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    General Information

    First name: Vathan (No further names given)
    Approx. 80 human years. Vathan has a poor perception of time.
    Race: Agaran
    Gender: Hermaphroditic
    Sexuality: Agaran, often confused about other races or concept of gender.
    Current residence: Vessel, "The Asphyxial"
    Relationship status: N/A, Usually loner
    Occupation: Scrapper, freighter, and chef
    Financial standing: Poor

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): Agaran. Chitinous clicks faintly present in all speech.
    Language spoken: Agaran dialects, can speak a small amount of Galactic Common.
    Other languages known: Knows a small number of words in many written languages, can only speak them by written phonetics.
    Style of speaking: Smooth. Often tries to speak in metaphores, failing by its lacking grammar and falling into Agaran.
    Volume of voice: Vathan speaks loudly but does not carry far.

    Physical Appearance

    Height: Slight vary, usually near 2 meters. (6'5-6'6)
    Weight: Varies, based on how much Vathan has eaten recently. Without gear, around 64 kg. (141 lbs)
    Eye color: Totally black, inset and reflective.
    Skin color: Creamy white. Agaran fungal skin.
    Shape of face: Oversized, blockish, and outset from head.
    Distinguishing features: Smell of dense dust.
    Build of body: Tall, skinny, disproportionately long and thin limbs.
    Hair color: Orange fungal cap. No hair.
    Hair style: Wide, flat fungal cap.
    Posture: Hunchbacked, head and shoulders forward.
    Tattoos: N/A
    Piercings: Small brackets worked into Vathans back.
    Typical clothing: Vathan wears a black cloak, with brown dusters, collars and tails. He has a heavy steel belt, and both are loaded with heavy fabric padding and deep pockets. He wears large bronze/brass cestuses.
    Is seen by others as: Imposing and awkward in image. His skinny limbs are hidden by how thick and filled his sleeves are, mixing well with his height. In action he's often reserved until approached.


    Likes: Vathan considers itself gourmet, as an effort to integrate into galactic culture. In reality it can't distinguish food other than basic nutritional value. It likes heavy metal things, steam, and submerging in acids.
    Dislikes: Hates overheating, hates metal bullets (despite using them) and subtly dislikes clean air.
    Education: Has an wide albeit patchy knowledge of cuisine, and is a capable plumber of vents and pipes. Otherwise tends to be a quick learner, and a quick forgetter. Learns from all sort of people.
    Fears: Very paranoid, especially about losing its possessions.
    Personal goals: Vathan wants to spread a better image of Agarans, through the show of good will by attempting to learn Galactic Common and cuisine.
    General attitude: Ranges between very optimistic or very pessimistic. Naive.
    Religious values: Understands spiritual shamanism, does not understand the basis of other religions.
    General intelligence: Quick learner and forgetter, patchy knowledge.
    General sociability: Reserved, naive. Tries to be agreeable.


    Illnesses (if any): N/A
    Allergies (if any): N/A
    Sleeping habits: Sleeps in stasis-like naps, wakes easily.
    Energy level: Low energy, very enduring.
    Eating habits: Tries to eat (and cook) according to local culture. Alone, digests anything organic. Nevertheless, Vathan eats by shoving food up his sleeves and down his shirt and growing over it.
    Memory: Short.
    Any unhealthy habits: Enjoys the feel of polluted air, water and acids, although this is not necessarily unhealthy due to an intense resistance. This resistance is partially natural, partially tolerance and partially technologically augmented.


    Vathan was brought aboard the Asphyxial as a stowaway sprout in a crude cargo box. When the partially biological Floran ship was gassed, boarded and looted, its crate was overlooked as raw organic content. Vathan broke out of the crate and took control of the gutted Floran ship for its own. Vathan has spent its years wandering, amazed by the ingenuity of other species and learning bits and pieces over time.


    Peaceful or violent: Tries to diffuse situations or avoid combat.
    Weapon (if applicable): Bronze/brass cestuses are electrified at the knuckles by a closed system. Power susceptible to EMP. Can't be worn by non-agarans. Also carries a folding spear, and occasionally an ancient bolt-action rifle.
    Style of fighting: Fights as defensively as possible, ill-considerate of allies.


    Favorite types of food:
    The more ingredients the better. Can't truly tell the difference.
    Favorite types of drink: Burning, "polluted" drinks such as alcohol or acid. Immunity to drunkness or acid burns partially susceptible to EMP.
    Hobbies/past times: Vathan can almost always be seen carrying a large book filled with phonetics and chicken scratch in many languages. Vathan reads and writes in this book at all times, even while in conversation. Also enjoys cooking and sightseeing.
    Guilty pleasures: Vathan does not understand the concept of guilt.
    Pet peeves: Vathan is annoyed by whiners and the easily irritated.
    Pets: Varies, usually none
    Talents: Quick learner, tougher than nails.
    Favorite colors: Feels at home around dirty, fungal or earthy colors.
    Favorite type of music: Carries a custom dulcimer, covered in mycelium which changes how it's played. Doesn't understand genres of music, but enjoys the feel of plucky string instruments. (Such as those common to the Novakid.)
    Augments or Implants: Vathan scraps and assembles its own low tech. Notable equipment of his are electric ion filters implanted all throughout its body, electrified cestuses, and a set of small conspicuous tracks on its shoulders which permit it to very slowly climb textured or non-metallic walls.
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