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    ZECYRION is the planet in which the city state of Zecyria is located, near the peak of a mountain ridge. The alpine world is home to a massive variety of life, almost all of which live inside and around the Deepwood, a planetary wide series of extremely dense forests renowned for the horrors that lurk within. Virtually all recorded life from the Deepwood is hostile. Temperatures can drop to minus twenty degrees Celsius [ -68 Fahrenheit. ] and light snowfall is consistent across the entire planet that is occasionally battered with blizzard that can cover up to one quarter of the entire planet. Due to the location of its magnetic poles, the rainbow aurora can be observed during the night hours that last up to seventeen hours of the day, with only four to six hours of sunlight depending on the rolling fogs.

    If one were to look down from the city walls they would either see one of two things depending on the weather: nothing but dense fog or a clear forested valley that gave way to about twenty kilometres of pocketed flatlands and marshes, named the Lowlands. The lowlands are full of underground caverns and ice shelves that can collapse rather easily, resulting in massive ice cliff faces and spelling danger for anyone who attempts to venture through the area. There is an abandoned twenty-year-old military outpost in the middle of the lowlands atop a large isolated ice shelf however it is only accessible from the air in which there is a no-fly zone in place. The stability of this ice shelf is uncertain and there are no records of the military ever having been there. Apart from this installation there is no protection from the elements or creatures that call this barren landscape home, most of which are no danger to citizens. Beyond the lowlands would be the “Grand Larissian Ocean” which is constantly thawing out and freezing on its surface, giving the surf the appearance of moving 50-foot-high frozen waves.

    The Deepwood is made up of a large variety of flora with most adult trees standing at around 200 meters high and extremely thick with leaves, almost pitch-black conditions exist only 50 meters inside almost all the surrounding tree lines earning the name the Deepwood. The forest is so thick, and jungle like beyond the 50-meter mark that it takes even the most experienced of adventurers to cover less than 5kms of ground per day on foot. Almost no research has been done on the forest life beyond the 5km point as survival rates in this area plummet to 1.4%. Nobody has ever made it back past the 7km mark without serious military support and those that go missing in the Deepwood are usually left there to their fate as a search and research operation is not only very expensive, but also extremely dangerous.

    The population of Zecyria is 15.4 million as of 3285 and consists of an Apex majority. This includes off world colonists. The city contains a large Apex & Avian population due to its proximity with Ociapex and Avos respectively, and a sizable human population due to the fall of Earth. Apex: 25% Hylotl: 18% Human: 16% Avian: 15% Glitch: 12% Other: 9% Novakid: 3% Floran: 2%.

    ENKI is the largest of Zecyrions two moons and the closest to the planet itself, the large moon serves as an off world Erchius Mining Facility renowned for their high quality and filtered fuel. The moon itself is covered in a thin layer of purple dust due to tens of thousands of years of erchius deposits being pushed to the surface from tectonic activity that can be debilitating to those without the appropriate personal protective equipment, causing mutations, cancers and respiratory problems. Erchius Horrors are known to exist deep within the crust of the planet and Ghosts are becoming a regular sight as mining efforts are intensified to keep up with the demands of the city, the Peoples Military Forces and the Zecyrian Armada. There are four landing pads outside of the entrance of the underground facility, the largest of which can hold a destroyer comfortably although it is meant for barges.

    ENLIL is the smaller moon of Zecyria, further out of orbit than Enki. Enlil contains the Early Warning Observatory required to protect Zecyrion from meteors, asteroids and other dangers along with detecting them from long range. The surface is made up of mostly massive and jagged ice shelfs, excluding a barren ring around the equator from an ever-deteriorating atmosphere. Some of the atmosphere does still exists at the poles, along with microbial life-forms in underground caverns and water deposits but not much life can exist on the almost inhospitable surface. The EWO itself is located on the barren equator to minimize interference from the high winds that batter the moon.

    SIWA is a molten planet that is stuck in its early stages of formation, constantly churning out magma from the core to the surface which prevents almost all forms of life from being able to evolve. Construction may be a possibility with the right technology and a large amount of resources required to run shield generators, but the ever-changing landscape due to the magma and highly active tectonic plates, would make any construction extremely difficult, expensive and pointless.

    RANEL is a dense blue gas giant composed mainly of hydrogen, helium and methane. Five thin rings of ice and dust exists around the planet and is protected under the Zecyrion Environmental Act of 3000.

    THE WESTERN PARALLEL is a loose border drawn by the Zecyrian State to separate itself from the Fringe and its hostile infected backed proxies. It extends all the way from Dakka to Cephei in a crescent and is regularly patrolled for infected fleets, pirates and smugglers.

    The city itself as it stands today was never meant to be, its history dating back to the ambitious project that a young and aspiring explorer had set out for themselves: “build a self-sufficient tourist resort on this exotic planet”. The name of this explorer was Gary Bathshire, who constructed the first ever building with his own bare hands and with the help of the Joran Company in 3001. After the location was marked out in 2999 the preparation efforts began and although no real construction would start until 3001, Deepwood would be deforested, a flat circle area of rock carved out of the mountain face, a road would be carved from the construction area to the Lowlands and the soil would be transported from off world for the farmlands of what would later become the district of Birmingham. During the preparation efforts, construction crews were constantly under attack from the horrors of the Deepwood, resulting in private military corporations being called in to protect the construction efforts that were increasingly becoming hampered. With the Deepwood being cut down in the droves, construction efforts would intensify resulting in the Bathshire Mansion and small patches of farmlands being finished in November of 3001. With the Bathshire Mansion now open for business, tourists would begin to roll in and word would begin to spread fast about the amazing and intense auroras that illuminated the entire area for as far as the eye could see. Popularity began to skyrocket and with the droves of tourists, came more construction projects and the drama that came with dealing with tourists with the help of foreign private military corporations, resulting in the Bathshire Mansion becoming a cesspit for organized crime, corruption and asylum for political dissidents and a wide range of criminals and whores. As the degeneracy climbed, the reputation dropped and peaceful settlers who began arriving increasingly called for a proper policing force.

