Wearable KICK system (Wall Jump Boots)

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    Name: KICK system, Wall Jump boots



    The KICK system allows for quick and easy vertical mobility, with no thrusters or propulsion needed. They take the form of sleek, fancy-looking footwear, with gravitic generators in the toe and arch. Many manufacturers make them brightly coloured, and package numerous disclaimers and liability documents in their boxes. They weigh 3 to 6 pounds, and are only a bit heavier than normal boots, despite the bulk of the larger variety.



    Grants the ability to scale specific walls by kicking off them repeatedly, reaching potentially indefinite height.

    Battery life is long enough to never be a problem in active operation (24 hours), making it more of a passive tech than something which holds charges.

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):

    The boots can come with mag-boot functionality without additional cost or weight. These allow the user to cling onto magnetic surfaces, or slide down them while bracing themselves.
    If between two parallel walls, the user can potentially leap between them rapidly and increase their ascent speed.

    Can be used to break falls as long as one hasn’t reached a dangerous speed. Kicking off that first platform might still shatter your foot if you’re already at terminal velocity.


    Very tiring for organics to scale high surfaces.

    Requires training, practice, or programming in order to execute complex manoeuvres while wall-kicking, such as firing weapons. Easy to hurt yourself or pull a muscle if you get the timing wrong, making it less practical for conventional organic species to use.

    Requires a surface that’s roughly 90 degrees and relatively flat, in order to prevent slipping. It gets harder and harder to climb without issue as the angle gets further from 90.
    Can only support users weighing up to 120 kilograms

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):

    When used alone, they can fit in shoes/boots with little issue. However, if combined with footwear such as Double Jump or Long Fall boots, the shoes or calves have to be far bigger, resulting in something that looks almost like clown shoes. The same applies if EMP protection is added, which is required to keep the boots fully functional after receiving a pulse. Unprotected boots will break completely.

    Physical contact with a wall is required to scale it, so if the wall is electrified or too fragile, tough luck. Particularly sucks if you break glass or kick your way into drywall.
    If a wall is not magnetic, or has no means for somebody to stay attached to it, they have to constantly kick in order to maintain their altitude, which can quickly grow extremely taxing.

    How does it work:

    The KICK system for standard plantigrade feet activates when the toe strikes a wall or flat surface straight-on. The force of their blow is converted into a small amount of kinetic energy, feeding the gravitic generators and producing an angled compression, similar to double-jump boots. The user can then kick off the invisible ‘platform’ that this creates, in order to continue jumping straight upwards. Some models have microthrusters in the heel that generate force and help users stick to the walls. Other models have things like on-board VI to perform corrections, or slightly different physical motions they operate by.


    Flavor text: The KICK system uses a similar principle to Double Jump Boots: creating footholds with gravitic compression. While it doesn’t allow one to make massive leaps straight into the air, or run up walls like Gravsuits, it helps with slower, steadier climbing, and lasts longer too. They’re widely used among the Replicants living on the AI-owned world of Millennium. Though they can’t definitively claim to have invented these, they sell them in vast quantities.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): Double Jump Boots

    Attainability: Open. It’s simple enough to recreate if somebody knows what they want to do, but unusual enough that it has to be found in niche markets.

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    After some conversation about how them being EMP'd works and how much they weigh; First Pass.
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    Second Pass, now actually play MMZ you faker.
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