Vittoria Fiore Angelo da Colitzenze's Cloning Application

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    Character Name: Vittoria Fiore Angelo da Colitzenze

    Cause of Death:
    She was shot, once in the groin, once in the shoulder, twice in the chest, and finally. The killing blow was to between the eyes just below the forehead. They were shot with a .50C bullet from.. Whatever ODIN's pistol is. The prior conditions to the death were Vittoria refusing to leave ODIN's ship due to her wanting to help him with what she would say "spiral into psychopathy." Being someone who strained themselves to even stand at the last shot, she had recorded the final moments of her life with her optical augmentations of her eye. Most of her inner components were intact however her wiring was completely shot, cutting off most electrical input towards vital areas. Effectively shutting them off.

    # of Previous Clones:

    Member Vouch:
    Aleksandr (.exe on Discord), Roval_Jax (Discord), Shawnx17 (Discord)

    Cloning Method:
    Vittoria was brought into the Atlas Medbay on Calypso (I presume Calypso.) by ODIN. She was then assessed by Audiclann Curieur, a Medical Doctor for Atlas. Loo Tran, Director for Atlas entered the what I presume to be ICU. He analyzed her computation chip. Next, Audiclann requested the aid of Wester Lund Jr. An engineer for Atlas specializing in robotics, weaponry, and other similarities. They decided it best to request spare parts for Vittoria so they could fix up the shredded bullet holes and wiring. Audiclann took the computation chip out and implanted some ebooks into the storage portion of it, as well as a note. Wester finished his repairs, and then they reactivated her.

    : Vittoria is a radio hostess for Skyborn Sounds Radio Broadcasting. She was formerly a Minister for Foreign Affairs on her "homeworld" in Civspace. A Black Belt in a style similar to Shao-Lin Kung Fu but in the FUTURE. She has a Radio Communications Degree, Masters. Musics Degree, Bachelors. Public Administration Degree, Masters. Former Investigator for small-time firm in Civspace. Vittoria is also a fantastic Italian cook, but sadly she pastaway before she could make the finest ZA in The Fringe.

    Note: Vittoria died 3 OOC days ago from the posting of this thread, but I know the timer is starts after this is given a go-ahead. Which I hope is.
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    I vouch for this app.
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    I too, vouch for this application. Bring our radio host back!
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    Vittoria will lose some of their experience as an investigator from their time in civspace, as well as some of their experience in using her Radio Communications degree. However, this can be re-learned with practice.
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    shot them lol vouch