V's La'Megothic log #1

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    My name is V. I write these logs so that if anyone decides to head to this place, they will at least know what they'll be up against. La'Megoth is a vile, horrible place filled with mutants of which I've never seen around the Fringe. They resemble the vampires of old english mythology, pointed ears, black hair, pale skin, red eyes, and fangs are usually the telltale signs of a "vampyr", as they call themselves. I've been infected with this mutant virus they all have through a bite in my cranium. I've had to leave everything behind just so I can hope to find some sort of cure here. Above all else, I want to go home. The man who infected me was a servant of a lord of some sort. Grunkelor. I don't plan on leaving the planet until this man is dead, or until I get what I want. I miss my family dearly. My girlfriend, my "captain"...wherever he may be now...

    I've been sidetracked. Allow me to redirect my course here. When I first arrived to La'Megoth, the land itself was hostile. Upon leaving my small craft tucked away in the bog(the inhabitants were a primitive people who saw ships as 'dragons', a traveler told me.), I was promptly attacked by a beast resembling some sort of snake-man. After dispatching it, the bog itself seemed to consume the beast, allowing me some semblance of safe passage to the nearest settlement. After meeting a seemingly normal young man, I was led to an inn under the guise of a roaming hag of some kind. I paid for my first month of room and board with several shining gemstones, but quickly realized that I was going to need currency to survive. I went to the markets, trading away most of my gemstones and jewelry I had bought prior to the trip. Afterwards, I met with a man, the archduke of the town, and we talked. I learned of their systems of government, however loose and confusing it may be, and I learned of Grunkelor himself, who was disliked by many on the planet. Instead of going headfirst into a suicide mission, I will simply cut him away from all of his wealth, making him a pauper, and then try to find a cure of some kind within his home. The possibility of me taking his place in the aristocracy was opened to me, but I don't want any of it. I want to be rid of this sickness, and go home.

    For now, this is V, signing off.