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    Long before the colony of Vallhalla opened their borders to the public...locals left their borders. These were no ordinary locals, mind you.

    They were Varranngians.

    These warrior-mercenaries are bound by honor, blood, and pacts dating as far back as Vallhalla's founding. Initially serving as an expeditionary force for the colonists to gain funds to assist in the colony's...external connectivity, among other things, these warriors soon found that after their purpose was fulfilled, they were free to choose their own destiny, united under their principles by the founding members.

    You are kin. Treat each other as such.

    In order to play a Varranngian, you will have to make an entirely new character. Yes, cumbersome, I know, but necessary. Those who are Varranngian are brought in at a young age, usually off of the street, or after some grand tragedy or something of that ilk. Mature inductees are a rare occurrence, but not unlikely. (Yes, you can simply be born into the fold as well. That's the most common way.)

    You may present your character's backstory and whatnot here in the typical format, i.e.

    Primary Region of Operation:


    But, if you wish to keep their story a true secret, you may DM me on Discord, where I will personally review your character's story with a bit of staff guidance.

    Additionally, most Varranngian are human, floran, or even Vandamal, though the latter is exceedingly rare due to how social hierarchy is within the Vallhalla colony. Vandamal Varranngian MUST be run by me, due to how strong they can be, and mainly just to see if you can handle saying like, 5 words in your entire lifetime.

    Speaking of the colony, that's your origin point. At this current moment in time, all details about your home planet can be easily received from the forums, and me.

    Q/A Section:

    What is a Varranngian, without the bullshit?

    Varranngians are, hopefully, going to be the Mandalorian adjacent of GC. Warriors bound by their oaths to each other, and to themselves. To be a Varranngian is not to be a galactic peacekeeping rogue variable with a funny quirk and a big gun tucked in your tatas, it's to be someone who gets the job done, and gets it done right. No bs, no hassle, no sass.

    These "oaths" that have been mentioned are IC RULES, not guidelines, set by the Varranngian elder members, one of which was highlighted above, in bold.
    "You are kin. Treat each other as such."

    Essentially, what this means is, don't fucking gun down a fellow Varranngian just because he said your helmet looks like a butt. You're family. You'll have squabbles, you'll have disagreements, but shedding the blood of one another means having to live with a target on your back for the rest of your days. You will absolutely, abso-fucking-lutely, be hunted by your brothers and sisters and nonbinary-isters relentlessly until you are killed, exiled to some backwater planet, or atone for your actions willingly, which still means full rejection from the Varranngian fold and being branded as a traitor.

    "Earn your keep, pay for our future."

    This one's rather simple: You're a high-class merc, but the family still needs money on the table. You will send a sum back to the family, and if not, you're getting someone at your ship's door asking "Yo, what's up?" These people brought you in, raised you, the least you can do is pay your dues.

    "Loyalty to the job comes second, loyalty to family will always come first."

    In the unfortunate event that you find yourselves on opposite sides of a war, a tiny bit of bureaucracy seeps into the situation. You're basically presented with a few options.

    Fight each other, potentially kill one another, manhunt.


    Turn down the job, both of you walk away. It's not your fight.


    Consult the family. What this means is that both (or more) Varranngians will essentially have a Discord call with mom and dad to see if it's ok to be able to shoot one another. Typically, getting to this point is frowned upon, because most will always simply move on. There's plenty of work in the Galaxy, instead of fighting wars, just go guard some caravans or something.

    Is there a Uniform?

    Yeah, kinda. Much like how their Star Wars cousins have snazzy armor, Varranngians also have a themed armor relating to both their origins in Norse/Roman culture, and their inspiration.

    Your basic guidelines for the armor can be divided into 3 distinguishing features, Horns, Clan, and Total Concealment.

    Horns are a part of your helmet, or shoulder, if you wanna be fancy about it. They represent nobility, like the noble Ox, or the less than noble goat! The most common designs are simple and pointy, but nothing's stopping you from going full Car-Crash Nash and having horns on your helmet scraping the ceiling (except getting stuck in doorways, and really, you don't want that if you're gonna be Booba Feet or whoever the fuck you decide to take inspiration from.) Being hornless is also an option. It doesn't really have any significance, lack of horns is simply a style some choose to go with.

