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    *The camera clicks on* There is a loud whirr as the camera powers on. The same Floran is on screen. He is fumbling with some wires and when he notices the camera is on he glances at a rather bulky arm attachment and glees in joy at something on the screen, “Thank god I finally got the audio sensors on this thing working” the hiss and broken common that anybody would usually expect from a Floran were seemingly gone. With only slight hints of a hiss left. “Right so after those pirates pretty much destroyed like everything on my ship except my haul I had to fix it all by hand. And let me tell you it is not easy,” He then goes off on a long ramble about technobabble this and technobabble that Eventually the subject changes, “... and so I have to get the teleporter ready for the- Oh right! So the other day I went planetside on this boring desert planet but then I discovered this really cool underground glitch castle thing. I was talked no to this guy about it and he asked me to show him the castle! I said sure and now we’re leaving tomorrow to go explore it. We also have someone else who’s coming with us as an extra person. I’m so excited.” He reaches over to the screen and says one more thing, “when I get to the castle I’m going to post another update like this one.” *the camera clicks off and the sound dies as the screen goes black*
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