V's La'Megothic log #2

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    (This log is audio-based.)

    The log begins with a cough, the sound of hooves in mud is heard in the background, along with wet splashes or the occasional cry of some beast. A woman begins speaking, her voice filtered, and her accent thick. She sounds rough. Sick.

    "This is V...Victoria-Victoria Cornwallace...Guddarsonsburg, so formalities are already out of the waey. This log is an audio one simply fer thae fact that I'm on thae road..." There's another hard cough. "...Sorry. I'm sick. Something about this place, I guess...and thae fact that I havae seen a doc in a while about this...feckin' disease. Hate it. Well, let's talk some more."

    "I've spent the past few months trying tae scrounge up infermation about this place. The Archduke dinnae seem like a trustworthy person tae me, so I'm leaving his little hamlet for the biggest settlement out there. Maybe the man in charge can help me. I dinnae. I'm thinking about ditching this mask entirely and getting some more fitting attire, but...I-I-I dinnae. These people aren't as bad as I thought, a lot of them being taken advantage by those who think that they're in power. They can't get smarter, they can't get themselves outtae this serfhood that they're in, it's just...awful. If I can find a cure, I'm thinking about staying here for a little while longer...maybe I can make a difference..."

    "...N-no. That's not what I'm here for. Nottae all. I want to go home, I wantae be with my girlfriend, I..."

    There's a long pause after this.

    "I think I'll end this log here. Ly...if you come across this when I upload it tae the nexus...I love yae. I'll be home soon, I promise yae. If not, well...dinnae wait for me."

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