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    Name: Amoesmens

    Description: Amoesmens are a genus of amoesma known for possessing a sapient intelligence and their primary diet being the nervous systems of other organisms. Their other characteristics depend on the specific species of amoesmens the organism belongs to.

    Behavior: Amoesmens species are intelligent, though they do not display it in the way most other species do; they cannot speak vocally and communicate through other means, and most are still 'primal', seeking to satisfy their hunger. Being intelligent, they are capable of developing psionic abilities, though most amoesma of this family attain psionic abilities through the integration of foreign nervous tissue into their bodies.

    Tamability: They are intelligent.

    Where is it found?: Like amoesmae, they are found in hyperspace, but amoesmens in particular are only found near places where other intelligent organisms dwell. Amoesmens are considered to be dangerous and are typically quelled on sight; they are attracted to Visitant channels due to their abundance of nervous tissue, and often die at the hands of alpha sentinels.

    Rarity: Relatively rare

    Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy: Species of amoesmens have a very specific diet; the nervous systems of other organisms. After killing their prey or locating a dead carcass, they will puncture holes throughout the target in order to feed on and engulf the target's brain and nervous system, incorporating it into itself to produce electricity until it decays. Strangely, amoesmens has a unique ability of 'resurrecting' the nervous tissue of organisms after eating them so that it can harvest their brain activity. It is unknown if consumed nervous tissue is capable of being conscious or not. In some cases, nervous tissue fails to decay, and is permanently incorporated into the individual amoesma - this seems to happen most often to those who have developed psionic abilities, a trait that seems to allow these amoesma to make use of the psionic abilities of those they have engulfed. Nervous tissue consumed is phased into the amoesma, and if it lingers, seems to fuse with the amoesma's nervous system. These amoesma particularly enjoy eating very dense nervous tissue such as brains or visitant matter, and they seem to have no qualms with cannibalism, being very individualistic.

    Products?: Amoesmae don't produce any useful products aside from decaying phase matter.

    Reproduction: Amoesmae reproduce asexually, able to split their nuclei into two and splitting their bodies to clone itself.

    Size: Dependent on species.

    Weight: Dependent on species, typically very light due to phase matter biology.

    Lifespan: Dependent on species. Typically correlated with size.

    Abilities: In addition to the abilities of all amoesmae, species of amoesmens have the following characteristics:
    • Are intelligent and capable of psionic development
    • Can phase and integrate foreign nervous tissue into itself in order to attain their memory, parts of their personality, and any psionic abilities they possessed.
    Flaws: The flaws of all amoesmae.
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