    Encampments constructed of prefabricated polymer materials began being built around the general area which were constantly being torn down and upgraded with durasteel shells at an exponential rate thanks to the help of the Joran Company. Some decided to camp further out of the area and build a life for themselves a few kilometres away in small villages and hamlets constructed of the timber from the Deepwood, only to have to assimilate again years later when their peaceful hamlets faced the threat of annihilation from the mining machines churning out the rock in preparations of expansion. It was not long at all before hundreds of other corporations began purchasing up land for themselves, seeing the potential of a city-state earlier than most. By the year 3030, the population had exceeded 43,000 people of multiple races and ethnic backgrounds, all working together to keep progress continuing at a steady rate with the promise of a new life. The sudden spike in population came in the form of huge waves of refugees from the surrounding conflicts and wars taking place and it certainly did not come without its problems. Whilst basic prefabricated shelter and heating were set up for every single refugee that arrived, temperatures on the planet remained freezing and was lethal to Florans after just a few minutes in the debilitating environment. Death via climate shock was common place, until a committee was set up to oversee living conditions and prioritize these conditions by racial adaptability. Apex with all their fur for example, were all temporarily moved into prefabricated shelters whilst the Florans were given shelter that had the appropriate infrastructure and heating and the first designs for thermal clothing were drafted up in this period. This committee of refugees, construction workers and private military leaders was named the General Administration of Bathshire, led by Gary Bathshire himself. The Bathshire Mansion was reamed simply to Bathshire and nearby hamlets and villages began to expand towards the mansion at a faster rate than ever before, creating the first district of Bathshire, Newcastle Upon Yanther.

    First created in 3000 as a local instant communication network, the Intranet is restricted to the proximity of the city-state itself and functions similarly to the Nexus, which is not available on world unless it is illegally accessed through foreign devices. The intranet contains all the information there is available about the galaxy, civilization and Zecyria itself, although some aspects of history and fact have been altered. Zecyrian citizens will be able to find little information on the Intranet regarding the Islamic Caliphate apart from the fact that their men wear dresses, they attempted to destroy the city with infection, have close ties with the infected and conquered and enslaved a defenceless population of Florans on Sarracenia, all backed by facts and solid evidence. When researching the Haven Federation, citizens will be greeted with news of the Haven Senate almost being taken over by a vacuum cleaner, their incompetence and incapability of listening to Zecyrian warnings which resulted in the Havenite tyrannical and greedy regime annihilating one quarter of its city and population. Citizens will also discover that it was these two nations, plus others such as the United Asteroids of Clop Clop and Purgatory, that were responsible for the sanctions placed against the Zecyrian State simply for taking measures to defend itself, and not deciding to bomb a quarter of its city and population. The intranet is backed up and stored off world regularly and in the event of a massive-scale cyber-attack, can simply be deleted and replaced with the most recent backup, all thanks to the friendly staff at Tetra.

    It was at this point that the now 66-year-old Gary Bathshire decided that some form of authority now had to be set up to maintain proper order and to enforce the decisions that the General Administration had put in place. Until this point the job of security fell to multiple private security corporations hired by the Joran Company and other sponsors from the Fringe and Civilized Space which resulted in some major levels of corruption. Physically fit refugees with clean backgrounds began being selected for a city-wide force, giving birth to the Bathshire Police Department. Gary Bathshire and his closest advisor, Lillith Yorkchester were given control of the force and the Police Headquarters were set up at the same time the original district was declared in 3038. 20 years later, Gary Bathshire would die of old age in 3058, giving birth to his dying wish; the Peoples Military Forces of Bathshire. The Peoples Military Forces were a splinter group of veteran officers and privates from the Bathshire Police Department and they began to recruit with the help of the Department who oversaw the recruitment process.

    In the year 3062 the General Administration declared the integration and assimilation of nearby villages and hamlets into the main city with the mansion at its centre. It was from this chain of villages and hamlets that the districts of Pillpeg Hornhill and Birminghton were founded. At this point in time, the population is believed to have reached around six million. For the next few years, the Peoples Military Forces began to prepare for their first military combat operation; Operation One. Intelligence would be gathered on the underworld of Bathshire and their backers. On the first day of the year 3071 the military made their move, launching simultaneous attacks on flagged ships in the system suspected of harbouring ‘undesirables’ such as corrupt business officials, terrorists, political dissidents and galactic criminals amongst others. As Bathshire now had a military to protect its people and its interests, everything inside the system was declared property of the city-state of Bathshire. Taking advantage of the lack of security infrastructure on the public teleporter network on Zecyria, the entire Peoples Military Forces of around six thousand troops were easily able to swamp into ‘enemy’ ships and commandeer them, an act that brought with it the usual condemnation as most of their crews were executed excluding pilots, technicians and those needed to maintain the ships until Zecyrians could be properly trained in their use in preparation for the newly formed Armada. It would be these very commandeered ships that would make up the beginnings of the fleet. It was in this same year, 3071 that every single person on the planet was given full citizenship.

