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    Name: Compound 44, C44, 44, Moon Wine, "Grape Juice", "Cough Syrup", Hyperlean, Moonshine, The Purple Stuff, The Other Purple Drink, Daeyung Punch, Psycho Juice, Slick Lavender, Maldivian Squirt, Grape Vaccine*, Indigo Dust**, Indigo**, Moon Dust**, Glitter**, Moon Shards***, Baby Blue***

    *When injected
    **When in powder form
    ***When dehydrated

    Description: Compound 44 is usually an indigo colored almost metallic-looking liquid. It's viscosity is the same as water's. It can also be dehydrated and broken into a dust or shards. As dehydrated shards, C44 appears translucent and maintains a metallic sheen, though it's color often lightens to a shade of pale blue or purple. As dust, it is often compared to glitter, and maintains the blue or purple color of it's dehydrated shard form.

    In it's liquid form it can be ingested (this is the most common form of consumption) or injected, in it's shard form it is ingested, and in it's powder form it is inhaled through the nostrils. When inhaled or injected, the effects are much quicker to manifest, but also much quicker to dissipate. When ingested it takes longer for effects to manifest, but they last much longer. The after-effects are also much more potent, however.

    Abilities: Causes intense ecstasy, euphoria, and hyperactivity for hours after consumption. Often produces auditory, temporal, and tactile hallucinations. It tends to make users feel as if they can do anything. Users often report a taste of metal in their mouth. When ingested, effects last as long as 12 hours, but when injected or snorted, only roughly half that time.

    Conditional Abilities: Could be used as a stimulant or anti-depressant if you're very desperate or stupid.

    Limitations: After it's effects end, incredibly intense lethargy takes hold of the user. In some cases so intense that the user may be believed to be completely catatonic. Induces tremors, laughter, spasms, and shivering both during and after usage due to lowering the body-temperature of the user. Thrill-seeking and false confidence provided by the drug may cause dangerous situations. Often causes bleeding of the nose. It does not actually enhance the body physically at all. It also does not numb pain, though may actually help reduce a fever. Users may forget what happened during the time span of the effects after it exits their system. They may be confused as to where they are, how they got there, and who they're with depending on the situation.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional): Long-term use and addiction is much more detrimental, and C44 is an incredibly addictive drug. Long-term usage and addiction can cause obsessions, anxiety, delirium, general mental degradation, permanent or consistent hallucinations, kidney and liver damage, alternating states of lethargy and euphoria, permanent or consistent tremors and involuntary spasms, fits of uncontrollable laughing, low-blood pressure, epilepsy, and cloudiness of the eyes. It can also cause degradation of memory over long periods of usage.

    Long-term users and addicts trend towards looking for thrills throughout their entire life during their bouts of euphoria, which when combined with the feeling of invincibility granted by the drug, can lead to them getting into life-threatening situations constantly, as long term usage will typically override common sense and decision making.

    It can be incredibly dangerous to combine C44 with other drugs. Combination with Hydroxapin for example will cause cardiac arrest shortly after both drugs are taken. Other drugs may be safer, but many will result in adverse physical symptoms or potential death.

    Overdose is possible if the user takes multiple doses in a short span of time. Overdose is common in addicts. C44 overdose results in incoherent speech, non-responsiveness, seizures, paralysis, severe hypothermia, and eventually death through cardiac arrest, liver/kidney failure, or significant neuron death. The victim is typically aware of their degrading condition but can do nothing to stop it themselves as it progresses. C44 overdose can be counteracted if caught in it's early stages. Poorly made C44 can cause death within hours of consumption. Smart buyers will often have someone test the C44 before consumption.

    Does not work on very "alien" biologies such as Shifters. Does not work on anything not carbon-based or anything mechanical in nature, of course.

    (Do not sell characters poorly made C44 without consent! Players must be informed OOCly that the quality is hazardous. Players may also make it obvious in-character that it is of poor quality, but one way or another the seller needs to be certain that the buyer understands that the quality is incredibly poor and can result in character death.)

    How does it work: C44 was created from a plant on Daeyung known as the Moonbell, which is actually a very poisonous plant. Genetic modification was able to seemingly make this poison a non-issue and further refinement of the toxin lead to the discovery of it's usage as a stimulant and anti-depressant. In a similar manner to cocaine, C44 is a triple reuptake inhibitor. It therefore inhibits serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine and directly affects the central nervous system, inducing the intense euphoria and myriad of other effects.

    However it also selectively blocks sodium channels in the central nervous system and brain because it's still a neurotoxin. With one-time usage this does not usually cause much issue and is only really noticeable through the tremors and spasms following it's usage, but with more extensive usage by addicts it is plainly visible through their mental degradation, epilepsy, and permanent tremors/spasms, and through the paralysis in an overdose.

    The shivering caused by C44 has become a ubiquitous symptom of it's usage, and in fact severe hypothermia is a symptom of overdose. This is because C44 is a vasodilator and causes the blood vessels in the body to expand, resulting in heat loss. The shivering of the body is to counteract this. During the later stages of an overdose the body enters paralysis and stops shivering, allowing hypothermia to set in as the core body temperature continues to lower.

    Flavor text: Compound 44 was developed on Daeyung, initially being made as a prescribed anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and stimulant, but after extensive testing revealed the side-effects it was denied for usage by the government.

    Despite this, C44 managed to slip into civilian hands through the black market and has since been recreated and become a recreational drug both on and off Daeyung. It has become well known as a party drug, though it has also become infamous due to the effects of addiction. Unfortunately in recent years a number of "moonshiners" operating from various areas of the Fringe have produced very low quality C44, which is incredibly dangerous to consume.

    Referenced Technologies: Hydroxapin

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