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    Reposting from the old Forum.
    Note - Race is accepted and active, not requiring further grading.

    Phase I: Pitch/Snapshot
    -The Pitch-
    The Ravir: Code-bound, Melee-only reptilian warriors from the Andromeda Galaxy​

    Descended from saurian predators in the hostile jungles of the planet Priden, in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Ravir fight for all of their often short lives, culling the weak, lead by the strong. The Ravir are the founding members and leaders of the Ravirrin, an empire that spans the near-entirety of the Andromeda Galaxy. Every Ravir in the galaxy leads their life by an ancient code of honor, which leads them to deny and insult the usage of ranged weaponry, instead relying on the mastery of the blade, or even the usage of their claws and teeth to rip victory out of any situation.

    The Ravir are capable and prolific warriors, despite their lack of ranged weaponry. Their bodies are strong and tough, covered in rough, spiky scales, each Ravir also owning a set of sharp claws on each finger and toe. Behind their bodies drags a muscled tail that aids in balancing the beast, often used as a weapon as well. Their intelligent, goal-oriented minds can lead to them becoming excellent strategists and engineers.

    Lead by the strong, the Ravir constantly fight with each other for dominance and respect, the strongest of each region on Priden and beyond joining together under a Swordsman, the primary leader and conqueror of an area, to form a noble family. Any Ravir in the domain of a Swordsman can fight their way into the family, but risk death or disgrace in a duel to the death with an established member of the Nobles. Any who are proven weak or dishonorable are tossed aside as rubbish, a waste of food, if they manage to even survive the many tests a Ravir's life throws at them. To be exiled for weakness or treachery was incredibly lucky, and quite unlikely. Malformed or weak Ravir are disposed of shortly after hatching, the survivors forced through training during their childhoods.

    The Ravir are incredibly Carnivorous, their large bodies requiring near-constant fuel, which leads to victorious warriors often consuming their 'prey'. A hungry predator doesn't turn their snout up at available food. This behavior, however, stems from the race's ability to regenerate lost tissue much faster than other races, with a bullet wound completely healing in days, a scratch in minutes. This includes the loss of a tail, but not of limbs. The more complicated the tissue, the longer it takes to regenerate. This allows Ravir to survive much more devastating wounds. However, fatality rates are often unchanged, as their code leads them to shun doctors and medicine. They believe if they are not strong enough to heal on their own, they are not strong enough to live.

    -The Ravir (Fortis ferox)-
    (A Ravir tribal)

    Homeworld: Priden
    Government: Dictatorial, regions managed by local leaders
    Avg. Height: 223cm (7ft.4in.) - 259cm (8ft.6in.)
    Avg. Weight (no equipment): 363kg(800lb) - 408kg(900lb)​

    --Intended on being a closed species with few members, an intended storyline is written with each member. Accepted members would be exiles from Andromeda, very few in number.--

    IG Representation, in armor.

    Phase II: Extended Application


    The Ravir (Fortis ferox)

    (A Ravir tribal)

    Birth World: Scilar (abandoned) [Andromeda]
    Home World: Priden [Triangulum]
    Government: Dictatorial, Aristocratic, with regions owned and managed by powerful clans.
    Avg Height: 223cm (7'4") - 259cm (8'6" *record*)
    Avg. Weight (no equipment): 363kg(800lb) - 408kg(900lb)
    Distinctions: Humanoid, Saurian body structure. Digitigrade leg form. Three fingers/toes, with additional claw on the back of the foot. Covered in thick scales, cold blooded. A muscled tail trails behind them, used for balance, and often as a weapon. Ravir muscles and bone structure are denser than a Human. Coloration varies depending on genetic line/mutation. Common scale coloration includes Brown, Dark Green, Grey and Black. Rarer colors include brighter permutations of the previous, in addition to Red, Yellow, and Blue, with the latter being the rarest.
    Avg lifespan: 0-564(record). Death by natural causes is rare, not one has died of old age in their history.

    The Ravir are tall, predatory reptilian beings, their bodies built by the violent world around them, covered in spiky scales, with sharp claws on the ends of their three fingers and four toes. Under their scales lay strong muscles that aided them against the rough terrain, dangerous prey, and rival predators.