    Whilst the military were mainly focused on the skies and the system itself, a reserve force on the ground would begin banishing all non-citizens of the city permanently in a revolution against their shadow backers, going as far as to imprison CEOs and even executing those guilty of murder, corruption and other atrocities against the general peace-loving population. Corporations deemed loyal to the city could continue business as usual and some even given free rein to build as they pleased. The “Six Hour War” resulted in 8,384 dead, 76 of those civilians, 45 captured enemy ships which included 2 destroyers, 5 corvettes, 2 sub-corvettes and the rest civilian cargos. In the days following, Bathshire would enter isolationism for the next one hundred and nineteen years, although it would deal with multiple waves of refugees seen entering the system who were integrated and most never heard from again. Not much is known about the history of Bathshire in this period other than stories and rumours of a “frozen utopia of rainbows” by the odd trader heading through Fringe space. This period of Bathshires history is called the ‘Blackout.’ What is known is that a multipurpose scientific lab and shipyard were constructed in orbit, the lab later being removed and fitted into a diplomatic meeting room where foreign entities, powers, corporations and civilizations could establish contact with the administration without stepping foot in the city which exists to this day. This orbital station was named Lorien, after Huri Lorien, the engineer behind the project. As the city was never focused on expansion, they had little use for a fleet and ship output was almost non-existent at the entry of the first period of isolationism. Details on Bathshires history are rare to come by especially to outsiders but it is commonly known that in this period, the Great Zecyrian Walls were constructed as a deterrent against the hostile forces of the Deepwood and there were countless battles fought against the horrors that began to increasingly enter the city. It is unknown why there was an increase or how it was prevented from spilling into the city as this information is considered lost.

    Today, the General Administration is made up of a round table of native Zecyrian and in some cases, foreign Council Members that discuss matters regarding the city and its districts, then put them to a vote. Such matters are usually brought forth by the civilian, military and government sectors and are ultimately voted upon by the President. All pieces of legislation, polices and edicts must receive the majority vote to be enacted. Due to the isolationist policies forbidden travel into the Fringe and the maintenance of the intranet, the Zecyrian State has been falsely accused of engaging in Fascism by those who are too ignorant and unwilling to understand the Zecyrian culture, mainly those west of the parallel and from the Fringe who the Zecyrian State accuse of being infected vassals in regard to their failure to act.

    CASTILLE is the second smallest district with the highest population of citizens in the city and serving as the main Central Business District of the entire city, Castille is the beating heart of Zecyria and functions as a massive and wealthy commercial hub. In the centre of the district is the Administration Scraper-1A where the majority of district and elected government officials conduct their work and hold meetings. Other significant points of interest in Castille include the Cloud Port, Gary Bathshires mansion and Tetra Cybernetics HQ. Castille has been maintained and reconstructed over time, coating pre-fabricated units in plates of durasteel. Almost all the high-rises and their support structures are made from heavy, fused durasteel materials and like the poorest areas, are always being reconstructed and restrengthened. The streets to allow for ground vehicles to travel along the surface, providing a method of transport other than the metro but a cheaper alternative to hover-cars and other airborne vehicles with a lower risk of death as well. The advanced traffic infrastructure assures that traffic jams and gridlocks are a very rare occurrence. Citizens in Castille tend to be wealthier and better dressed than those in the surrounding districts, with decorative robes, brooches and jewellery being the style of choice for most citizens.

    BIRMINGHAM is the largest district in the city with the lowest population that consists mainly of engineers, farmers and recently arrived Melkanian refugees. The northern regions of Birmingham are dotted with thousands of thin vertical farms constructed of bunker glass that supply the city with a variety of aquatic livestock and foods, along with the water treatment facility. To the southern regions is located a village that over time, has grown to include buildings mounted onto the inside of the Great Zecyrian Walls that house most of the population of this district, with others travelling in and out from the other districts for work. To the central regions are fields upon fields of crops, Melkanian refugees scattered amongst them. A large retractable roof covers half of the districts crops, aiding their growth with monstrous hydroponic lights on its underside. Outside of the Zecyrian walls is the Deepwood, creatures are constantly intruding into Birmingham to feed on the crops, resulting in a light military presence in the area.

    YORKCHESTER is the youngest district of the city and its infrastructure has been separated from the rest of the city since the outbreak of infection in 3283. The only way into this district is by either passing through military checkpoints or smuggling. Since the failed coup of 3285, a unified force of gangs and militias have secured control of the entire district and call themselves the Undercloud Syndicate. The Syndicate has allowed the Peoples Military Forces access to pockets of territory under the threat of invasion and in exchange for the criminal records of everyone in the district being wiped. It is known that the military has turned a blind eye to the illegal activities of the Syndicate on two conditions: no off-world teleporters and no communication with hostile infected proxies across the Western Parallel that mainly includes the Haven Federation. The citizens of Yorkchester have copied alot of the fashion and trends from Castille, but also love to dress up and dye their hair vibrant colours.

    PILLPEG HORNHILL is the third largest district in the city consisting mainly of inorganic life such as droids, androids and Glitch who operate the numerous factories and facilities that offer industry to the city. Industry includes the Joran Mines to the exterior of the Zecyrian walls which back onto the Joran Mountain, the same mountain upon which the city is built. The entire district can be seen smothered in a light-yellow haze on some days and the steam-punk themed population of citizens usually keep to their selves.

    MANAAS Manaas is a micro district built for tourists next to the Kapooka Military Base that sits on the southern border of the centre district of Castille, having been built as an attempt to bring in foreign business and intelligence. The walled district is surrounded by a military blockade, with fifty squads ready to swarm it at any given time. It is the only district in the city where foreign corporations are free to purchase rooms and advertise on the hundreds of billboards, signs and posters scattered throughout the streets and alley ways. Zecyrians are warned from entering this district as troops are ordered not to enter unless it is a life-threatening situation, but they are not restricted from entry into their own city which has the recipe for disaster.

