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    Hello, if you haven't already seen our Discord announcement here: https://discord.gg/axmrBG
    We have set up a white list and are currently activating accounts.
    This is a great step for us to further prevent griefs, attacks, and harassment. This white list will only change one thing, you simply just have to create a username and password for yourself (remember staff can see this password, make it something unique and new!) and submit it to one of us on Discord! Or you can even message us on the forums to set one up. It's recommended you do it on Discord though.
    The reason for this white list, as most of you are aware, is due to a griefer who has been spending a large portion of their time and days attacking the server for petty reasons.
    This lovely white list will not only stop them, but also help prevent future incidents!

    Thank you for reading, and here's some quick instructions on how to set your account up.
    1) Contact one of them on Discord or on the forum.
    2) Tell them you're signing up for the white list and give them your chosen username and password.

    2 steps, super simple!
    If you're a new player, be sure to take the quiz here!:
    [​IMG] QUIZ [​IMG]
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