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    "Selha Sulza."
    ("Freedom Forever")

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    || CCR Mission ||

    Caerians are here to uphold the utmost respect, formality & to preserve
    the Caerian Colonial Republic. Our mission is to reach out from our solitary confinement of what we use to be held in. We fought for many years to escape solitary & build a better future for Caerians & visiting the outside planets with cherished greetings, we wish to expand our reaches out further than before & hope to befriend & help any other nation outside of Aricaer. Join us & help the Caerian Colonial Republic expand our territories, military and workforce, for a better future.

    We provide new jobs for outsiders & for those who

    seek military experiences. Our land is yours to settle in, we ask that you apply to become a citizen to Caeria & follow the rules on Caeria we give you. For those who wish to apply for our military, you do not need to apply citizenship first to join. We appreciate every one of you & wish to see the succession of Caerian Colonial Republics' future. Selha Sulza.

    || Caerian History ||

    War on Caerian : 09-21-3260-3269

    Caerian Colonial Republic wasn’t always a Colonial Republic. The republic sprouted from a civil war and happened to achieve their war goals during their time of war. When push comes to shove, the republic knew that a change would have to come. The war was against the Caerian Order, led by a man named Azerael Rvara, a dictatorship straight outta a colony. For about eight years, the Caerian Order demanded absurd amounts of taxes, soldiers were able to enter the houses of civilians freely and were going to remove their guns; a way of living with their own protection. Soon after, a rebellion broke out, striking the nerves of the Caerian Order, starting the Caerian Revolution on 12-12-3260. Many fought against the tyranny of a dictatorship and many have died. The main battles in the city of Caerian Prime was the Battle for Braeria 3260 - 3261, invasion of Gulma Caverns 3262 - 3265, Raid on Chroma Tower 3265 - 3266, battle of CNS Izaruhe 3266 - 3267, Defense of Mamufa 01-19-3267 - 06-28-3267, and the Last line of Brokaku road 3267 - 3269. The Last line of Brokaku was the last battle that ended the war in 02-11-3269 that the people of Caerian gained independence from. Soon after, the dictator of the Caerian Order was forced to leave Caerian and was told to never come back, has yet to come back ever since. This was the end of the Caerian Order and a beginning for the Caerian Colonial Republic.

    || Type of Government ||


    || Culture & Celebrations ||

    Caerian Independence - 02-11-3269 - Independence from Caerian Order.

    Caerian Beginning - 05-06-3252 - Celebrating the start of a new Colony.

    Caerian Colonial Army founded - 06-26-3258 - founded in Braeria, has been celebrated like a second birthday to those who serve the Caerian Colonial Army. Founded by Josehen Fehlbrook.

    Caerian Naval Corps Founded - 01-02-3268 - Caerian Naval Corps was founded in the CNS Izaruhe, by Yannick Bulr.

    || Caerian Law ||

    1a. Article 2-11.3269 | Independence Act of 3269

    All citizens are free of slave acts pushed against them, No matter the species or race. You are also required to have fun, drink with the boys or gals on the day of Independence. Fuck you Caerian Order.

    2a. Article 5-13.3270 | Civilian Armament Act of 3270

    Citizens are allowed to equip themselves with weapons for protection reasonings. Any attempts of robbery, murder or kidnapping will be shot on sight and will be treated by medical personnel, if not already dead.

    3a. Article 3-28.3271 | Taxed Purchases Act of 3271

    All standard living requirements (such as food, water, heating and shelter) are not taxed. Anything other than such is taxed at the minimum of 2%.

    4a. Article 7-9.3274 | Post-War Reformation Act of 3274

    Sixteen years of age are required to go to Military & Naval History & Tactics Schooling and at age eighteen are offered the choice to either join the workforce however they please, whatever they want to do or join the Caerian Colonial Army or Caerian Naval Corps. This ranges from certified citizens, non-citizens, to, yes, homeless citizens.

    5a. Article 12-21.3276 | Claiming Act of 3276

    Citizens are allowed to claim parts of Caerian Colonial Republic owned territories that aren’t military claims without taxation. Work smarter and kinda harder.