    Being predatory, they have strong senses and goal-oriented minds, in addition to a completely-carnivorous feeding behavior. They don't require tools to be self-sufficient. Across Scilar, they were more than sufficient in strength to survive. Despite this, they are cold-blooded, and may find trouble in surviving in colder environments. In addition to being physically-strong, they have a slight healing factor, able to heal minor wounds without assistance much faster than a Human, as well as healing larger wounds, such as stabs and slashes, even to certain organs, but not without a large intake of food and proper rest. If they lose too much blood or get hit in vital organs, such as the heart or brain, they'll die just the same. Decapitation and loss of breathing capacity works just as well. Ravir are able to regenerate their tails if lost. They are, however, unable to regenerate arms or legs. (As for the healing factor, this would mean small scratches and cuts being able to heal completely in a few minutes, with larger cuts, slashes and the like taking hours. Stab wounds and bullet wounds [depending on severity/round size, bullets would have to be removed] healing in a day. Major wounds wouldn't heal nearly as quickly as anything else. For instance, a tail being cut off would take weeks to grow back, and the regeneration of certain organs [if they survive the loss of function. Let's say one of their kidneys gets stabbed] would take months. The more complex the tissue, the more time required. However, a Ravir is more likely to survive major wounds, their bleeding stopping itself much faster than a Human. However, they cannot be cloned if killed.)

    The Ravir were the apex predators on their original planet. Smart, sadistic, and strong, they tore down great beasts to feed upon them, wasting nothing from the kill. The Ravir's body is built to eat almost anything, leading to the predators being able to eat everything from the meat to the bones of their prey. Like sharks, new teeth are constantly growing and replacing each other, the teeth being in constant, high-stress use. Their healing is directly influenced by their intake of food, leading to the Ravir having incredibly high metabolisms, making them feel constantly hungry unless having immediately eaten.


    -Notable physical strength and ability
    -Healing factor, leads to incredible endurance.
    -Keen predatory senses
    -Notably-powerful melee attack, blade or otherwise
    -Able to withstand higher temperatures without assistance.
    -Resistant to poisons

    -High metabolism, requires steady stream of food to operate at peak efficiency
    -Bound by cultural code. Will refuse to use ranged weaponry, will refuse medical attention
    -Cannot be cloned by conventional means
    -Though advanced as a species and culture, Ravir still possess a high prey drive, which can lead to unwanted.. Feedings. Due to this, a Ravir is vulnerable to traps. However, this can boost aggression.
    -Milky Way technology is incompatible with the Ravir's own. That means no translation assistance with local languages, which would lead to a wayward Ravir having to find a way to communicate before translation is established. (aka, there will be a timeframe in rp where the Ravir and the other races won't be able to understand each other's speech until translation is ironed out.)


    (Scilar and the Ravir)​

    Far away, in the Andromeda Galaxy, two stars danced around each other, stuck in an eternal tango. As the stars orbited each other, planets orbited the stars, including an Earth-like orb that would bear the name Scilar, a planet that would end up being the home of a conquering civilization that would spread across the stars.


    Type: Gaia Class Terrestrial World
    Orbital Distance: 2.0AU
    Orbital Period: 2.7 Earth Years
    Keplerian Ratio: 1.02
    Radius: 6,249km
    Day Length: 58.3 Earth Hours
    Atm. Pressure: 1.2atm
    Surface Temp: 37° C
    Surface Gravity: 1.57 Earth G
    Mass: 1.134 Earth Masses
    Satellites: 4 (Valas, Shix, Irden, Gor)

    In the beginning, the planet was nurturing and kind, providing everything that was needed for life to begin and flourish. The start of life on Scilar was a veritable explosion, evolution progressing as quickly as the planet could support it. The light of the dual stars fed growing plants, the plants fed the growing numbers of herbivores, and the herbivores fed the carnivores. The top of the food chain consisted of social predators, their smarts overcoming the raw size of the megafauna they hunted.

    Through billions of years of evolution, a single species clawed itself to the top, a group of pack-based predators that used a combination of ferocity, brute strength, and cunning tactics to bring down their prey. These reptilian beings stuck together through the years, flourishing greatly, feeding on any animal weaker than themselves, as well as many that were more powerful. Being pack-based, their increasingly intelligent minds pushed them to form the first forms of tribal society.