    KAPOOKA is the military base of the Peoples Military Forces and all information regarding it has been redacted since the creation of the Peoples Military Forces. It consists of a walled area around three times the size of Manaas and a no-fly zone is in place around the entire base. Any drones, probes or hovercars entering the proximity of the military base will be frozen in mid-air by zero-point energy manipulation and confiscated by the military.

    In October of 3283, a wave of terrorist attacks hit the Yorkchester District of Bathshire six months after it came out of isolationism, completely taking the local police force completely off guard. What followed was nothing short of an absolute mess of disorganization and panic. Some claim that police brutality claimed the lives of many civilians and that they were attempting genocide inside district grounds, others claim that these are simple fabrications created by Islamic terrorists and their supporters. Although rumours have circulated of some form of genocide within the city, no evidence has come forth from any citizens or officials. The fact is that no civilians were killed at the hands of the Peoples Military Forces and there was no genocide. The resulting skirmishes between terrorists and security forces left the central business district of Yorkchester an absolute wreck. Car bombs, improvised explosive devices, support weapons, propelled rockets and grenades were all used, claiming multiple civilian lives and resulting in the public beheading of one officer and the slaying of a Heavy Response Unit foreign volunteer.

    In short, the Bathshire Police Department was left humiliated. They could not even control one subway station for more than an hour and the situation increasingly threatened the stability of the rest of the city. The Miniknog Embassy was shredded to pieces by a large explosion just above Bristol Station, most likely the handy work of an Apex rebel due to the short-lived rebellion and not an Islamic extremist. This is believed to be the event that caused the Miniknog to declare neutrality on all things Bathshire, considering most of their staff of diplomats and scientists were killed in the explosion. The Yorkchester Hospital and Bubble Café had to be completely quarantined due to infection after Zel’Nara attacked citizens, the wife of Syed al-Quiche. Underground subway tunnels that had not been used in decades were the perfect environment for the infection which were almost able to get a foothold on the city if it weren’t for a tip-off from a private investigator. Syed al-Quiche and Zel’Nara were both caught on camera entering the tunnels of the metro and an investigation was launched. There were reports of officers “going rouge” and injuring civilians on a personal mission to rid the planet of Islam. At least one of these instances resulted in the disappearance of a young adult human female named Lily, which triggered a response from the Caliphate who swiftly abused the teleportation system to send their own troops without government permission to investigate the disappearance of what the military believed was their spy, due to the information found on the woman’s device. It was this abuse of the teleportation system that led to the deaths of two Mujahideen troops, something the Democratic Party denied responsibility for and refusing to retrieve the bodies. The appearance of the Mujahideen within the city walls led to the immediate declaration of martial law by the Peoples Military Forces, prompting Operation 33.

    Operation 33 is the code-name given to the anti-terror operation undertaken by the Peoples Military Forces in late 3283. The Operation was a response to continuous terrorist attacks believed to be linked to Islam and the Caliphate which was supported with solid evidence and intelligence, although most of the galaxy brushed off the public allegations and warnings. The Democratic Party had lost almost all its credibility in the eyes of those in the Fringe, despite the solid evidence of the tough talk in public speeches from the former President Peter Greenwich, attacking and accusing the Caliph Syed al-Quiche himself of attempting to infect the city while warning the rest of the Fringe and galaxy about the dangers posed by what would become the ‘Ascended Empire’. The disregard for these speeches and Zecyrian intelligence can be attributed to the deaths of 3 million native Havenites who were infected and later bombed in the Coravv District of the Haven Federation. The situation in Yorkchester however gained even more attention from the military, who quickly dissolved the Bathshire Police Department which was under government control, reintegrating its members into the military in preparation of the martial law that was about to be declared. When word of the death of two Mujahideen troops and rumours of more reached the military, they instantaneously made the decision to cut off the district from the rest of the city, declaring martial law and taking over the role of the Democratic Party of the General Administration who were ordered to stand down until operations were complete and order is restored.

    All exits and entry ways out of and into Yorkchester were blocked with thick checkpoints, sewerage pipes, tunnels and all underground piping systems were completely cut off and some even destroyed. Every single citizen inside the district was instructed via loudspeakers, text messages and airdropped leaflets from frigates to leave with their ID’s or face certain danger or possible jail time for not complying. Muslims were urged to turn themselves in with their hands raised or holding a white flag and were promptly deported the territories of the Caliphate where they continue to live today. The damage to this infrastructure is still being repaired and is being rebuilt to function separately from the rest of the city. The exact details of the operation are only known to those in the inner circle of the Peoples Military Forces, but it is estimated that around three thousand ethnic Muslims were rounded up and deported to the capital of Islam, Maladh. What is known is that only citizens who could prove their Zecyrian nationality could leave. With the military operation taking only a few weeks, they were back in firm control of the district and the city, marking the end of the 285-year-old General Administration, the decline of the original Democratic Party and the rise of the Zakari oligarchy and Nationalist Party.

