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    Zitium, also known as “neutron alloy”.

    Zitium is a pale white, metallic material. It's heavy, weighing slightly more than impervium, and it's incredibly hard. It's near impossible to scratch and always retains a smooth, glossy finish. Zitium is always built as plates a quarter to a half inch thick pressed onto a thin, rubbery backing. This backing is then connected by wires to a vanocyclic power cell.

    • Indestructible: Zitium is among the closest you can get to indestructible materials. No amount of blunt trauma, sharp tools or heat can get through it and there are no strange or niche weaknesses to exploit. It is inherently radiation proof on account of its high density, and its surface easily resists even the strongest of acids. It will not bend, flex or crack. Even phase matter cannot traverse it, due to its structure requiring xari dust. Outside of VERY extreme situations, something made from Zitium is impenetrable by all conventional measures. No ifs, ands or buts.

    • Weight: Zitium is very heavy, heavier than even impervium.
    • Inflexible: Zitium is inflexible and cannot be recast, meaning it’s impossible to bend or roll into new shapes.
    • Vanocyclic dependency: Zitium needs to be cast onto a special backing which draws continuous power from a vanocyclic power cell. It must be a vanocyclic power cell, as no ordinary power source will do. If this need is not met, zitium will boil over and melt into a crumbling slag.
    • Antimatter: The only weakness zitium possesses is direct exposure to antimatter, as antimatter destroys anything and everything it comes in contact with. This must, however, be done carefully in a vacuum chamber, as if the antimatter reacts with air before touching the zitium, all the thermal energy generated will simply glance off it.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):
    • Overwhelming power: Zitium can be broken through by exposing it to cartoonishly extreme strikes. Things like firing an orbital kinetic weapon on a single plate will no doubt shatter it. As it would do to anything else.
    • Restricted: There is only one way to make zitium, which is a closely guarded secret by the Naian Dynasty. Measures of zitium can only be acquired as event rewards. It cannot be replicated as any current machinery will struggle to replicate the neutronic matter integral to its structure.

    How does it work:
    Zitium is believed to be a sortoff “faux nuclear pasta”, an attempt at mimicking the cartoonish properties of nuclear pasta in an applicable form. Thin strings of a near solid, neutronic matter are woven into a measure of some metal, usually aluminum or titanium, before being stamped onto a nanocrystalline mesh composed of diamond nanotubes, various trace minerals and xari dust, connected to a vanocyclic power cell. If the metal is not stamped onto said mesh, the neutronic matter rapidly tears itself apart, melting the surrounding metal into slag and rendering it useless.

    Any modern machinery is, however, unable to mimic this neutronic structure. Only one machine is known to be able to do so. An old xinod forge, specifically made to stamp plates of the material.

    Flavor text:
    [DECLASSIFIED Nikama Exploration Log - Sector B174 - Codename: Freefall - 02/06/3224]
    Current time: 15:03. Relevant parties named and subtitled:
    The video feed opens on what appears to be a chest mounted camera of a naian operative as they remove a winch from a harness they were wearing. They look around, a few other naians around them doing the same. All are geared to the teeth with weapons, armour and tools. The naian in the recording looks up briefly, showing they just repelled down a long shaft. The shaft could be tens of kilometres deep.
    Operative Hikari: So the point of interest is here? Kilometers down a random hole in the middle of nowhere.
    Captain Tana: This is no random hole, but you are correct. Likely the precursors used this shaft as an exhaust vent. If our data is to be trusted, this was an old experimental factory.
    Command: ‘74-3, remember. That region is still hot. We don’t know what could be lurking down there, so proceed with caution and remember what you came for.
    There’s some further chatter, the crew confirming their orders and such before the feed cuts again. The crew is moving down a dark corridor, weapons drawn and scanning the walls and floors around them. Eventually they move into an open room. In the center sits a large, spherical machine with a hatch in the middle and scattered around it are a few random plates of some kind of metal.

    Command: If local readings are correct, you should’ve reached the object by now.
    Captain Tana: Correct, but all we see is some big, round machine.
    Command: That matches our descriptions on record.
    Operative Hikari: What is it?
    Command: Simply put, an all-in-one refinery and factory. We don’t know exactly how it works or what it makes, but we believe it-
    There’s some clattering and a low rumbly growl.

    Operative Sakai: SHIT! SWARM QUE- Hrkg!
    We see as one naian is flung across the room. A few other naians swear as they all open fire on what can only be faintly seen as a large, hulking dark mass. The mass reaches out towards the cameraman and throws them across the room as well. Once they land the feed cuts out.

    Crew status:
    [ M I A ]

    Referenced Technologies (Optional):
    Vanocyclic cells.




    0.97 lbs per cubic inch.


    Nonexistent. The material will not flex or bend.

    Thermal Conductivity:

    Electrical Conductivity:

    Average Price:
    30 Px / in^3 (raw manufacturing cost, resale value will cost SIGNIFICANTLY more and vary greatly on a case by case basis).
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    A godlike, impenetrable material that can only be manufactured by your species. Just this fact alone is enough for a rejection grade, but the app also has other inconsistencies; for example, it relies on vanocyclic power cells, but the vanocyclic cell app says they just emit normal electricity- and not at an extreme current, even. So why does this rely on it? In addition, you list antimatter as a weakness, as if antimatter is commonly used in the setting. And it also uses xari dust for seemingly no reason whatsoever.
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    Well-written app but massively overpowered. I wouldn't entrust this to a GM, let alone given out as a reward to players. If you want to make a cool reward I recommend something unique and flashy, not powerful.
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