    The tribal beings named themselves the Ravir, and remained in a tribal state for thousands of years, quite content with hunting for their food and warring with other tribes. While the creatures were inventive, they never needed to improve their technology in the direction of combat, their bodies being more than sufficient in killing, with their claws, fangs, and tough scales, all powered by strong muscles developed for agile movement on Scilar's increased gravitational force. For thousands of years the species festered in this tribal state, wanting nothing more than they already had their claws on. This would change with the intervention of a mysterious observer.

    With the Ravir's quick establishment of dominance and culture, eyes were drawn from afar. A group from the stars watched as they grew, and saw potential, or perhaps a possible asset in the making. The day these Watchers made themselves known to the Ravir was an event that would become one of the first recorded by the tribals, the legends forged that day still remembered by the modern members of the species. While the Watchers are written into the legends as beings of pure light (totes not novakids in another timeline who had since forgotten everything or anything... Just like how the original Avian Sunborn aren't novakids or anything...), they were not received as gods by the young race of warriors, but as friends.

    While the watchers had not expected a civil meeting, they still knew of the tribals' affinity for violence and combat, and had brought gifts befitting of a warrior race. They shared their technology, giving the most powerful of the Ravir equally powerful blades. These leaders would be known as the First Swordsmen by the race, and would use their power and eventual mastery of the weapon to force their race forward. The Watchers pushed the race forward technologically as well, before mysteriously disappearing as they reached their first industrial revolution, the only vestiges remaining of their existence being traces of their tech being used by the Ravir, and the memories written of them.

    (First Swordsman)

    The First Swordsmen used their new-found strength to unify the tribes around them under their own banner, bringing the strongest of all the groups under each Swordsman's service. Eventually, the Swordsmen had great tracts of land sliced out of the planet for themselves, forming great families that would endure the years.

    (Aside, the first clans.)

    • Ashturm (Absorbed by Isharn clan)
    • Dore (Wiped out by rival clans)
    • Faraam (Wiped out by rival clans)
    • Isharn (Surviving)
    • Issilik (Absorbed by Verrik clan)
    • Karnis (Surviving)
    • Liimik (Wiped out by rival clans)
    • Maaru (Wiped out by rival clans)
    • Rinharl (Surviving, current Emperor)
    • Vaetila (Absorbed by Rinharl clan)
    • Verrik (All but destroyed, leader exiled)
    The families would endlessly war against each other, constantly fighting over resources, land, and population. This constant conflict would spur great technological and cultural growth, each family having their own strengths that would eventually combine as a family is either conquered or absorbed by stronger clans.

    As time advanced, the clans would eventually solidify, their holdings finalized. They turned their eyes away from themselves, and to the stars. As their population grew, so did their hunger for more. As they pooled their resources and minds, the Ravir found themselves able to advance to even higher tiers of strength. Through a single generation, they developed their first spacecraft, and reached FTL technology, using the ancient knowledge of the Watchers. Soon, the families on Scilar banded together under a single banner, the strongest of the clans dueling each other until a single leader rose, naming the new empire-to-be. The Ravirrin.
    With their ambition and strength, the Ravirrin spread through the stars, claiming and conquering suitable planets for their own use, crushing or absorbing everything in their way, bringing several alien races under their command, adding to their strength. This empire grew and grew over thousands of years, coming into their own as a galactic force. After tens of thousands of years, the children of Scilar had conquered a large portion of Andromeda, and were content. As the number of possible enemies fell, they ended up invading lower-tier planets and crushing the dominant species for sport. They had taken Andromeda for themselves, the Ravir numbering in the hundreds of billions, their technology and ferocity being second to none... Though their strength would turn out to be a weakness...

    After their empire grew past a certain size, a mysterious race began attacking them from the shadows. Using their seemingly-complete knowledge of the race, they warred with the Ravirrin, taking advantage of their enemy's focus on battling with mere blades to push the powerful race all the way back to Scilar, burning everything the Ravir had touched. Here, the Ravir held out and defended the planet their race had sprang from with all they had, sacrificing billions of warriors to hold off the attackers, giving those planet-side time to finish the development of a technology that would allow them to escape their attackers. While the Ravir were strong, they were held back by their code, the race of attackers only having to kite the Ravirrin ships. Being faster and more maneuverable, this was of little challenge. The Ravir were beaten.

