The Tafania Chronicles

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    A red, distant star takes it's time to creep out of the flat horizon, shedding light to the rocky deserts. Small, chitin animals that roamed the landscapes at night had took the advice of natural instincts and went back into their holes, shelters for the frying daylight.

    " 'Iss quite a shithole, innit?" Scoffs a massive Floran, towering over seven feet with most of his body covered in modern, simple plates of armour. He holds a military helmet with an antennae under right armpit as he squints. The tiny grains of sand can get annoying for the eyes.

    "Nothing new." Speaks a human of medium height and weight, wearing a pair of pilot sunglasses that effectively hide his eyes' thoughts. Meters of cloth loosely wrapped around his body make it hard to see what he has underneath, but by his sides are strapped a pair of handguns. "People with offers like that always go for god-forsaken planets." He chews on the inside of his cheek, looking at the horizon with no enthusiasm.

    " Ssshiiit, wissh it wass nearer though!" The floran shakes his head in irritation. "How much we paid for the fuel, tell me 'gain. Will tell the guy to give us a bonus for it."

    The human looks at the companion and gives raises eyebrows, looking behind at a corvette-sized ship. It's in bad shape, the hull looks like it had more than few battles and less than few repairs. It's covered with welded metal plates that do an affordable job in keeping it intact.
    "You're gonna ask the guy for more money?" He chuckles as he looks back to the Floran. "When he sees that piece of shi-"


    A red string of light appeared just as quick as it disappeared in human's head. He stumbles for a moment, looking at his companion with mouth still open, ready to say the last words. Instead the man gapes like a fish thrown out of water, falling flat on the ground.

    Floran doesn't understand what's going on at first, his eyes widening with surprise.
    Blast. Another string of the same light flies right in front of very eyes. He shakes off the moment of surprise and manages to only let out a chain of curses at whatever is happening as he turns to run off to the corvette, dropping held helmet. He is chased by the same red strings two more times, one time they land near the feet, one time in front of him, but no success in catching up to him.
    Somewhere in the distance, hidden under a carpet of tan cloth that blends with the surface, a long rifle sticks out. The person behind it observes the Floran getting into the corvette. The thrusters roar with blue flames as it closes off the ramp, blasting up into the air. He aims the rifle at the right thruster and pulls the trigger. Red projectile meets with the blue flames not soon after. The damage is not big, but a puddle of smoke starts to escape ship's rear as it flies away into the atmosphere.

    Sniper mumbles something to himself and gets up from under the cloth, leaving the rifle on the ground. He stretches his arms as he glares at the distant black dot, Roger's corpse. The sniper idly scratches a metal plate that covers his left eye. Fingers accidentally hook onto wires that come out of it and go all around to the way to the back of his head. The man hisses at the buzz of pain, glaring at the skinny, grey palm responsible for it.

    End of Chapter 1.

    (Hi, this is going to be a place for my spurts of imagination whether I am bored or have time for writing as I left the discord RP scene for good. It's not for me. Once in a while I might get on server but that's pretty much it. Thanks for the time you endured with me. If anyone wants to do something related with me, feel free to message me on discord. Never said I won't help/come back for a moment if requested : ) )