    Primarily motivated by political and financial goals, the coup of 3283 was orchestrated by the Zakari Family seeking to use the power vacuum to their own means. The family is a wealthy group of oligarchs who own the industries of Bathshire and its two moons. Over a period of fifty years, the Zakaris had taken advantage of elections on levels local, district and administrative to cement their eventual rise to power. Immediately following the anti-terrorist operations in the Yorkchester District that left the Old Administration humiliated, the Police Force dissolved and the Peoples Military Forces on high alert, the Zakaris sought to ride the waves of nationalism rippling throughout the public of the city state. Anti-refugee propaganda was pushed lightly onto the masses through their controlled media outlets by the influential Zakaris as the populous once again had a reason to be proud of their almost stationary and useless military. Upon seeing an opportunity to utilize the full force of the Peoples Military Forces and demonstrate their ability to maintain order, the Zakari Family had to act quickly, taking advantage of a new, young and aspiring officer climbing the ranks, Lillith Northman was promoted to Major General of the Peoples Military Forces in the hopes that the people would lose respect for the military, although this was to backfire. Whatever the conversation was between the Zakari Family and General Northman, she seemingly picked a side making her move at the next weekly intelligence briefing which all members of the administration are required to attend. Nothing is known about what occurred in the briefing room. The only information available to anyone is that nineteen out of the twenty-five Democratic Party members including former President Peter Greenwich have not been seen since and that the military refuses to comment on the matter “until investigations into treason are complete”. Peter Greenwich has since been released from prison with no charges laid.

    The coup led to a dramatic shift in foreign and domestic policies, with the Zakari Family placing General Northman in the temporary position of President due to all other candidates backing out from fear which included Ontra Sin, resulting in minor levels of protest against the government and military. With unimpeded administrative powers, the General began signing executive orders the same day, rolling back legislation passed by the Old Administration and rushing to pave the path for her own form of government before the power vacuum was to be filled by the Zakaris, to little avail. The legislation roll backs were largely popular until the General decided to repeal the Muslim travel ban as a sign of good will with the Nationalist Party and to ease tensions with the Caliphate as it was entering a period of civil war. There were large scale protests that eventually died off within a week which squandered any chances of General Northman holding any sort of role within the Administration other than military. Nationalism amongst the public began to skyrocket as the crime rate plummeted and Islamic terrorism immediately ceased to exist within the city walls following Operation 33. Support for the military began to skyrocket as footage was posted by soldiers online kicking doors down and engaging in brief firefights, prompting the General to sign further orders while the support rose, one of which included an increase of military recruitment and spending. Atlas Technological Enterprise were banned from performing business in the Zecyrian territories and their staff deported. The draft was reinstated for those under the age of 18 and over the age of 55 and all citizens are required to own at least three firearms each regardless of age, courtesy of the Peoples Military Forces. New procedures were authorized which allow for massive city-wide drills in the event of a full-scale invasion and the authorization for the construction of an underground network of bunkers and weapons storage facilities was also passed, also at a halt due to sanctions. The Peoples Military Forces of Bathshire were also given new powers, able to hold any persons suspected of terrorism for up to two weeks without charge. A law also giving soldiers the “right to kill” was also passed however, it is effective only in the Yorkchester District. More members of the family could secure seats for themselves inside the administration as well thanks to the Generals executive orders, with 11 of the 25 seats and votes controlled by the family.

    The one thing the Zakari family could not get complete control of was the Peoples Military Forces for multiple reasons. One, the military is not required to serve the interests of the government, it was founded to serve the interests of the people and keep government and the population from clashing. In this case, the Zakaris seriously overestimated themselves and their popularity. Two, Northman knew this and already earned the respect of her peers. Even before the Zakaris sudden rise to power, General Northman had already been planning and partaking in top secret missions with the highest ranking military members for some time and was already known for her sudden switches in domestic and foreign policies, along with some allegiances. Publicly switching allegiance to the Miniknog most likely played a factor in her drastic rank climb and recognition, considering she helped ignite the recent failed rebellion by attacking the Galatia with a band of rebels in November of 3283. If any evidence needed to be provided for this cooperation, it comes in the form of city wide arrests of suspected Apex rebels in March of 3284, an operation that was approved by the High Command of the Peoples Military Forces and resulted in the deportation of political prisoners to Miniknog territories. All of these rebels have since been released under the Yorkchester Agreement of 3284 as they helped put a stop to the second coup. While this sudden switch of allegiance did prove effective within the city walls in gaining military support, the Inner Circle of the Miniknog brushed it off as a political act, unconvinced of the newly declared allegiance from the “foreign c***” as they called Northman just days after the last prisoner swap in March. Apex rebels have since launched a small insurgency against the Peoples Military Forces which was extremely brutal, the figures of casualties unknown. Relations between Zecyria and Ociapex are cordial at best although both nations continue to maintain each other’s embassies mainly out of mutual respect and have only one line of communication which is currently unused.

    Sanctions were placed on the Zecyrian State following the first military coup and the deportation of Islamic citizens, regardless of the Caliphates ties to the infected and ignoring the fact that the Muslims deported were Zecyrian born, these nations had no business in Zecyrias affairs yet decided to vote unanimously in the hope of policy and what they called a ‘regime’ change. The policy of sanctions had little effects intended, instead causing the Zecyrian population to support the government and militaries decision, most having never met a foreigner in their lives. To Zecyrians, the sanctions were simply an act of hostility and further increased anti-Fringe sentiment as luxury items such as electronics, furniture’s and foods were no longer being imported. All hyper-lanes into the Fringe were closed and what little Havenite citizens were on world, were deported. Although sanctions have since been dropped by Haven, the Caliphate and the U.A.C.C, Zecyrians still have a deep hatred for these nations which is expected to last generations.