    Full of hatred and spite, the Ravir fled their home with as many as they could hold within their mighty fleet. They ran around the galaxy searching for shelter, only finding more attackers. Proud warriors or not, even animals knew not to stick their noses where it hurts. The Ravir turned their eyes away from their home, now locked on a long-shot. Jumping out of Andromeda, they would lay in cryo for years. Upon waking, they would find themselves somewhere new, where the race that had attacked them could not reach them. Triangulum.
    Full of rage following the loss of their home and a large percentage of their population, the Ravir cut into the first planets they could find to shelter their race. The first would be named Priden.

    Type: Gaia Class Terrestrial World
    Orbital Distance: 1.8AU
    Orbital Period: 3.3 Earth Years
    Keplerian Ratio: 1.063
    Radius: 6,872km
    Day Length: 41.3 Earth Hours
    Atm. Pressure: 1.3atm
    Surface Temp: 39° C
    Surface Gravity: 1.61 Earth G
    Mass: 1.227 Earth Masses
    Capital: Kes Masai
    Satellites: 2 (Lorek, Kers)

    Upon cutting into the galaxy, the Ravir caught the attention of the Galaxy's controlling power, a council made up of several advanced races from around the galaxy. This group of aliens had lived relatively peacefully through the past millennia, but now a race of warriors had invaded. Intending on crushing the threat before they could build strength, the Council sent their combined fleet to subdue this apparently dangerous race from beyond the stars. Jumping into Priden space, the Council fleet found their target even more pathetic than they had been lead to believe. When they arrived, they found only a single dreadnought waiting for them. Confident in their abilities, the Council forces sallied forth and attacked. By the time they had closed in to attack distance, they had already lost the battle. As they neared, thousands of ships jumped out of hyperspace around the fleet and converged. Even through the Council ships' defense cannons, the Ravirrin ships rammed into them and boarded. The council ships were swarmed, and before they knew what was happening, their engines were disabled with practiced ease, Ravirrin warriors flooding through the enemy ships, painting the walls with entrails.

    In the space of a few hours, the entire Council fleet was captured, crew slaughtered. Though it was the first of many one-sided battles between the Ravirrin and the Council races, it would be a turning point. With a large portion of their navy devastated, the Council races were immediately put on the defensive. Using this time, the Ravir built their strength back up on their new home. After hundreds of years, Priden had reached its prime, its cities larger and more advanced than anything back on Scilar, built to withstand orbital bombardment. Once the Ravirrin had their home set, they turned their eyes outward, to the Council races, their next little 'sparring' partners. Attacking with information gathered out of survivors as well as unstoppable ferocity, the Ravir decimated the other races of the Galaxy, taking their hubs for their own, tearing down anyone who stood in their way. Only 500 years after the exodus from Andromeda, the Ravir had spread across their new home in Triangulum, the strongest of their enemies pressed into service under their banner. With any who would threaten them neutralized, their hunger once more turned inwards...

    (Rough timeline of important events)

    ~236,700 BC
    -First Ravir tribe is formed.

    ~28,715 BC
    -Ravir make contact with the Watchers, uplift begins.

    ~27,315 BC
    -Watchers disappear, Ravir begin 1st industrial revolution.

    ~26,715 BC
    -First space flight, establishment of Ravirrin.

    ~25,700 BC - 2200 AD
    -Ravir grow across the galaxy, nearly claiming a majority from rival species. By now the Ravir number in the hundreds of billions.

    ~2585 AD
    -Andromedan War begins

    ~2690 AD
    -Ravirrin is pushed out of Andromeda, arrives in Triangulum. Numbers reduced to ~30 billion.

    ~3195 AD
    -Ravirrin claim the majority of Triangulum (fighting continues)

    ~3279 AD
    -Exiles begin journey to Milky Way.

    ~3284 AD
    Exiles arrive in the Fringe.

    The Ravir, with the help of the Watchers, clawed themselves out of the primordial, and leaped forward with their society. This society was as brutal as the planet that had spawned it, with the strong controlling or eliminating the weak, constantly fighting each other for dominance and respect.

