The Visitant

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    Anomalous, incomprehensible hyperspace organisms with a growing interest in Realspace.


    Hailing directly from hyperspace, the enigmatic Visitant are one of the best examples of how bizarre and twisted a sentient species can become. Silent and obscure, the Visitant first made contact with realspace life in 3284, and diplomatic relations have been unsteadily maintained ever since.

    Visitant biology is wildy different from any other sentient creature. While physically, Visitant vaguely resemble cellular life, the beings themselves are more comparable to sentient AIs housed within organic supercomputers. A single, large mass of Visitant matter- known as "Channels"- can house tens of thousands of conscious Visitant minds. Entering the physical world is seen as optional, especially in Realspace, where reality is unfamiliar and overwhelming. Those that do venture out of channels make use of specially constructed bodies called Proxies or Vessels, depending on where the mind of the Visitant is kept.

    Visitant society and government is highly streamlined thanks to their unique psychology. All Visitant are naturally inclined to help their species in whatever way they can, and base their self worth on how much they contribute with their chosen 'job.' These roles can range from entertainment to military, though the most important line of work at the moment are those dedicated to stopping the bane of the Visitants' existence, a killer plague referred to by outsiders as "Corruption". While even the Visitant themselves are unsure if this terrifying phenomenon is a physical disease or some kind of memetic hazard, its effects are clear– Channels fully consumed by Corruption fall completely silent. It is unclear if afflicted Channels are dead, or if something far, far worse has befallen them. The Visitant occupying such Channels are almost always permanently lost- though there have been cases of Visitant emerging days after a Channel's consumption, mind twisted in strange and frightening ways. Over time, Corruption has only increased the rate at which it has spread, stirring up fear and panic.

    However, a discovery has been made- very recently- that may save the Visitant species. While genetic modification has allowed Visitant to enter realspace without harming their health, Corruption is completely unable to survive in low-cuil environments. With this new information in mind, the Visitant have taken a newfound interest in Realspace not only out of curiosity, but desperation as well.




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