    6a. Article 8-18.3278 | Traditional Act of 3278

    All offworlder species are treated with the same respect as any other Caerian to keep our traditions clean and formal, acting out of hate towards another offworlder is shunned upon. If our citizens are harmed by an offworlder, our citizens will be supported with confirmed evidence that shows that our citizens were attacked. We will take diplomatic ways and if they are not enforced by a government, then they will be jailed under Caerian terms. Don’t shit on our chests.

    7a. Article 7-1.3281 | Standards of Caerian Military of 3281

    All military personnel are required to groom their beards, cut their hair shorter than six inches and must be in regulations of the CCA/CNC Standards of fitness. Any military personnel going against this act will be removed from the military. Come on, we let you have beards.

    8a. Article 1-2.3286 | Military Secrecy Act of 3286

    All military personnel who are off duty will not wear their CCA/CNC standard combat or traditional uniforms off Caerian territory unless it is for diplomatic, militant or ceremonial reasons. Fuckin’ boots.

    || Member List ||

    Commanding General of CCR : General Ulr || .exe#1337

    Caerian Colonial Army :
    NCO : Michael Hoffmann || Boglis#2991
    NCO : Sebastian Morales || YesMan#5803

    Caerian Naval Corps :
    Commanding Officer of the Navy : Admiral Curly || WeeJimmy#0717
    Cadet : Indigo || Quazwerty456#3946

    Caerian Army/Navy Reserves :
    ( N/A )

    Military Police :
    ( N/A )

    Medical :
    ( N/A )

    Engineers :
    ( N/A )

    Scientists :
    Julian Alexander || Mr. Spetzer#4812

    Citizens :
    ( N/A )

    Staff :

    OOC People :
    Lubricants Gladly#6760

    || Accomplishments/Assets ||

    Planet : Caeria

    Colony : Caerian Prime
    < Braeria >
    < Gulma >
    < Chroma >
    < Mamufa >
    < Brokaku >
    < Fort Josehen >
    < Port/Shipyard Bulr >

    Battleship : CNS Izaruhe

    Heavy Ballistic Weaponry :

    < HAR-20A1 >
    < HP-6 >
    < FRL >
    < HE Grenades >
    < Anti-Personnel Rocket >
    < Anti-Tank Rocket >
    < Tank Killer Rocket >

    Armor :

    < Class 5 & Below Plating >

    Uniforms & Standards :

    < CCA Standard Uniforms >
    < CNC Standard Uniforms >
    < Standard CCA Combat Uniform >

    < Independence >
    < Unity >
    < Our Republic >

    || Citizenship Application ||

    [ Application ]

    || Career Application ||

    [ Application ]

    Civilian Job Summary :

    Scientists :
    Support research & expansion to create the foundation for Caerian Colonial Republic.

    Engineers :
    Build the pillars on top of the foundation of Caerian Colonial Republic.

    Medical :
    Take care of the people who seek shelter under what was created by the researchers & built by the Engineers.

    All three are one giant piece of the puzzle that create the bigger picture for Caerian Colonial Republic. While the Army/Navy go to fight, you keep the government & military at bay. We thank you.

    || Regiment ||

    1st Army Regiment :

    - 1st Caerian Infantry Division ( CID )

    > Caerian Infantry Battalion ( CIBN )
    > Fiend Anti-Tank Battalion ( FATBN )
    > Heavy Gunner Battalion ( HGBN )
    > Military Police Battalion ( MPBN )
    > Core Logistics Battalion ( CLBN )
    > Orbital Amphibious Assault Battalion ( OAABN )

    - 1st Combat Engineer Division ( CED )

    > Defensive Construction Battalion ( DCBN )
    > Demolitions & Ordinance Battalion ( DOBN )
    > Mechanic & Maintenance Battalion ( MMBN )

    - 1st Combat Medic Division ( CMD )

    > Caerian Hospitality Battalion ( CHBN )
    > Field Medic Battalion ( FMBN )

    1st Navy Regiment :

    - 1st Caerian Expeditionary Unit ( 1st CEU ) || Assault Fleet

    - 2nd Caerian Expeditionary Unit ( 2nd CEU ) || Defense Fleet

    - 3rd Caerian Expeditionary Unit ( 3rd CEU ) || Reserves Fleet

    - 4th Caerian Expeditionary Unit ( 4th CEU ) || Logistics Fleet


    Contact .exe#1337 if you got any questions, concerns, bitches, moans or complaints, ya boi is out here.

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