    Scilar was covered by diverse climates, but mostly consisted of dense jungles, huge mountain ranges, dry deserts, and the massive oceans. Each family, lead by their chief, a 'Swordsman', the first of the chiefs being the First Swordsmen, would cut into the planet, viciously fighting each other for land. The size of their holdings depended entirely on their strength. Priden would prove to be quite similar. The families were made up of the strongest warriors in their region, with any able to fight their way into the family's numbers being welcome. Those who were not strong or ambitious enough to join the family were either pressed into primary armies, or into lives of crafting, hunting, and farming, all in service of the family in control of the region they lived in, with the Swordsman at the top.

    Each family distinguished themselves by artistically scarring their own faces with a pattern that differed between clans. A family's scars would be their own sigil. While the nobles were expected to be strong, each and every one of the commoners were expected to be ready and able as well, with the weak and disabled either thrown out or put to work not befitting of an able warrior. Each of the commoners were trained in the blade as well, and the Sword became easily the most important thing in a Ravir's life. A Ravir without a blade at his side, or the ability to use it, was no Ravir at all, and would be cast aside as rubbish. A waste of food.

    When a Ravir hatches, it is examined for any sign of sickness, deformity, or weakness, which was a deformity in and of itself. If a hatchling fails any of these, it is immediately disposed of, having no place in the Ravirrin. If a hatchling is strong and healthy, however, they go on to begin training as soon as they're big enough to swing a sword, regardless of their birth, noble or not. The young trainees are thrust into an Agoge-like regimen of hard practice, exercise, and daily beatings, where the weak are further separated from the strong. Fatalities were not uncommon, from juveniles being eaten by the dangerous jungle's predators, to being murdered by other ambitious trainees.Those that endure their training and prove themselves strong eventually grow to adulthood (around 20 years old), and are pressed into service under the ruling noble house as guards or primary soldiers. Those too weak to become warriors were instead forced into lives of crafting, mining, hunting, any and all of the jobs that didn't involve fighting.

    However, if a Ravir pressed into becoming a craftsman wanted to be a warrior, all he needed to do was find a guard, duel them, and kill them to take their place. A lowly hunter could march up to the hold and duel the Swordsman if he so pleased. This chaos was largely unregulated, with the strong overtaking the weak, though it proved effective. The weakest of the Ravir that still managed to survive their childhood training were forced to work in one of the region's 'farms' where the Ravir raised horrendous beasts with insatiable hunger and large racks of cultivated meat. Slaving away in the farm for their entire lives, or until they duel their way out of it. Suicide at this point was not uncommon.. But every member of the Ravirrin was bound by a code, from the lowly farm workers to the Emperor of the Ravirrin himself.

    -The Ravir Warrior's Code-

    The Ravir Code dictated many of the actions of a Ravirrin warrior, setting guidelines on how a warrior should act. How they should hold themselves, how they should deal with an enemy...

    Blood for Blood.
    Loyalty to Oneself.
    Loyalty to Blood.
    The strongest souls are forged in the fires of adversity.

    As a warrior under a noble Swordsman, one is expected to keep one's essence un-spilt. To bleed outside of battle is dishonorable. If bled, one is expected to either reclaim their honor, or be known for weakness, expected to die. Blood for Blood. If blood is to be spilled, it will be done in person, with either blade, claw, or fang. Battle at range is but chaos, not battle at all, and is for the weak. The weak and unworthy shall be cast aside.
    As a warrior under a noble Swordsman, one must stand tall and proud. To keep oneself proud, they must keep themselves strong. Mastery of the blade is demanded. Mastery of the body is demanded. Mastery of the mind is demanded. Loyalty to Oneself. Seek constant betterment. The weak and unworthy shall be cast aside.
    As a warrior under a noble Swordsman, one is expected to keep loyalty to his blood for their entire life. Orders from a noble Swordsman or his family will be followed without question or hesitation. Loyalty to Blood. Keep your word, or lose your tongue. Treachery
    is weakness. To lie is to be unworthy. The weak and unworthy shall be cast aside.
    As a warrior under a noble Swordsman, one is expected to seek challenge. Through challenge comes betterment of self and family. To avoid challenge is to prove oneself as weak. To be bested by challenge is to prove oneself as unworthy. The weak and unworthy shall be cast aside.

