Xexanoth, the Ice Queen of Calypso

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    General Information

    First name: Xexanoth
    Middle name(s):
    Age: 29
    Date of birth: July 17
    Race: Hylotl
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Current residence: Calypso Station
    Relationship status: Married
    Social status: Long-standing Fringe Political Figure
    Financial standing: Rich

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): Standard, impossible to place Fringe accent
    Language spoken: Common
    Other languages known: Upper Axolotian, a backwater subdialect of Axolotian, a single Floran dialect, Pre-Common, Raxxiri, Aagma, and others.
    Style of speaking: Fairly casual for someone in a position of power in most situations. Healthy mix of formality and informality.
    Volume of voice: Rarely above room volume.

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 63.5 Kg
    Build of body: Remarkably muscular, but often wears clothing that disguises this
    Fin color: Blonde
    Fin style: Tendrils, usually kept in a bun

    Character Details
    Fears: ???
    Goals: ???
    General attitude: Calculated, decisive, confident, and outgoing.
    Religious values: Uncertain.
    Education: Minimal formal; maximal informal.
    Intelligence: Learned cunning. Well politically-minded. Big-picture minded and good at reading and predicting people.
    Sociability: Very social. Bartender friendly. At times, can be cold.


    Like so many others in the Fringe, Xex appeared out of the chaotic miasma of the stars to make a name for herself. She doesn't speak on her distant past, and nobody asks- for the better that way. Especially when the recent history is filled with enough interest and intrigue to write several novels. After all, a bartender makes for a natural information broker, and during the era of the Outpost, she established herself as just that. From the android wars of Vulcan and the Viti, to OFTO, to the Caliphate, to the Haven Senate, to Atlas, she has far more under her belt than one might guess at a glance.

    She's been doing this for a long time. Must be doing something right.

    The individual categories are not sorted in any particular order.
    Loved - Close - Friends - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Despised
    Quuma Lakereed - "The love of my life."

    Sydney Jones - "You accept me as I am, as I was, as I will be, despite anything and everything."

    David Ward - "You've gotten me into deep shit, but you're one of the few people I can count on. We've got history that runs deep."

    Kristina Noskov - "We met a long time ago. You've been with me through the best of times and the worst of times. I've got your back. I know you've got mine."

    Markus Aleksandr - "You're like me. You get it. And together, we're going to change the galaxy. It's good to have you back."

    Yaretzi Aleksandrova - "You saved my life. You don't deserve to be alone."

    Seamus Wyman - "A ride or die. We get up to some stuff."

    Belle Parry - "A good soul. The Fringe is not kind to good souls."

    Clint Ardzasch - "You've had my back when it counts, but you're too trusting. That's a liability that's going to cost us one day."

    Testament - "..."

    Veiled Voyager - "We've done a lot together. We will do more together in the future. I'll make sure you get the recognition you deserve for it, even if you don't care for it beyond its uses."

    HG-07/70122 'Fork' - "You understand Fringe politics, and you're reasonable. I think we could achieve great things together. We've both forgiven the past."

    Gary Spir Jelioviasi - "We've got history. We're still allies, at the end of the day, even if you're keeping many secrets from me. I know we're on the same side."

    Catia de Guanciale - "You understand what I'm going through, and you either forgave me or are willing to move past what I've done. I don't think you know how much that means to me. I want to see you succeed."

    Circle Eye - "Law and order himself. I can work with you. I have in the past, and will in the future."

    Green Star - "I've given you a lot of clout, and gained it in turn. Our partnership will lead to great things."

    Lloyd - "You once were angry with me for abandoning you. You abandoned me. But you were my friend. Something of that remained. You're a brilliant man, but a terrible leader. Maybe we'll find friendship again someday."

    Vermillion - "I'll keep bringing you cool shit, you'll keep doing cool stuff. We've got a good relationship. You have no interest in political power, so we have no problems."

    Lorette Luo-Fernsby - "You're reckless and politically unsavvy, but you're also good at your job. If you take my advice and keep nothing from me, we'll get a lot done together."

    HG-02/70087 “Pallid” - "I think you'll understand the big picture soon. You seem an intelligent man. It'll be good to be on the same side."

    Aqu Allen - "I wish you took my advice."

    Giorno de Guanciale - "I liked you before you consorted with demons. I still like you now. I think you'll agree to follow through with my plans, but if you don't, I know how to force you."

