Wearable Double Jump Boots

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    Name: Gravitic Compression "Double Jump" Boots

    Description: A pair of boots with small gravitic generators built into the heel and toe, a micro-battery installed on the inside of the arch.

    • Allows for the wearer to "double jump" in the air by extending their legs after leaping, causing a momentary gravitic compression to allow for a dense enough 'platform' to be created for one to leap up into the air once again, maximum height is about 10 feet in the air from a standing position, 15 with a running start.
    • Long-fall technology is embedded in the boots to prevent injury from landing.
    • The long-fall tech can only reduce impact force at a maximum of 40mph landing speed, any more will break the device and cause full impact force to be felt by the wearer.
    • An EMP will fry the device, resulting in it needing repairs.
    How does it work: When the wearer leaps into the air, the gravitic generators in the boot cause a momentary compression field so that they may leap up off of it into the air again, with a slight propulsion giving them extra height to the jump. When landing, it functions on long-fall boot technology, allowing for the wearer to make a graceful landing without injury.

    Flavor text: Invented by a group of researchers and engineers who were interested in replicating the 'double-jump' ability often seen in video games, have since been disseminated among avid free-runners and acrobatics enthusiasts.

    Referenced Technologies:
    https://galactic-citizen.com/threads/gravitic-impartment-long-fall-boots.566/, Gravitic propulsion

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