Vittoria Fiore Angelo-Frosthand da Colitzenze di Falahal's Cloning Application

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    Character Name: Vittoria Fiore Angelo-Frosthand da Colitzenze di Falahal

    Cause of Death:
    Electrical Pulse to their head, overloading.

    # of Previous Clones:
    One cloning app before, repaired instead of fully remade.

    Member Vouch: (Discords)
    Lange#9999, Cheffy#1467, Caucasian Asian#6286, Doople#5405, Hit By A Parked Car#5577

    Character Sheet:
    None-Existent as of now.

    Cloning Method: AI/Brainscan uploaded to Synthetic Brain and put into "Metanoid"/Cyborg body.

    : Radio Communications Degree, Masters. Musics Degree, Bachelors. Public Administration Degree, Masters. Hostess of Skyborn Sounds. Well-Versed in Melee/Ranged Combat. Tactical Planner.

    Just some Fluff:

    Night of March 25th, 3286 (2019)
    Key Players/Factors in this:

    Rose Avalice
    Gulvar Frosthand

    Gary Noose
    Lupo (Praise be)

    Vittoria was shocked to hear Nary Goose call her a sociopath. In light of the shock, she was in Ordo: A place attached to Garlen. Near The Oracle's abode, Vittoria rendered herself catatonic in processing what brought her to come across as said sociopath. In light of this processing of all her memories, her experiences, and what she knows about sociopathy. Rose Avalice came along, attempting to help.

    After countless attempts to bring Vittoria out of her separation from reality, Rose decided it best to give her an electrical pulse to her forehead, which ultimately overcharged her already BIG-POWER-Brain at the time. This fried Vittoria's Computation Chip and much of everything else in her head. However, three days prior, she brain scanned herself since things were heating up in The Fringe.

    After her boyfriend (now Fiance/Husband, Falahal tradition is confusing.) Gulvar Frosthand heard of the news and searched for any documentation or her brain scan. Fortunately, Vittoria's body was transported to Nisia from Haven, her computation chip was found inside of a small, stuffed wolf named Lupo (Praise be). Other documentation according to Vittoria's original human self when she was 10 years of age was recovered in her armory inside a hidden compartment which opened.

    Taking all these documentation to the Nisia hospital for cloning, Frosthand made a judgment to put Vittoria's computation chip (AI) into a synthetic brain but make a copy of her mechanical body and make it out of organic materials (Nomad called it a Metanoid, a reverse Cyborg?) where she will still have parts of which are still synthetic/mechanical in her body (spine, eyes, along those lines) but she will have to reacquire some of the cybernetics she once had (Grav fists, other weaponized augmentations.)

    Intended Cloning Outcome: Vittoria becomes a Synth-Organic ("Metanoid"), and she can continue playing music for the "Silent Majority".
    Potential Reasonable Reprecussions for her cloning:
    Since this is her Second Cloning app. Memory Loss x2 will happen, this means she will forget an important chapter in her life regarding her childhood when she was converted horrifically into an Android (Vagobot Mk III). She will also be classified organic now, with organs and other processes. This will take some time for her to adjust to it again, but she won't be a vegetable for the next while.​
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    Vouched since Lillian carried her corpse to the hospital. If I cant then big sad.
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    Application Accepted
    Please note that, especially considering the conditions of Vittoria's new body, this will likely take time to grow and manufacture the specific parts that play their role in this transfer.

    Barring the memory loss, any and all effects of the cloning will be considered temporary (cloning haze, weakness, etc.)