    Bathshire has always strived to keep good relations with their neighbors despite being in isolation and this has indeed been the case until the year 3283. Silently witnessing the unfolding events in the city, the Fringe super powers were forced into action once the Old Administration began deporting ethnic Muslims to the territories of the Islamic Caliphate, despite numerous evidence to support the governments decision that they posed a threat. The United Asteroids of Clop-Clop, Purgatory, the Caliphate and the Haven Federation all placed sanctions on the Administration and the military which passed with little to no opposition in their respective government bodies. This heavily limited the supply flows of many goods into the system and caused the citizens Bathshire to lose faith in trust in the outside world, causing waves of anti-Fringe sentiment that are still increasing today. Due to the city being mainly self-sufficient in food and energy, the sanctions had a limited effect on the policy change the Fringe powers had hoped to create within the Administration. Instead, the Nationalist Party increased its funding in agriculture, defence and propaganda, pulling all funding for tourism and abolishing every single program that was in place for visitors from accommodation to field trips. Effects of the sanctions were felt daily by the citizens of Bathshire as their life-style & attitudes have completely shifted from a bustling utopia, to that of a ‘cold war’ stance. Supplies for the latest electronic devices and luxury items were all but severed, along with most of the diverse and luxury food imports and delicacies, reducing the citizens to a basic diet of vegetation and farmed livestock which adds strain on the agricultural sector. Massive protests occurred calling for retaliation against the hostile powers of the west, specifically the Haven Federation, but the government stood firm for peace until shown further hostility. Smuggling has become a booming business in the surrounding systems as citizens attempt to bring in the latest clothing or gadgets, even after the sanctions were dropped in late 3284 in which Quinn Kelly, Erwin Ottoman [ R.I.P ] and Lillith Northman met with officials and managed to have sanctions dropped, allowing the city-state a break from the lack of supplies and less time to work towards becoming self-sufficient.

    The Nationalist Party did consider counter-sanctions but rather than escalate the war of words, instead agreed on entering another brief period of isolationism until they could cement their position, pass legislation and prepare for the ‘inevitable war’ to come as they called it and this period is still in effect, the ‘Second Period of Isolationism’. The General insisted that the massive exports of durasteel be severed from the three Fringe powers as to show a sign of strength & not weakness, but the Zakari Family had buried themselves too deep in all industries and major factories. Not willing to give up ground on their agenda or lose their flow of funds completely, the family have used their newfound political sway to veto any form of counter sanctions put forward or recommended by the military, allowing the Zakaris to continue exporting their products at lower prices even during sanctions to keep their pockets lined with cash. This caused a large rift between the military and the Zakari Family, which held a lot of sway in the Zecyrian Nationalist State Party. Due to this divide, the military was being ordered to take a step back from the political climate and allow rival factions to spring up unimpeded to counter the Zakari oligarchy which one could argue had disastrous effects. The lack of any real leadership in the military and government led to a failed and bloody coup on New Years of 3285, resulting in just under 1,000 killed and leading to a decisive P.M.F victory over Legion troops.

    In late 3284, the Zecyrian State and the Adromian Directorate entered the New Dawn Confederation and began to conduct trade and share research together. Zecyrians have mostly reacted to the presence of Adromians on their planet with medium resistance, some not fully trusting them while others welcome them in with open arms. Whatever their opinions, Zecyrians are happy to have them helping so long as they do not cause trouble, just as is to be expected from anyone in the city.

    The second military coup was led by General Yeshua Aberdeen and the Commandant of the Legion, Charles Bones, who led an army of ten thousand Legionnaires onto the capital building in the centre of the Castille District. The Legion Army was successful in killing one council member, Erwin Ottoman as they blasted the very top floor of the 642-story building with concentrated laser cannons, effectively melting it. Their plan was foiled however by undercover intelligence operatives amongst the army from a joint task force of P.M.F troops and intelligence field agents, backed by Apex Rebels who had only previously been fighting against the government and the military.

    Yeshua Aberdeen was shot by a rebel sniper on the main ramp to the capital building and the Legion was almost completely dissolved in a massive firefight that claimed that lived of over 1,000+ citizens, 62 of those civilians. Former General Yeshua Aberdeen was replaced by Lillith Northman who became temporary General for a short time who promptly had their clone be transferred into a synthetic body, placed in a durasteel box, filled with concrete and buried. This punishment is called ‘true death’. The remaining Legionnaires that were captured by the Peoples Military Forces are now being forced to fight in the blood sports for their own freedom without the luxury of a brain scan or clone.

    Following the Second Military coup and Infected Invasion, the Peoples Military Forces decided to turn off the intranet for just over one month, instead relying on district face to face meetings with the population to keep them informed about what was currently happening and what had happened in the Galactic New Year. The military did not hold anything back, making it clear that several Fringe powers had abandoned them in the face of annihilation, causing an even deeper resentment towards the Fringe that is alarmingly increasing to this day.

    Depending on what district of the city one is to visit, they would be able to observe a major shift in the culture as borders are crossed. The Birmingham district for example consists of massive patches of fertile farmlands which have become a hotspot for Avian farmers and recently arrived Melkanian refugees who are assisted by the tiny minority of Florans currently on world, with its vertical farms being tended to mostly by a sub-culture of Hylotl known as Riaki. The Riaki literally live in and around these vertical farms constructed of bunker glass, tending to the water plants, cleaning the glass and operating the city’s water treatment facility. The Riaki tend to wear baggy beige, black & white coloured clothes decorated with intricate patterns over their blue waterproof thermals and seldom travel into the city apart from supply runs that are mostly operated by the inhabitants of Pillpeg who run the transportation industry. The Melkanians dress in hooded & cloaked outfits preferring darker colours with gasmasks and armour in the same fashion as the Goran-Man. The industrial Pillpeg district mainly consists of mechanical beings such as Glitch, droids and other countless types of androids, synthetics and robots who have grown accustomed to working the factories and tolerating the unclean air from the industry. The population from this district over time, has turned into what can be described as a steam-punk themed district, compared to the built-up district of Castille which can be described as an elite class of wealthy citizens that tend to be wealthier and higher up on the social hierarchy favouring ornate robes, holograms, personal data assistants, brooches and necklaces are popular amongst its population.

