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    //Nexus User: General.Ulr (( .exe#1337 ))

    "This is General Owen Ulr, good evening ladies and gentlemen, we bring good news to you today that we have made progress to our space station in the orbit of Caeria. Okla Station is being worked on for suitability and are expecting to finish 07/07/3287."

    "We have been at war with a neighboring planet, Caer, for a good while. We have made talk with Marauder Leader, Xaxxi Olm and have said that he wishes to continue the fight, cause acts of terror in Caeria. We warn others that there may be a spike in terror, across the Galaxy, in case of sleeper cells all across the galaxy. The most notable sign of allegiance to these Marauders are a branding (line through a skull)."

    "We are soon coming up with stocks to purchase and sell, import and export in and out of the Aricaer System. We are implementing the purchase and selling through our Nexus line, along with transport orders for those who wish to transport goods from or to our system."

    "Selha Sulza."


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    Contacts : General.Ulr | .exe#1337

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