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    Name: Viriskon Core Battery

    Description: [​IMG]
    Viriskon Core Batteries typically come in three parts. The outer shell, inner shell and the internals.

    Outer Shell - Forged out of carbythine and engraved to increase its strength, the only weak points in the design are the access points which open into the internals.

    Inner Shell - Ferozium plating protects the precious internals from thermal attacks that may penetrate the outer layer and the thin layer of cerulium proofs it against emp attacks.

    Internals - All components necessary to keep the device functional, core housing, heater, power supply, etc.


    Machine Control - When a core is plugged into a battery that is connected to any kind of machine, mech, synth, etc, it allows the core to take control of it using their mind, seeing from it’s perspective and moving parts as if it were their own body.

    Core Protection - With the battery’s combined layers of engraved carbythine, ferozium plating and cerulium it is practically impenetrable to most common forms of attack as well as emps.

    Customizable - The core battery design is intended for a variety of uses and can be specialized for many different devices. It can be smaller or larger (which will change how much power it can hold and the strength of the carbythine). It can be put into a device which allows them to still utilize their psionics, and can even be used for computing rather than machine operation. At the end of the day the use of the device is up to what the battery is inside of rather than the battery itself.

    Conditional Abilities:

    Forced Stasis (Optional) - Instead of giving control to the core the device can be modified to instead force the core into servitude, putting them into a trance like state where they are controlled by the machine rather than the other way around. This is primarily used to utilize the core’s telekinesis against it’s will.

    Stasis Survival - While it won’t protect the core from attacks, the internal functions of the device can help in a survival situation. Assuming the battery is undisturbed the core inside can enter prolonged stasis. The heater will go into power conservation mode to keep the core alive, and the core can slowly cannibalize the metal casing around it for food. At full power the heater will last long enough to keep the core alive in stasis for about six months. If the battery is connected to a power source the core can survive around two or three years before it is forced to search for food. If both needs are met by outside forces, the core can stay in stasis indefinitely.


    Training - Just because you’re in full control of a machine using your mind, doesn’t automatically make you an expert in how to use it. No core can just randomly plug themselves into a machine, it takes time to get integrated and to relearn how to move around in a new body.

    Co-ox - Cores that are integrated into a battery require cybernetic enhancements to gain the ability to take control of the machine.

    Telekinesis - To utilize the encased core’s telekinesis their body must be exposed in some way to open air.

    Overheating - If for some reason the battery begins to pick up too much heat, likely from thermal attacks, the core is forced to evacuate the battery or risk death. That amount of heat would also certainly destroy all electrical components inside the casing.

    Total Structure Failure - If a physical force is strong enough to shatter the outer shell it is guaranteed to destroy the entire device as it rips straight through the ferozium with ease.

    Weakest Link - Just because the battery can withstand a large amount of force does not mean the vessel it is inside is the same. A core that believes they are invincible inside the battery is a fool and will find themselves in a broken body, trapped inside a tin can unable to escape without risking their squishy body from being shot. Even with emp protection, the battery is still at risk if the device it is inside lacks the same protection.

    How does it work: A core enters the device, the housing within plugs into the core’s co-ox gaining direct access to their brain and giving the brain direct access to the battery. When the battery is connected to a device the core gains the functions of said device, receiving information from it’s receptors, and the ability to send signals to different parts to move them around, just as one would move their own body around.

    In the case where a core is forced to work the process eliminates the ability for the core to willingly make decisions, instead an AI or another operator uses the battery’s access to the brain to take control of it, primarily using it’s telekinesis.

    Flavor text: Core batteries are used for many different things. It allows a miner to operate machinery with much more efficiency, lets a Viriskon to take control of more appealing or fashionable bodies, or just go through a new experience. It can even be used to immerse themselves in virtual reality. It also has some darker uses, primarily as punishment, forcing a core to work for their crimes.

    Referenced Technologies:

    Attainability: Semi-Closed (The V.I.S.C.K. will typically not hand over any devices that contain a core battery to another race. Especially if it is housing a core. For a Viriskon to obtain a battery itself though isn’t too difficult and can be purchased at most Viriskon settlements, though these batteries will lack the ‘forced stasis’ ability as those are exclusive to government penal colonies. Attempting to purchase a core battery from a Viriskon would be hard as they’d likely face legal percussions if caught, but there are those that do sell them to other races, even ones that house a core. It's willingness to be someone else's battery though shouldn't be put into question.)

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    Given even for as durable as it is it doesn't mean the core's resident isn't in any danger, I'm willing to give this its first pass.
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    I'll slap a second pass on this.