    The general attire of the average Zecyrian are combinations of thick layers of thermal underdress, covered by undergarments and then a robe or layers of robes that are usually decorated design of each Zecyrians social standing an inch from the bottom of the seams. Depending on one’s social standing, there may be either one, two or three separated rows of this design which indicates middle class, upper class and government/military positions, respectively. A lower-class part of the population exists but due to the geographical categorization by the government and propaganda reasons, these citizens are considered middle class. Thermal underdress usually consists of a combination of white low-crotch leggings, a heated undergarment and thick woolly socks. Black boots are the most common form of footwear in the city as they provide traction on slippery surfaces and the ability to traverse the snowy streets on a day of heavy snowfall. Those in the military are required to wear their black military coat under their robes. Two decorative brooches around the neck are usually held in place by gold chained necklaces with the brooch itself often being the crest of a family made of gold and indicates a high social standing. Connecting the two brooches together are custom made and hand-crafted beads, usually white, blue and black in colour. Serving members of the Peoples Military Forces are required to be in uniform always. Thermal underdress is a basic requirement for travelling outdoors in the city due to the almost freezing and windy conditions. During windy days, the temperature in the streets can drop up to 10°C ( 14°F ) and it is because of these conditions Florans have no choice but to rug up or risk freezing to the point of immobilisation or in some cases, death.

    Prosthetics, bionic and synthetic augmentations are extremely popular amongst Zecyrians who have a fascination with the state of consciousness and the synthetic enhancement of the natural form. Twenty nine percent of the city have some form of augmentation that enhances the mind, physical strength or life span of the bearer. Extremely cautious of foreign guests, the Zecyrians have only ever known city life and due to isolationist policies, have never been permitted to migrate off-world although there are many job opportunities outside of the city. Despite these policies, Zecyrians enjoy a wonderful range of life of what could be described as an offshoot of typical Western Civilization mixed with the South African Zef sub-culture, which combined with the many backgrounds of the countless species of the cities inhabitants, have shaped the culture that outsiders can observe today. With only four to six hours per day of sunlight depending on the rolling fogs, Zecyria has sprouted a massive sub-culture of nightlife and party drug use known as a ‘Tirahn’ lifestyle which has become a magnet for crime syndicates scattered around the city although they are mainly restricted to Castille and Yorkchester. Almost all Zecyrian youth have clubbed and raved at some point in their lifetime, most of them high on legal drugs that can be purchased over the counter at Northwood Hospital in Yorkchester or delivered by courier or drone.

    Zecyrians have the upmost respect for the Peoples Military Forces and anyone who serves amongst its ranks as a full-time soldier, considered to be a very honourable life to lead, full of sacrifices they must make to serve in such a force. Full-time soldiers are away from home and training off-world at undisclosed locations for years at a time. After each round of graduations, the Zecyrian people will do their best to make it to the Graduation Ceremonies in Castille where the graduated soldiers will march from the edge of Yorkchester to the Cloud Port in Castille where they are deployed for their first off-world training mission. Throwing flowers, waving the Zecyrian flag and congratulating as many soldiers as they can, the Zecyrians love their armed forces as one day, they may very well be filling the very boots they cheer for. While the people of Zecyria may seem friendly and polite at face value, any threat to their existence is usually met with unmatched unity and violence.

    Extremely cautious and distrusting of foreigners, the Zecyrians have had their fair share of violence over the years from gangs, infection, corrupt police and terrorism and because of this have built a hardened stance against anyone who does not serve the interests of the city-state. To a Zecyrian, these people just should not be in the city. Despite this, the people manage to stay cool and collected when dealing with tourists and foreign business opportunities, as this is an extra source of income for them and a boost to the city states now tarnished reputation, not that the Zecyrians care what outsiders think of them. Make no mistake however, as the old saying goes “the Zecyrians are always watching”. With over eighty-two percent of the population being trained on usage of firearms and military tactics, Zecyria is a dangerous place for anyone to attempt to conquer and occupy. Most Zecyrians have negative views of the Haven Federation due to their inaction to Zecyrian warnings on the Ascended Empire, and the audacity shown by the Federation to place sanctions on the Zecyrian State for taking extreme measures to defend itself. It is a commonly rumored by Zecyrians that the Haven Federation already lost the war with the infected and is simply just a vassal under their control. The vast majority of Zecyrians have negative views on the Fringe due to everything that has happened from the exit of isolation in 3283.

    The Arena aka the Grand Stadium, holds the current intergalactic death sports, where anyone can compete in a gladiatorial themed fight to the death for glory and fame. The events are being run by the Peoples Military Forces and competitors have their consciousness backed up before competing, this excludes Zecyrian Legionnaires who are fighting as a death sentence for their treachery against the Zecyrian State. The arena can be decorated with a different theme in under two hours and can be flooded with water for naval battles. All spectators must be 16+ and over.

