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    Helen is a genetically engineered organism created as an experiment to create a totally new form of life that shares traits with viruses. The reason for this was to create bodies that are immortal (because viruses dont have motabolisms and thus dont age) but were biological because some people had vanity issues about cybernetics and robotics, the result was a human like creature that was half way between life and virus. The reason it looked human was because it was made using both human genetics and the genetics of a modified FIV virus (Feline immunodeficiency virus) but there was a bit of contamination with other genetic codes particularly arthropods which is where her blue pigment comes from. Eventually this project was scrapped because of how dangerous these creatures were. But the scientist who was tasked to destroy helen pitied her and in a moment of weakness let her go, after this helen has been to a lot of different places and has done a lot of different things.


    -1.8 metres tall

    -as strong as 1.5 humans

    -light human like skin


    -flesh and bone (of a sort but on the macroscopic level its just like flesh and bone but on the microscopic level the cells are different)


    appearance- helen looks like a human except she has skin as white as paper, cyan hair and cyan eyes

    -being a kind of virus she can use her cells to assault the bodies of living things. This is also how she survives she must use the cells of living things to create more of her cells to give her energy and to replace cells that have died or been lost, she does this through touch but she has to wilfully do it touching her wont harm you unless she is trying to hurt you and even then she has to keep a hold of you, also this is how she heals wounds she needs to infect something to create more of her tissue to repair any damage done to her body.

    - helen’s viruslike cells can be desolved by cleaning chemicals, alcohol, soap ect anything that can be used to disinfect is harmful to her flesh and its like acid to her, also obviously fire works and plasma weapons are quite effective

    -helen is very resistant to gunfire because the human organs she has inside of her do not keep her alive, they can be useful like its good to have eyes to see for example. But these organs are only there from the replication of the human body her cells do, and being shot doesnt really hurt her apart from damaging her ability to move if a leg is blown off for example.

    -There is however 1 place in her body that being shot would be harmful and thats this nucleolus organ inside of her chest it is in the place the human heart would be and its actually how she thinks. Helen doesnt use her brain to think she uses this organ because inside this organ there are specialised cells that have 2 genetic codes, 1 code is the same as all the others but the other is information being stored as genetic code. when helen learns something it gets encoded in genetic materal essentially this organ is a DNA computer.

    -Helen could in theory exist forever because she doesnt have a metabolism and as such doesn't age, additionally she was never a child she was created in her current form and she will stay in her current form until she is destroyed

    -helen doesnt need to breathe although being exposed to a vaccum could boil the fluids in her body and that would do serious harm

    -helen doesnt have body heat she is the same temperature as her environment but she stops herself from freezing using anti-freeze chemicals similar to how fish do it in the south pole
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    Failed. This tech app doesn't follow the proper format (You can find the proper format & other guidelines here), but more importantly it isn't scientifically feasible. I'll try my best to list all the problems:
    - You can't have a creature with no metabolism. How would they survive without the ability to convert glucose, or more complex sugars, to energy? Surviving off pure ATP harvested from other organisms isn't possible– ATP is used too quickly in any animal at a macroscopic scale, and it's a fairly unstable molecule.
    - Metabolism also includes the manufacturing of proteins and other "building blocks" that the body needs... every organism has different proteins that they need, many of which are unique to their species. If Helen here is derived from human life, and could only get proteins from other organisms, she'd need to sustain herself exclusively on human flesh for those human-specific proteins. Of course, her ability to convert other cells into hers (???) would also require plenty of unique cellular machinery she couldn't get from other species, which would require she have a metabolism.
    - Helen can't use DNA for her main memory storage. DNA synthesis and reading is much too slow compared to the near-instant electrical signalling you see in brains. Methods of DNA reading exist IRL, but they're electronic, and I'm pretty sure they aren't fast enough either.
    - You basically can't have a creature with only one organ unless you have some very good, plausible explanation for why. Humans are full of them for a reason. Even excluding the digestive system, how does Helen filter out toxins? Rid herself of waste (this requires metabolism)? How does she get energy and nutrients to her muscles (and how can the muscles use them with no metabolism), etc

    You can try to make this app again, it just needs to be heavily rewritten to address the concerns above. I highly recommend you get a staff or community member to co-write a second attempt with you, and listen closely to what they have to say.
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    I second the failing grade pink gave above.