who is down to be a villian in GC?

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    ok for realsy this time: Who is absolutely down to cause militaristic trouble? to be fair, there is a lack of trouble, almost to the point of being rare anomalies. So heres my idea, alright, hear me out:

    How about i turn my faction into dicks, harass people, possibly start conflict on server and shit.

    because just so those who are reading this and automatically are typing up a 10 page essay, new times roman, size 10, double spacing, about how bar hangouts is a slice of life and should continue to overthrow GC and server for the rest of the time on GC-- i will physically double space your ass into a new thinking realm where non intelligence relive memories.

    Q: whats the best part of GC?
    A: being at the bar for god knows what.

    what really builds character of planets is its history. What will make history is what people decide to do. If there is a big evil faction that likes to nuke planets completely, have some heroes to destroy thing that nukes planets before the planets destruction and shit, or it may cause someone to sacrafice themselfs to make ship go boom and someone has to stay to make sure ship goes boom. sad ninja moments.

    tldr: need more on server conflicts, need more tension, less of bar slice of life bs. thanks for listening in on my ted talk.

    if you want to want to join my plot, hit up .exe#1337 on discord.

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    good thread. this good.
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    Conflict good.

    Making a faction/Characters for the sole purpose of harassing and flaunting around might is only going to get you hated by the community, and make actual enemies out of people, as opposed to having fun opposing you.
    Being "BIG BAD GUY LOOMING THREAT" doesnt work either, as seen by literally every main plot GC has ever had.

    Make a conflict, but one that isnt going to make you a general nuisance but something people care about.

    There's probably a "zecon's rants" for this
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    Conflict's good where it makes sense and isnt just mindless for the sake of shaking things up. You can create advancement of microplots yourself by having characters who want to do things that haven't been done before.

    I'm not a philosopher on this shit but conflict doesent have to be inter-character but can be the character vs themselves or the environment. 90% of the time starting conflict makes no sense. Is just another ICIF and the opposition to them OOC was constant
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    And remember about the vast 'gray area' between white and black. There's no 'good' or 'evil', just things that appear as such in every individual's perspective. Conflicts arise when someone is trying to achieve something of their own interests.
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