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    Picture (Optional): There is a shoulder up image of a human man with pale white skin and blue eyes yet otherwise has a roughly hispanic, maybe south asian appearance. It seems he is wearing a red button down with a brown jacket over it. His clothing appears to be a little worn out, though there are no visible holes in the fabric that you can see. His black hair is combed back, and appears to be around the average length for male hair. He looks like he is in his early 20s.

    Name: Río Gutiérrez

    References: ((I was told to make these names up. Ignore the fact the names may be crappy))
    General Chemical, and Happy Minerals.
    If you check these references, General Chemical did indeed hire Río, since soon after his 16th birthday, until Titan was abandoned. Many people's employment at the company was terminated following the abandonment of Titan, Río included. Happy Minerals is a similar situation, and is who hired Río at Alpha Centauri, and you will see that the termination of employment was very recent, and via Río quitting his job.

    Looking for?: A job worthy of my experience, and pays fittingly.

    Experience: I worked on Titan in the mining industry for four years, before it was abandoned, and following that I worked in a colony around Alpha Centauri for two years.

    Additional Info: I am an honest hardworking man.

    ((OOC Information for folks)): I have the same name on discord, but specifically it is "Piloted Depression#7021". Also I am new to the server and this is my first char.

    Note: Now employed, and nolonger searching.
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    //A public posting on a job acquisition site detailing various skilled workers and their resumes yields one available worker whose willing to relocate to your location for work posted by the individual in question.//

    Hey hi hello quick cover letter for ya. I'm Taenos Gripclaw, the extraordinary daughter of Taron Gripclaw whom was one of the highest honor sitting viziers of my homeplanet! I was personally tutored and educated for the job of council work, finances, diplomacy and other general governance. I have a deep understanding of the interworkings of feudal, monarchal, and democratic government workings from my studies and can easily catch up to speed on similar processes. I also have apprentice level experience with the field excavation of buried cultural sites.

    In addition to my practical skills I also aspire to musical inclinations, I can play the harp. I speak both common and avian, though my dialect might be a touch archaic as well. I hobby in penship often so scribing any official documents in a professional manner is completely without a problem with me in your employ.

    I'm currently looking for work, and with these talents I'd be more than willing to do some work for you on a permanent basis! If employed in your service you can count on a hot cup of tea every day and a general report of any administrative duties you had assigned for completion to me. I have excellent people skills and work well in teams. My sense of responsibility and pride for any task I take on will be a welcome asset to your team.

    Serious inquiries only, pay is expected on a salary basis, referals and proof of credentials on request. Will NOT work with practicing Stargazers. Desk work, field work and somewhere inbetween are accepted, warm climates preferred.

    Contact me at: Taedrinker@0001
    (( My discord is: Ranger_Savage#7784 ))​
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    Name: "zoom.Do", service synthetic dated 3267
    References:[Referenced here is a butt-load of various freelance delivery companies, all of which are describing the actions of the individual who is looking for the job, mostly rating them at 4-5 stars; all of those sites are legit, and they originate from many parts of the Fringe, and even Civ-Space itself.]
    Looking for?:
    A job related to delivering/bringing/managing package and letter traffic, be it simple orders of bringing one thing to another, transport of cargo (be it living or not), or smuggling illegal objects (simply because i won't usually know what i'm delivering. please don't tell me what i am delivering and if it's illegal. also don't ask me to deliver things that are obvious contraband, but i will have no choice to take them under my responsibility if they happen to be that.) with full promise of never interfering with the object, not even taking a peek what's inside. i take full responsibility for the packages, if they happen to be damaged, lost, or otherwise harmed during the transport. (simply because there's not even a single percent of me doing any of those <:) )
    Experience: I've been doing this for twenty years now!! take a look at the opinions my clients left me, and judge for yourself. <:)
    Additional Info:
    I am a service robot who has been made for this exact thing!! (delivering things. please. i literally don't have any other skills that might prove to be worthwhile, and this is the only stable source of income i have ever since i left civspace.) I am much faster than any possible teleport connection between two places, or any other delivery service. Not trying to stroke my ego, but it is true!! <:))
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    // A Public Posting is to be found on an open-access job site //

    Calling All Thespians!

