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    Name: Cuilbraü

    Description: Hyperspatially-aged alcohol brewed in the parallel reality of Hyperspace, often brewed by pirates or people residing in high-Cuil areas.
    Cuilbraü variants often taste of concepts, rather than flavors, and take on a disturbing, unearthly hue.

    Abilities: Gets you drunk. Intensely psychedelic.

    Conditional Abilities (Optional): A standard bottle of cuilbraü is the maximum amount that can be consumed in a time period of about two days before the unreality of the drink threatens the causality of the drinker, causing them to cease to exist.

    Limitations: May only be brewed in near-unstable areas of hyperspace. The innate danger of the operation may lead to incursions into reality, death of operators, or paracausal events.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional): Consuming cuilbraü in an extremely ordered location can cause intense cuil sickness in living beings.

    How does it work: Normally, a fine alcoholic drink would take years to properly develop. However, by harnessing the innate unreality of hyperspace and the locations within, a skilled brewer with extreme miniaturization of technology may use it to create a temporary doorway between 'Here' and 'There', where the barrel may be placed. After a period of time- at least a month and a day, but often more- the barrel can be removed, unless stolen, destroyed, or otherwise irretrievable by the efforts of hyperspatial entities beyond knowledge.

    Additionally, the extreme-caustic reproductive fluid of the Purgatorian Worms contains a disturbing concoction of bacteria, compounds, and innate paracausal substances necessary to efficiently continue fermentation while within hyperspace.

    The technology to generate the gateway necessary to store the cuilbraü for a period of fermentation is a hyper-bastardization of the technology used to enter hyperspace, often contained in orbit of a planet to prevent an extreme incident.

    Flavor text: Cuilbraü was first invented by interstellar pirates looking to mimic the idea of a 'grog ration' in deep space, when the cargo hold of a vessel was accidentally dipped into the unstable reality around the hyperlane.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): The chemical cuilometer is used to measure the unreality of the resultant beverage. The reproductive ichors of the Hundred Handed Worms are used for fermentation, due to their high-cuil physiology.

    Attainability: Open

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    Category: Medical.
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    Denied for inactivity. It'll be put back in pending and graded once/if you're back.
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    Putting a seconding on this.