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    Vyne, The Clanless. Vyne, Bearer of Sin. Vyne, Garden Eternal. Vyne, The Vandamal Knight.

    The title held by this hulking mass of metal matters not.

    His deeds may seem to some as legendary. Others, horrifying. Others more, unreal.

    The hulking monstrosity known as Vyne hails from a planet referred to only now as Cinders. The planet burns with magma covering most of it's surface, with the remnants of a longhouse, long since destroyed, spanning the entire surface.

    The story of Vyne is all hearsay and rumor, and pieced together from relics scavenged from the planet. None of what is documented here can be confirmed to be true.

    Allegedly, Cinders was once a thriving planet of humble, relatively primitive folk. The Vandamal clan upon it's surface had no real purpose, the Glitch long since perished before their activation. When the time came for the clan to raid, they had nothing to fight. Nothing to cull.

    And so, they grew, endlessly. More resources, more metal unearthed. What was once a paradise slowly became clouded by black smog.

    Eventually, the planet itself became unstable. Without a sustainable ecosystem, and with the geological instability from constant mining and digging, the earth itself opened below the Vandamal, engulfing the planet in endless fire. Not only did the planet itself erupt, but the society built there as well.

    Wars began and ended. Many died. Few were forged anew.

    One persisted.

    In their language, he carried many names, documented by those yet to be reached by the living war encroaching on their land. Eventually, they managed to stop it, those few who remained.

    Eventually, the conflicts faded, as did the people. What was once a clan millions strong became nothing but stragglers hanging on by iron threads, clad in heavy, burned armor, guarding an obsidian sarcophagus sealed with the strongest alloys possible.

    And eventually, the survivors were gone as well. An entire planetary civilization, gone.

    And from there, came the explorers. Salvagers of the burning planet, come to reap the spoils of the lost. Some would call them "researchers" and "scientists."

    Regardless, they took many things with them, to document, sell, or display upon their walls.

    Including the Burnished Sarcophagus.

    But, too afraid to find what lied within, they abandoned it shortly after, ejecting it from space onto a planet full of life, just as Cinders was, once.

    This planet, though, was occupied. A haven for mercenaries, explorers, and adventurers to rest their laurels and settle down.

    So, naturally, it was discovered rather quickly. But, it was shattered. Empty.

    With hulking footsteps fading into the forest.

    Months after, A warrior, covered in plants not native to this new planet emerged from the woods. Ever silent, he carried with him a hulking mass of tempered iron, too brutish to be called a sword, but too refined to be called anything else.

    The warrior spent many years within the settlement, growing to become something of a legend within their community. The odd plants growing on his body eventually bore fruit, and seeds, finding new life on the planet, as well as on "Vyne" himself.

    The townsfolk gave him that name. A tongue-in-cheek pun.

    But eventually, the researchers that had disposed of him had come to collect their prize once again, and revealed the warrior's dark past to the townsfolk in an effort to convince them to assist in the capture or killing of the Bearer of Sin.

    They refused, exiling the scientist group. Yet, their trust in the Warrior was lost. Could a monstrous Warlord such as himself be trusted, after all he had done?

    He gave them little time to consider. It was time to leave.

    The warrior said only one word to them as he departed from the planet.


    And from this, the story grows, titles are given, enemies are made, bonds are forged.

    Vyne, Clan-Killer. Vyne, Seedbearer. Vyne, Forlorn Warlord. Vyne, Cinderlord.