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    General Information

    Name: Yuuriko
    Age: 22
    Sexuality: Bi
    Race: Hylotl
    Occupation: aspiring chef... but currently employed as a florist.
    Skills: Gardening, cooking, social work, protest preparation, first aid
    Personality: Quiet, reserved, deeply passionate about peace & coexistence, easily startled, bluntly honest.
    Phobias: The dark
    Likes: Armor, all the armor
    Dislikes: Flies, Fleas, Ticks, Grasshoppers, basically all insects. Like me irl!

    Physical Description: Her skin is a pale greenish color which leads in an ombre style to her pale blue fins. Yuuriko has gills (smallish, given the evolutionary trends toward land) and stands at around five foot two. She is plump- probably from eating so many of the sweets she makes regularly.

    Yuuriko avoids conflict whenever possible, and thus decides not to gear up much aside from a simple sword for self protection while out and about.

    coming soon!