    Education and knowledge is something that the Zecyrians pride themselves on with the educational system vastly different to any other cultures, teaching a revised and edited version of galactic history which is accurate for the most part. Instead of the theory of creation however, a quarter of Zecyrians believe that the realm of hyperspace is where one goes after death and that it is ruled by countless unknown godly & inter-dimensional beings. This is taught as a fact, not as a religion or theory just like everything else in the Zecyrian Education System. Religion itself along with spiritualism and non-existant dieties are banned from being taught in the educational system although it is not banned from being discussed, as is anything to do with learning how to use a weapon or any type of weapons which is reserved for military service. Citizens are not restricted to a class by their age, instead by their intellect and intelligence which results in classes mixed with students from all ages. This may result in an 8-year-old completing the same work as an 18-year-old based on their learning capacity and motivation to succeed. There is a minimum of five years of intense schooling starting at age 8, despite how intelligent and capable one may be of undertaking the workload. One who has completed schooling within five years may opt out to join the military instead for the remainder of their schooling years which also deducts time from their involuntary service if they so wish. There are many class electives that one can select from, although all students must learn what is currently on the curriculum. One may choose to further their knowledge with an advanced course on any and more of the below subjects and electives thanks to a large group of professionals willing to teach. These classes are available for anyone to join, including immigrants. Tourists are banned from learning from the Department of Education as they are not considered to be immigrants nor temporary residents and a such, the resources should not be spent in educating them but should be focused on natives.

    The Visitor Centre is a large facility that holds the records and copies of every single book every written in Zecyria, along with data storage servers that have backups of the intranet for public viewing from 3128 to 3285. Although half of the information regarding the city’s history is unavailable due to the ‘blackout’, the library also contains a massive room with the largest holoform emitter in the city for learning purposes and education. The original historical text books and priceless artefacts are secured in vaults underneath the centre. Tourists are free to visit the Visitor Centre which is located on the border Castille.

    TETRA is a mega-corporation that owns the entire electronics and cybernetics industry of Zecyria, also in control of the security network of cameras that blankets the city along with the facial recognition database and the maintenance & safe storage of the Zecyrian intranet. Tetra also deals with the cyber-security of Zecyria and utilizes a hive-mind that has 3,600 androids under its command as of March 3285, with plans for a hive-minded android police force in the works. Tetra aims to have every single citizen in the city enhanced with some form of augmentation and its long-term goals are the synthetic evolution of the entire city, although these long-term goals can only be speculated upon.

    The PEOPLES MILITARY FORCES is made up of 1.5 million troops with another 3 million in reserve. All have undergone basic training in the last two years, half continue to train in monthly rotations both on and off-world. They remain neutral on Zecyrian politics unless the city is at risk and will prevent war and destruction “by any means necessary”, as is their slogan. Following the declaration of Martial Law in 3284, the Peoples Military Forces are in firm control of the cities vital assets including the farmlands of Birmingham, the industrial and energy sectors of Pillpeg Hornhill, even though Martial Law was revoked in March of 3285.

    The ZECYRIAN ARMADA are separate to the Peoples Military Forces, led by the Grand Khan their job is to conduct affairs and control matters in the space of Zecyrion and to protect it from invasion as the first line of defence. A small but well equipped and defensive fleet, the Armada is not to be underestimated and as a small force going up against impossible odds, the Armada must learn to utilize new methods of successfully waging a war against a superior enemy.

    The UNDERCLOUD SYNDICATE is a unified outfit of gangs that have taken over and maintained control of Yorkchester and southern Pillpeg Hornhill from the Peoples Military Forces since December 3284. Primarily made up of criminals and the poor, the syndicate isn’t just limited to Yorkchester, conducting illegal operations such as drug trafficking, people smuggling and illegal cybernetic enhancement operations city-wide.

    The WORKERS UNION is the representative party of Pillpeg Hornhill, representing the workers of the factories of Pillpeg and the Joran mines, the Union has an armed militia that they use to protect Pillpeg Hornhill from criminals from other districts and have a rivalry with those from the Undercloud Syndicate and the Legion. The Union wants to push for better rights and quality of life for the countless androids, droids, glitch and other citizens that are Pillpeg residents and workers.

    The LEGION is an organized and well equipped paramilitary group of hard-line nationalists from various mercenary, security, military and criminal backgrounds considered Zecyrian terrorists by most citizens despite a large support base from the native population. They believe in a Zecyria without any foreigners and extremely harsh penalties for any of them that are caught such as public beatings and sometimes death. Almost all in the Legion have prosthetic limbs and military grade augmentations, making them extremely unpredictable and dangerous fighters in both close and long-range combat.

    • Most hyperlanes to the system of Zecyrion are protected by miles of sheets upon mines, defence platforms and attack drones, providing an extreme hazard for any enemy ships and an advantage to the Zecyrian Armada.
    • Zecyria cuts off all trade and communication with the Haven Federation and much of the Fringe, who they accuse of watching the infected threat rather than fighting against it and contributing to the health of the Fringe.
    • The Zecyrian State and the Adromian Directorate establish an alliance, naming it the New Dawn Confederation.
    • Melkanian refugees flee to Zecyria after their home planet is destroyed, settling in the farmlands of Birmingham.
    • The Ascended Empire of infected intrude on Zecyrian territory twice, the second time resulting in an infected bio-battleship and two destroyers being annihilated by the Zecyrian Armada.
    • An attempted coup by the Legion resulted in 9000+ dead Zecyrians on New Year’s Day at the turn of 3285 during an infected invasion due to retaliation for the Zecyrians destroying three ships that failed to abide by Zecyrian law in the system of Zecyrion.
    • The infected invasion does not send any troops to the surface or attack any defences, shortly leaving the system.
    • The Undercloud Syndicate seizes Yorkchester during the invasion and failed coup while the Peoples Military Forces were distracted.
    • Manaas is constructed for tourists.
    • The Peoples Military Forces have handed back complete control of the city back to the General Administration on the 27th of February 3285.
    • A large-scale war is currently underway against the Deepwood.
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