    Remember Scilar.
    For a Ravir's entire life, they are taught to strive for nothing more than to become strong enough to join the nobles. Once a warrior is confident enough in their abilities, they would enter the fortress in the middle of the region, the nobles' hold, and challenge a member of the family in a duel to the death. The winner would earn the right to stay in the noble family, with a defending family member having the potential of promotion, which would lead to another deadly duel, and so on. With their code of honor, they did not believe in the use of medicines or doctors, outright refusing help to instead depend on their own healing factor, which often leads to the Ravir succumbing to their wounds, unable to fight their loss of blood.
    This constant fighting and struggle would forge a surviving warrior into a veritable force, and leave those who failed to be reclaimed by the jungle, exiled, or ground up and used as feed for the 'cattle' that the race farmed to cut back on hunting needs. The warriors that had proved themselves strong never had much rest, the other families around them constantly testing the borders they neighbored, always looking for any weakness to exploit. Rival families constantly warred with each other before the establishment of the Ravirrin, seeking land, resources, and commoner population, but most importantly, the continuation of their noble family. After the Ravirrin was founded, however, the first Emperor demanded that all House disputes be settled with duels or skirmishes in the bloodied sands of the capital's grand coliseum. This helped regions avoid being decimated by rivals, the leadership shifting through small, organized battles, instead of destructive wars.


    The Ravir are quite advanced as a species, even by modern standards, having been a space-faring race for tens of thousands of years, their flight from Andromeda spurring the development of intergalactic travel. They command a solid knowledge of advanced materials and manufacturing technology, always seeking to better their equipment, ships, and architecture.

    As the Ravir dedicated their lives to combat and conquest since the beginning of their society, their military technology was naturally their primary focus, and advanced quite quickly, the Ravir easily binding the Watchers' old technology into their own. This lead to the Ravir donning advanced armor that protected them against enemies across the galaxy, and to them carrying incredibly powerful blades. With the race's disdain for ranged combat, Military ships would primarily be designed to ram others, with their entire strategy centering on boarding the enemy ship and slaying the inhabitants personally, blades in hand.

    The Ravirrin Warrior
    ((Okay, google image searching is hard. For the ideal look at the form of a Ravir, see the biology image and information. Only futuristic lizard nerd I could find in armor. Bonus for the three fingers, though.))
    A Ravirrin warrior of the current age is outfitted with the best technology the Ravirrin can give them, made of the most advanced materials their galactic holdings can produce. An average warrior would be outfitted with a set of armor that focused on survivability over speed or weight, the strength of an adult Ravir not needing augmentation. The armor itself is primarily designed to turn blades and blunt force, with sufficient heat nullification to protect against thermal attacks. Having fought alien forces with ranged weaponry, the armor IS designed to help against ballistic weaponry, featuring several ablative armor plates across the harness.

    In addition to protection, the armor does serve other functions, with some variants being sealed and rated for vacuum, built for zero/low-G navigation and survivability, some even including jump jets. The warrior also enjoys a detailed HUD in its helmet, detailing information from atmospheric conditions to data on local wounds. While the sword of a Ravir would be his primary tool in life, the armor would sometimes house extendable blades atop the forearm, depending on the wealth of the warrior. Many Nobles would employ these, or small bucklers on their arms to increase their options in combat, especially in duels against others of their kind, which often proved to be the largest threat to a Ravir.


    (A common blade design employed by Ravirrin warriors)

    Naturally, the blade is the most important item a Ravir can own, and has remained largely unchanged over thousands of generations, only increasing in quality through advancement of used materials and manufacturing techniques. While the blades come in many shapes and sizes, depending on an individual's needs and preferences, they primarily follow one concept. An average blade is small enough to be handled easily in one hand, but usable with two. The blade is sharp enough to penetrate advanced power armor under-weaves, the small vibrations sent through the blade and its incredible sharpness even allowing it to penetrate some smaller solid armors. The effects on cloth, bare skin, and kevlar are devastating. The blade itself is sharp, of course, the manufacturing and superior materials keeping its form and shape consistent even through incredible punishment. The cutting edge of the blade is able to cut through steel, only being stopped by the strongest of materials. The tip of the blade, however, is designed for maximum penetration, manufactured to an especially sharp shape. If a Ravir were to attack from the perfect angle, the blade would potentially be able to stab through a power armor chestplate. If they are the slightest bit off target, however, the blade would likely be deflected off of the plate. The blades are designed to penetrate armor and rend flesh.