    Winston - "The only bartender better than me, though I'll never admit it."

    Suzume - "Loyal to me, does her job well. That's what matters."

    Leu Tran - "You were my friend, once. I know what you've gone through, carrying the weight alone. I hope you are happy, far from here."

    Polyima - "Friend of a friend. Anyone who can walk away from Rose and Lange and still be seemingly half-decent has to be someone special."

    Wester - "If you could put aside your feud with Dave, I think we'd get along great. You've gotten it much worse than you deserve. You do good work. I hope you don't end up as expensive to protect as Rose was."

    Archie - "Dave's daughter. Seems like a cool kid, especially for a Fringe kid."

    Chalk Parry - "Nice guy. Treats Belle right. I hope he's happy."

    Samir - "Friendly. Seems like a good sort."

    BEHOLDER - "...I don't understand you. But I believe you're in my corner, in the grand scheme of things. You have gazed into my soul."

    President Yazid - "I wonder how long you'll hold things together. We get along, but you want something from me."

    Aurelie - "You're more useful as an ally than an enemy. One day I'll use the favor you owe me for what I've promised and done."

    Doe - "You're useful to a degree, and honest. But your also horrific. Quite the trade-off. As long as you don't target anyone I care about, we'll be fine."

    Azyriah - "Useful. As long as she produces results, I won't have a problem with her, even if she is hiding something. Everyone has their secrets."

    Arjun Kapur - "Idealistic to a fault. I don't trust you, because of what you can do to my mind. But I know I can get you to do what I need done, and that's what counts."

    Lesslyn Stùiricke - "I know I can't trust you, but I can work with you. As long as I make sure your self-interest alligns with my plans, you'll back them."

    Sinji Ekta - "Out to save the world. Aiming a little low with how you're doing it, if you ask me."

    Brasit - "I have complex feelings about you. I could probably patch things up with you if it mattered."

    "Cleaver" - "Mercenary, through and through. I respect why you wanted Rose dead, and you've proved yourself worth the money when I need someone efficient and disconnected from me."

    Archer - "Vending machine guy. Apparently you know Kris somehow? You're probably more interesting than I took you at a glance."

    Robin Flynn - "You reminded me of someone I care about, once. But that was never you. I hope you took what I said to you to heart. Obliterating you would take effort. Stay out of my way."

    Diana Cilvay(s) - "You are one of the stupidest smart people I've ever met. I can't trust you. I believe you will destroy yourself and those around you."

    Xander - "You remind me of Cassius, and you use me. I have saved your life multiple times and you remain ungrateful and petulant. Revenge is going to be the death of you."

    IRMA - "I saw myself in you. Guess that should've been a red flag. I know what you did. If you ever show your face again, I won't have much choice but to respond in kind."

    Masina Ho'oke - "Fascinating woman. I'm sure we'll cross paths again."

    "Jasper" - "Tough. Mistakenly put himself at cross-purposes with me. If you get in my way again I'll publicly out what you care so deeply about keeping secret."

    Morgan Snip - "More to him than meets the eye."

    Mona de Guanciale - "You're blind to what really matters. You're not someone I can afford to have knowing my weaknesses."

    Death - "I thought you were smart, once. I'm not so stupid now."

    Rose Avalice - "You're either one of the stupidest people I've ever met, or actually evil. They're functionally the same. Everything around you crumbles. Your father put a gun to my head the day I met him. I'm sure you would do the same if you ever had the chance."

    Zinaida - "You hurt people for fun. I've shown you too much mercy that you would never show me. It feels like there's only one way this can end, but we've got a lot of history. I hope I'm wrong."

    Vittoria de Angelo - "You're like Rose, but there's no question. You're stupid and malicious. You want power just to hold it and exert it over people. I'm going to end up regretting sparing you."

    Martinez Jackson - "I'd respect your commitment to your ideals if it wasn't going to get us all killed. You would rather die with your ideals and take everyone with you than survive."

    Saqqaf - "You were a bastard and a monster. I should've shot you in the head."

    Cassio - "So many died because of you. And you did it for a symbolic victory for your people. You put your race above all else."


    Peaceful or violent: When diplomacy fails, she holds nothing back.
    Weapon (if applicable): Guns.
    Style of fighting: Brawler; volume of fire


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