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    General Information

    Name: Yurei
    Age: 24
    Date of birth: Doesn't remember
    Race: Okiri Naian
    Gender: M
    Sexuality: Unsure
    Current residence: His ship
    Relationship status: Single
    Social status: bad.
    Financial standing: Pretty low as a result of him always buying new materials and pieces for his creations.

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): Naian
    Language spoken: Common
    Other languages known: Naian
    Style of speaking: Tries not to talk too much... speaking in non-Naian is difficult for a Naian.
    Volume of voice: Low

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5'1 (4'10 without power armor)
    Weight: 103lbs
    [ Find Out IC ]
    Eye color:
    Skin color:
    Shape of face:
    Distinguishing features:
    Build of body:
    Hair color:
    Hair style:

    [ Find Out IC ]
    Typical clothing: His custom-made power armor.
    Is seen by others as: Introverted, even evasive at times


    Likes: His armor, weapons in general, food, engineer-related stuffs
    Dislikes: Big crowds, judgmental people
    Education: Full education from the Naian Royal Core
    Fears: Losing his armor or Hirin
    Personal goals: Get a decent financial standing and settle down in the Fringe for good, preferably alone
    General attitude: Reserved
    Religious values: Atheist
    General intelligence: Gifted
    General sociability: Extremely low


    Illnesses (if any): None
    Allergies (if any): None
    Sleeping habits: Depends on how much he eats during the day. Though, he tends to sleep less than the average Naian, for whatever reason.
    Energy level: Average-low
    Eating habits: Naian eating habits - in short, a lot, lot of food.
    Memory: It's... strange. He's got a perfectly good memory, yet... there's some clear holes in it. He doesn't remember most of his childhood, for example.
    Any unhealthy habits: He tends to starve himself if he can't eat alone. Eating requires him to remove a part of his helmet, which he deeply hates, unless it's with someone he trusts, or when he's on his own.


    For some reason, Yurei doesn't even remember most of his backstory. Where he comes from, who he was related to, what he did. He does, however, remember that he was born to a Neri'on mother and a Okki'von father - not much else than that. Apparently, due to his... general knowledge, he knows he was given a rather solid education, one which allowed him to do all he's capable of in regards to engineering, weaponsmithing and machining.

    After graduating from university, he joined the military, and spent... a few years in it. It was during his later years in there that he took the physical and mental aptitude tests required to join one of the Royal Hirin squads, which he passed with flying colors.

    And yet... that took a toll on him - said toll being one of the few things he actually remembers about his past. The more he used the Hirin, and his power armor, the more... 'connected' to them he felt. This also meant he came to the realization that his true body was weak, no matter how much he exercised. Many criticized and silently judged him, for wearing a suit of powered armor, or even his Hirin, wherever he could, simply because they felt like an extension of his body.

    Such critiques brought him to self-isolation within the confines of his own 'mechanical' body, only talking to people if he needed to, and avoiding everyone for the most part. In truth, he didn't like his homeworld; Nivasa's population density was really, really high, and this meant everything felt more cramped, at least to him.

    As soon as he learned about the Fringe, and its wild, unpredictable nature, which also allowed for total freedom... he was easily convinced. Taking his own personal creations - a custom-made suit of Naian power armor, and an also custom-made Hirin, as well as a few weapons - he ventured out into the stars, shedding his last name and most of his past, intent on starting anew... somewhat.​


    Parents: Doesn't remember
    Siblings: Doesn't remember
    Any enemies (and why): None
    Children: None
    Friends: None
    Best friend(s): None
    Love interest (if there is one): Probably not for a long while...


    Peaceful or violent: Peaceful for the most part, though he's quick to resort to violence if pushed around too much
    Weapon (if applicable): A Naian coilgun with several attachments on it to increase it's effectiveness, a self-made Naian coilpistol, and an also self-made monoblade.
    Style of fighting: Yurei prefers to keep his distance whenever possible, and will always try to make an effort to stay away from his enemy, peppering them with his guns. However, he will not shy away from melee combat if forced, using his superior agility to try to overcome his opponents most of the time.


    Occupation: None; he sometimes creates weapons and sells them online, or just sells some of his 'unfinished' projects... which are still worth quite a bit. That's his main source of income.
    Current home: His ship
    Favorite types of food: He doesn't exactly have any favorites, though he knows he dislikes tomatoes, like every Naian really.
    Favorite types of drink: Again - not really any favorites. Probably water, he's just that boring.
    Hobbies/past times: Getting his hands on whatever materials he can find, and creating something out of them. Upgrading/maintaining his armor and mech. Exercising, mainly to stay in shape and be able to pilot said mech.
    Guilty pleasures: He tends to buy parts for his 'toys' despite not needing to, even when he shouldn't be spending money.
    Pet peeves: People who criticize him for being the way he is.
    Pets: None
    Talents: A good bunch - his isolation and lack of social interaction led to him sharpening a lot of his personal skills during his free time. Weaponsmithing, engineering, combat - both melee and ranged. Most of them being remnants of his past which have stuck with him.
    Favorite colors: Green
    Favorite type of music: Anything soothing, it allows him to work on his stuff better.
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