    For example, if a Ravir warrior had found itself in front of a M1A1 Abrams tank for some weird reason, it could cut through the barrel with relative ease, hop up onto the top, stab through the canopy, and rip open the hatch. A Ravirrin-forged blade comes in many shapes and sizes, depending entirely on the user's preferences, which leads to a variety of styles being created to counter each other. In addition to this, most blades are installed with custom parts. Some blades are able to lock into the sheath, only unlocked by the owner's bio-metrics, for instance.

    As an aside, the ancestral blades of the First Swordsman still survive to this day, forged using with unknown technology and forgotten techniques. Passed down from Swordsman to Swordsman, or to whoever kills the holder, a Watcher's Blade is incredibly resilient and potent. Forged to have an incredibly-sharp cutting blade, the swords would cut through nearly any opponent a Swordsman could come across, and still retain its perfect shape. The blades are solid, sharp, and nearly indestructible, never needing much more than a polish after several wars.. With most specimens from the days of the First Swordsmen still just as sharp as they were on the day they were presented to the Ravir by the Watchers.


    (Kes Mesai, Capital of Priden)
    The Ravirrin built great cities, always focused on military strength and defense, their industrial might nearly matching their martial skill. However, they still followed their ancient code, and did not invest in medical technology, sickness and injury instead serving a purpose, weeding out the weak. The Ravir had their healing factor, as well as a strong immune system, so their ignorance in medical science was of little loss.

    While they left medical science behind, their understanding of their own biology and genetics was not abandoned, owing to their focus on their noble lines and the continuation of strong genes being passed down to the next generations through careful breeding. Along with the other sciences, the Ravir commanded a knowledge of the universe they lived in, and how it worked, which would lead to the race developing advanced FTL technology, with the help of the ancient knowledge the Watchers had left behind.

    The Ravirrin built great cities, always focused on military strength and defense, their industrial might nearly matching their martial skill. However, they still followed their ancient code, and did not invest in medical technology, sickness and injury instead serving a purpose, weeding out the weak. The Ravir had their healing factor, as well as a strong immune system, so their ignorance in medical science was of little loss.

    While they left medical science behind, their understanding of their own biology and genetics was not abandoned, owing to their focus on their noble lines and the continuation of strong genes being passed down to the next generations through careful breeding. Along with the other sciences, the Ravir commanded a knowledge of the universe they lived in, and how it worked, which would lead to the race developing advanced FTL technology, with the help of the ancient knowledge the Watchers had left behind.

    The Ravirrin built great cities, always focused on military strength and defense, their industrial might nearly matching their martial skill. However, they still followed their ancient code, and did not invest in medical technology, sickness and injury instead serving a purpose, weeding out the weak. The Ravir had their healing factor, as well as a strong immune system, so their ignorance in medical science was of little loss.

    While they left medical science behind, their understanding of their own biology and genetics was not abandoned, owing to their focus on their noble lines and the continuation of strong genes being passed down to the next generations through careful breeding. Along with the other sciences, the Ravir commanded a knowledge of the universe they lived in, and how it worked, which would lead to the race developing advanced FTL technology, with the help of the ancient knowledge the Watchers had left behind.
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    -References for Ravir appearance, as close as I can manage. A bit of a necro on the post itself, but I decided it'd be best if I actually put in the best references I could if anyone ever looked these scalie nerds up.-


    Saurus are cool. Anways, this is as close as we can get to portraying a Ravir's build. Large, muscular, scalie sillies. Cut the number of fingers down to two fingers and a thumb on each hand, all extended into sharp claws, and three clawed toes on the front of a foot.

    This is pretty much Riksis to a T. This is pretty much exactly what I'd imagine a Ravir's head to look like. Spiky, angry. Hornsss.​

    Aaand here's Rath in game.​
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