Medical Hydroxapin, aka 'Hypermeth'

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    Name: Hydroxapin
    Slang/Street names: Hypermeth, Transcendence, Fucitol, Phase Juice, God's Ashes

    Description: Hydroxapin a clear fluid that is injected via syringe directly into an artery, and generally comes in an auto-injector. It is possible to acquire in liquid form in a variety of other containers. It is generally sold in single doses. Officially manufactured hydroxapin may contain the proper labeling, dosages, and warnings, but lower-quality productions are likely to only carry the producers given name for the product.

    During the first half hour:
    -Prevents the user from feeling pain
    -Reduced physical sensation (hearing, touch)
    -Reduce inhibition, allowing muscles to push beyond standard limits
    -Increased heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature
    -Energetic, restless

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):
    -If combined with a drug which steadies the hands, the 'shaky hand' effect can be overcome. However, this guarantees a heart attack during the second phase of hydroxapin, regardless of the duration of the second compound.
    -Combat-grade variant is non-addictive

    -During the first half hour, shaky hands make aiming firearms or fine manipulation nearly impossible
    -Only lasts half an hour, after which...
    -Hypersensitivity, especially to pain (often severe, as the user is likely to injure themselves)
    -Paranoia and anxiety
    -Psychosis (auditory and visual hallucination)
    -Side effect length increases with usage, starting at a few hours and potentially stretching into weeks if not medicated
    -Reduced physical sensation (hearing, touch)
    -Second phase effects last for several hours, increasing with dosage
    -Only usable by organics

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):
    -May cause migraines, depending on the physiological state of the user beforehand
    -Potentially psychologically addictive (with either variant)
    -Civilian-grade variant is physically addictive
    -If combined with a drug which steadies the hands, the 'shaky hand' effect can be overcome. However, this guarantees a heart attack during the second phase of hydroxapin, regardless of the duration of the second compound.
    -Due to the reduced physical sensation and inhibitions, a user who takes hydroxapin as a combat enhancer is extremely likely to break their bones and tear their muscles
    -Injuries sustained while under the effects of hydroxapin FEEL more severe than they are during the second stage. Minor cuts feel like getting shot, and getting shot feels like being in a femur breaker
    -Taking more than one dose does not increase the positive effects, but expands the timeframe of the negatives.
    -Organics with especially alien or niche biologies (such as Shin'kali) may find muted effects if taking the generic version of the drug. If the audience is wide-spread enough, it can be safely assumed that the public version has been adapted to their biology.

    How does it work: Hydroxapin is a neurotoxin which disables neural inhibition while blocking pain receptors, along a number of other receptors, in the brain. This allows for the various 'positive' effects. However, it lingers in the brain, leading to the various negatives.

    Flavor text: Hydroxapin was developed by Chloride Industries in Niveus, intended to be a non-addictive competitor to gaunt that carried lower risk of accidentally killing the user with a dosage mistake. After examining the effects, it was determined to be effective as both a recreational drug and a combat enhancer, and was marketed to separate audiences under different names. 'Hydroxapin' may be the official name, but Choride-brand combat hydroxapin is known as Fucitol. The Chloride-brand civilian hydroxapin was initially sold as Transcendence, but various other street-names were adopted. The civilian-grade hydroxapin is almost identical, but includes addictive additives to 'encourage returning customers.' The niche market where it has found the most popularity is in the hands of mariners, who swear by it's effectiveness when 'the hull is breached by something that needs to die, right now.' It is especially popular amongst mariners of La'megoth.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): Gaunt

    Attainability: Open

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    Having discussed this app privately with its creator, I can confidently give this an initial pass.
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    Confidently giving this a Secondary Pass because I want space meth.​