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    Character Name: Xiviria
    Cause of Death: Head smashed against wall several times until killed. Murderer was another one of my own characters.
    # of Previous Clones: None.
    Member Vouch: I think @Alias was watching OOC. @MaskedHero had a character show up and see the body. There were no IC witnesses to the murder itself.
    Character Sheet: She doesn't have one yet.
    Cloning Method: Something-something cloning insurance, something-something probably Ikeda. I didn't put any thought into it prior to this incident.
    Skills: She knows how to work with Xinod controlled electrochemistry tech, laser weapons and explosives. She also knows how to lie extremely well, and hide her emotions under a veil of amused aloofness.
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    Passed. Xiviria develops a small tremble in her hands, affecting precise dexterity and aiming. With a couple of nerve therapy appointments throughout the recovery period, this will be fixed.
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