking for refuge in a universe that seems to be against you? Worry not, for the gates of the city of Renaize are open! We are an independent colony that flies under the radar, and is growing a bigger community of friends and neighbors every day. If this interests you, please contact Rehi or goss on the Nexus immediately!

    Not only is Renaize a city with rules decided by you and not some silly kakistocracy, but there are many perks to being a citizen! By becoming one, you'll have access to:
    -A group of loving neighbors!
    -Beautiful sights of the alpines, as well as the opportunity to hike!
    -A bar open nearly all day, every day!
    -A vast array of weaponry for sale!
    -Safe and well-heated private rooming!
    -Much more!

    If you're like the rest of us at Renaize who seek to carve out our own path in life, and wish for absolute freedom, by all means come now! Again, contact Rehi or goss on the Nexus immediately!

    //What follows is an image of a stock image of a yellow smiley face giving a big thumbs up. Clicking on it sends the user to a Instant Message session with nexus user goss.//