    Have you ever wished to relive the tragedies of Blackhelm throughout the Eras?
    Do you wish to contribute the establishment of the high arts in the Fringe?
    Do YOU think you have the artistic merit to create something new?

    Apply to The Garden Society today!

    We are always looking for actors, stage-artists, costume designers and writers for various forms of theatre, ranging from comedies to tragedies, and from fantasy operas to straight-laced historical plays. Serious inquiries only. Contact us at GardenSociety@ttr for further details.
    ((OOC: Discord is dirty bald witch#8172))
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    Name: Nalani Lucia Wingmore
    References: None, for now.
    Looking for?: Odd jobs! I am an experienced...
    Erchius fuel miner!
    And even singer!

    Experience: I've worked with my late sister for over 7 years piloting a Falcon Class civilian ship, and mining Erchius Fuel off various moons. Welding, working on the ship, and working on it's particle thrusters in that time. I'm no expert, but I can certainly handle minor fixes and improvements.
    I've been singing my whole life, but it isn't my job of choice currently.

    Additional Info: Pay is negotiable, depending on the job type, length, and materials needed. Payment would preferably be upfront, but this is also negotiable.

    Your friend and associate,
    Nalani Wingmore

    ((OOC Information for folks)): ((You can hit me up on DC at The Rekindler Bindler#0357 or message me on here if you have any questions! :) ))
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    Aug 9, 2020
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    //you stumble upon a crudely made listing. It resembles the archived websites from the first years of the old earth internet\\


    Name: November steele

    References: sadly none. That doesn't mean I don't do good work though.

    Looking for?: any job that involves mining or digging.

    Experience: about five or so years of experience mining for many kinds of resources. Mining’s the only job I've ever really had.

    Additional Info: if the job involves dealing with dangerous materials\environments, employer must provide standard safety equipment for such materials/environments

    ((OOC Information for folks)):
    Contact me through discord: Zaboomafoo2 #1256
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    Aug 9, 2020
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    Picture (Optional):
    Starbound 8_10_2020 9_45_04 PM (2).png
    Name: Aspalax
    References: Floran hasss none.
    Looking for?: Floran needsss job!
    Experience: Build ship, Fly ship, ssstab!
    Additional Info: Floran do best not to ssstab Hylotlsss.
    ((OOC Information for folks: I'm new to roleplay as a whole and wasn't sure where to get started so i'm starting here. Discord: yoyopogy#8318))
  8. Teldrassil

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    Mar 24, 2020
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    Name: Guérir
    References: Preferable but not necessary
    Looking for: Chemists, researchers, paid volunteers, misc. workers.
    Experience: Preferably moderate experience, but again, not necessary. Volunteers need not worry about such things.
    Additional Info: Medical corporation, need workers. Managing positions open.
    ((OOC Information for folks)): Trying to set up a medical corporation faction.
  9. Nathaniel Wheeler

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    Jan 8, 2021
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    Name: Argon
    References: // A list of contacts. These seem normal, but some clever research can deduce that they are bot accounts. //
    Looking for: Freelance data analysis and penetration testing
    Experience: 3 cyles work as a systems administrator, 5 cycles as a corporate data analyst, 2 cycles freelance penetration testing
    Additional Info: Cash only
    ((OOC Information for folks)): Argon is in hiding from a nefarious corporate element, and is willing to do very seedy hacking jobs in return for cash and anonymity. Also, penetration testing is a 'polite' term for hacking into someone's system for the purpose of finding vulnerabilities.
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    Name: uhhhhh sir fluff
    References: i know lots of references, but they're all 1000+ years out of date
    Looking for: a courier job, preferably in colder climates
    Experience: ive used my legs to walk before so i can probably do that again
    Additional Info: i really dont give a shit who hires me as long as you pay decent. corporate morality isnt my business. will not wear a hat under any circumstances
    ((OOC Information for folks)): i'd prefer an employer who actually hops on the server once in a while but really it's not a massive deal. i just think it'd be best if the job led to some unique rp opportunities!
    EDIT: discord is temporary#6300
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