    Clan, or rather, clans, are smaller groups of Varranngians inside of the blanket family. Typically, this determines the color of your armor, and the pattern. Since families won't exactly become super-important unless something specific happens IC, like a total Varranngian split, go crazy with your patterns and colors, but no too crazy. No hot pink and lime green, I will personally climb through your computer and beat you with a crab mallet until you look like the Elephant Man.

    Total Concealment is literally what the name implies. Your skin is covered, your face is covered, it's all covered in your traditional attire. For the less than traditional, you may show your arms, or your hands, or your mouth, even, with your armor design, but the core elements that must remain hidden are at least half of your face, your chest(no tit windows or refer to the crab mallet), and your legs (you come from a rather cold place, shorts basically don't exist in Vallhalla, to be honest.)

    What's the difference between Varranngians and typical merc companies?

    True bonds. You can just join any old organization like Panopticon, you can just sign on with any army like Atlas, but with the Varranngians, it runs deeper than that.

    As previously outlined, you can't just join the Varranngians as Hert Killer and don the armor, you've grown with these people, when the universe dies and all that is left is a giant purple blob of tentacles and eyeballs, mad cultists, power-hungry nations and psychopathic space-hitlers with planet-nuking death will always have your family by your side. You are not bound by one nation. You're truly free, but you're just not alone. If you're broken beyond repair, if you've lost the will to fight, or if you just want to settle down with your childhood crush, Varranngians are bound by their oaths to make sure that you find your way to that ending. The stories that this can create meshing with the rest of the Fringe are where things can go awry, and there's no elaboration needed for that.

    Anyway, it's 4 in the morning, and I'm trying to watch Mando, so I may come back to this and add even more than I've already added here tonight. Again, contact me at Roren#2054 for any details not slapped in here.

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    Because I'm pissed off tonight, I'm gonna write some lore.

    Varranngian Culture, Ideals, and Clan Hierarchy

    Varranngians, while being a tight-knit family of mercenaries, have developed their own beliefs and social structure since their departure as government servants both related to their warrior codes and their Nordic origins, albeit bastardized due to time's passing.

    Starting with Clan Hierarchy, Above all clans comes the word of the Elder Varranngians, which usually consult amongst themselves on the family's matters.
    The larger clans' elders naturally have more sway than those from smaller clans, and due to the vast amount of clans in general, some may not even have a proper place amongst the others.
    That being said, they will still be respected for their status. Elders are responsible for their own clan's growth and training, as well. Elders will scout Vallhalla for wayward souls looking for a new lease on life, bring them into the fold, and train them from thereon to become Varranngian, should they so choose to. If for any reason a member "flunks out" of their training, they will enter an unofficial, unnamed caste in their society akin to a standard civilian, being provided with shelter and food if they need it.
    When trainees become of age to strike out on their own as mercenaries, they are given the choice to leave the family if they so choose to. While this is rarely ever the case, the freedom to leave is actually what keeps them around, as they would lose more than they could potentially gain. Family, friends, love...leaving the fold is like leaving your life behind, in many aspects.

    Varranngians typically have the elder that inducted them into the fold, and several others, on their own special hotline as a 'spirit guide', or job consultant. It's good practice to let your elders know all the details to a job for cross-referencing with other members of the family as to avoid any accidental infighting caused by their generally loose bureaucracy, and also to gauge if that member seems "ready enough" to take on a job. (It is also typically where the family's cut is discussed, but this is generally a quick conversation.)

    All Varranngians are free to migrate to a different clan if they don't feel like they truly belong with their original clan. For instance, if you're inducted into a clan consisting of mostly stealthy, bladed weapon wielding operatives, and you feel more comfortable being loud and enjoy firearms, you may move to a new clan, and take on their name. (Bjorn Silverspear would become Bjorn Silverspear-Fyrestone. These are placeholder names, obviously. This isn't LOTR, lol.)
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