Vittoria Fiore Angelo di Roccia da Colitzenze (WIP)

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    Vittoria Fiore Angelo
    The Angel of Victory

    Authors Note
    I'm still working on this, so not all info is accurate and format isn't final - Jayon/Saint

    General Information
    First name: Vittoria.
    Middle name(s): Fiore.
    Surname: Angelo.
    Age: 33.
    Date of birth: February 14, 3256.
    Race: Metanoid, formerly Human & Android.
    Gender: She/Her.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual.
    Current residence: Olympus, Atlas.
    Relationship status: Single.
    Social status: Celebrity.
    Financial standing: Well-off, wealthy.

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): General North American, hints of Italian with certain words.
    Language spoken: Common, Italian.
    Other languages known: Learning Falahalian.
    Style of speaking: Oftentimes noir-like, laid back, and alluring.
    Volume of voice: Depends on the situation, but likely adaptive to environment.

    Physical Appearance

    Current Height: 6 foot, 0 inches.
    Current Weight: 168 lbs.
    Eye color: Red, reflective ruby.
    Skin color: Light.
    Shape of face: Mostly heart-shape, slightly oval.
    Distinguishing features: Vittoria is exceptionally beautiful. Her genetic remake of her android appearance reflects the android purpose: To exhibit peak human beauty.
    Build of body: Endomorphic.
    Hair color: Scarlet Red.
    Hair style: Let down and flowy, or high ponytail. Depending on outfit, really.
    Complexion: Warm ivory undertone.

    Misc Appearance
    Posture: Normal.
    Tattoos: None as of now.
    Piercings: Ears and nose.
    Typical clothing: Always the highest fashion, and sometimes general skirt, t-shirt, and-or leggings.
    Is seen by others as: Beautiful, eccentric, and enchanting. Sometimes authoritarian, or over-the-top.

    Likes: Her daughter, gymnastics, broadcasting, politics, martial arts, guns, and new tech!
    Dislikes: Betrayal, unloyalty, cowardice.
    Radio Communications Degree, Masters. Musics Degree, Bachelors. Public Administration Degree, Masters.
    Fears: The Unknown, loss of her daughter.
    Values / Misc
    Personal goals: You’d think her priority would be to show the truth of the Conduits to everyone. But it isn’t. Her real goal is to spread the general truth of people, their actions, and allow the court of public opinion to decide their fate. Additionally, Vittoria wants to become influential in the underground – using Skyborn Sounds as a cheeky front.
    General attitude: After her fight with Xexanoth, Vittoria has taken a brighter outlook on life – and wants to use the light she found to illuminate the darkest corners of the Fringe.
    Religious values: Vittoria is a former Roman-Catholic, but after her experience in the depths of the Miskatonic she thoroughly believes there are higher beings that control her and every being (sometimes objects) actions and fate. She’s accepted that, and chooses to live happily in ignorance of their plans.
    General intelligence: Vittoria isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but she isn’t the dullest. Her intelligence is often undermined – but that perception goes along with her plans.
    General sociability: Do I even need to describe how a radio host and former Chancellor is sociable?
    Memory: Her memory is pretty sharp, however it occasionally has gaps or I, OOCly, forget.

    Illnesses (if any): None, however, developed sociopathy from former fuckery of her computation chip years ago. That was fixed.
    Allergies (if any): Allergic to Apex.
    Sleeping habits: Vittoria sleeps soundly most nights and has a pretty consistent sleep schedule.
    Energy level: High energy, always doing something.
    Eating habits: Vittoria works hard and cooks a lot of Italian food. Most days she has something on the stove cooking either for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    Any unhealthy habits: She makes a lot of Italian food for about 3 people, when it should serve about 9-12. Usually leftovers, she makes sure to work it all off throughout the day.

    Father: Antonio Angelo
    Mother: Bellezza-Caduta Angelo-Salvatore
    Siblings: N/A
    Children: Alice Constance Frosthand

    Current / Relevant Enemies


    Vittoria disagrees with her leadership style and condescension to any who question her. Seen as her personal scapegoat for her emotions for a short-time, Vittoria finally found an enemy in her after their boxing match. Vowing to herself to not ruin Xexanoth’s reputation due to how crucial she is to defeating the Ruin, Vittoria only wants to make Xexanoth realize that her iron fortress is really a glass house – which she shouldn’t toss stones in.

    Lesslyn Stuiricke
    A spider with a web of lies and deceit, Vittoria sees Lesslyn much like she does Xexanoth, save Lesslyn hasn’t done anything noteworthy to help the whole Galaxy, but guised her selflessness as a means to protect her own interests. At the core of it, Vittoria see’s her old self, a huntress wearing the mask of its prey. Because of this, Vittoria wants nothing more than to show the world who Lesslyn really is.

    Friendships / Love Interests

    A lot. You can probably include your characters here.
    Best friend(s): Selene, Clint Aardvark (Ardzen), Lloyd, Gulvar Frosthand.
    Love interest (if there is one): Although a messy divorce, Vittoria would give everything to get back with her husband again. She would never admit to this openly, or even act on it.

    Peaceful or violent: Relatively peaceful.
    Weapon (if applicable): Swords, naginata, ballistics/rail rifles, and plasma/laser pistols.
    Style of fighting: Trained in Kung-Fu, now a developing kickboxing/boxing athlete.

    Occupation: Radio-Host, and job broker.
    Current home: Olympus
    Favorite types of food: Strawberry Angel-Food Cake
    Favorite types of drink: Aged Roccian red wine. Don’t you fucking DARE say she’s a wine mom.
    Hobbies/past times: Reading philosophy, consuming media, gardening, and most recently, boxing training!
    Guilty pleasures: Secretly ordering Hand Burgers, and eating dessert before dinner.
    Pet peeves: People who avoid getting to their point, or using irrelevant stories or excuses to make an otherwise bad point. She also gets frustrated with under-educated people sometimes.
    Pets: Angus, Falahalian Wolf (With Gulvar and Alice Frosthand as the primary caretakers)
    Talents: Vittoria can sing, play music, talk, and socially/militarily strategize. She's also good at gymnastics.
    Favorite colors: Red
    Favorite type of music: Pretty much impossible to say, since she listens to almost every genre – she’s not a fan of screamo-death-metal.

    Some Art (Full Size)!


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