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    Name: ThermaWire™

    Description: Thin, sticky, metallic wire applied to surfaces to melt through just about any substance or surface! Not to be confused with Thermic Cable™ which is completely unavailable in the Fringe in anything but extremely miniscule amounts due to export bans and extreme crackdowns on any arms smugglers attempting to sneak Thermic Cable™ out of CivSpace.

    - Capable of melting through practically anything with enough time.
    - Extremely Cheap.

    Conditional Abilities:
    - Can be used as an actual cable in absolute emergencies. Not advised because it has no insulation.

    - ThermaWire™ is a cheap Fringer copy of Thermic Cable™, a much more expensive and efficient CivSpace version of the technology.
    - This means ThermaWire™ is liable to malfunction.
    - It is also liable to giving its users 4th degree burns.
    - Or electrocuting you to death with the "detonator".
    - Or exploding if stored under too much pressure and heat.
    - Or just exploding randomly after being dropped or hit slightly too hard.
    - Or fucking your skin up with the extremely strong glue used.
    - Also, it's way slower and less efficient than its CivSpace counterpart. It'd take about ten times as long to get through a steel door with ThermaWire™ than it would with thermite.
    - This is because it was made in a shithole sweatshop in a shithole Fringe backwater.
    - Heavy because it's a roll of tungsten wire.
    - This stuff sucks.

    Conditional Limitations:
    - The fumes it gives off in the process of melting things have been found to be highly carcinogenic.
    - The fumes the glue gives off before melting things but after pulling off the paper protector have been found to be highly carcinogenic.
    - The sheer amount of heat it gives off may cause heat exhaustion or heatstroke if too close.

    How does it work: ThermaWire™ is a roll of tungsten wire with a small "detonator" device attached to one end. This creates a huge electrical discharge into the wire. Not enough to melt it, but enough to heat it up to an extremely high temperature. Somewhere around 4200°F. This allows it to melt through just about any common material doors are made out of. Hell, it can even go through concrete! It is covered in a thin glue layer which is itself covered in a paper protector.

    Flavor text: ThermaWire™ was "invented" by a now defunct Fringe company (defunct due to going bankrupt from large amounts of lawsuits) attempting to replicate CivSpace tech at a cheaper price. Because they took an extreme number of shortcuts in the process it led to ThermaWire™ being extremely dangerous to use. Technically, eventually, it works. You unravel your wire, peel off the paper protector, avoid sticking the extremely strong industrial glue to yourself and stick the wire to the thing you wish to melt, then stand far back and push the detonator's trigger.

    Attainability: Open.
    After the bankruptcy of the original company that invented it, ThermaWire™'s copyright expired. Any company or individual can produce and sell it. The ™ is part of it's official name and is not actually a proper trademark.

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    this rocks

    First pass.
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    Second pass lol
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