The Skeletons

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    [​IMG]The Pitch[​IMG]
    Undead skeletal creatures with a morbid obsession with death (and calcium)

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    Skeletons can vary wildly in appearance, from the mere old bones of a dead adventurer to the grand, massive imposing figure of a Bone Dragon breathing clouds of Blight on their foes - of any race, of Human or Hylotl or Avian or Vampyr and of any build, whether it be through zero-point energy fields or hover modules implanted in the bones, the skeletons' culture emphasizes both death and undeath, finding it more fitting to take a form of one that is dead than one that is alive - thus, the culture of the skeletons is wildly archaic and very similar to the other denizens of the Undercrypt, finding culture similar to that of Glitch, complete with warriors and mages and nobles and more.

    It all begins in Erebus, a level of the Undercrypt containing the darkest of shadows and the most monstrous of creatures - the time long ago was during the time of the Glitch's first creation, though the skeletons at first were mere Glitch in a dark world. The Glitch Kingdom of Necropolis embodied the lesser aspects of light, straying away from the God that most Glitch Kingdoms worshiped and instead followed values that were akin to worship Death as a concept itself. The Glitch took new image, shedding away their chassis to mimic the skeletons of the creatures of the Undercrypt, adapting their 'magic' into new bodies, eventually even long forgetting their old Glitch bodies. In all sense and culture, the skeletons are similar to their Glitch brethren, and it was that in which sparked the first of the dynasty of the Gravelords of the Undercrypt.

    Even today, the skeletons of the Undercrypt are a part of the entire Necropolis Hivemind ruled by the authoritative figure of the Gravelord, that in which is chosen through mysterious means through the Hivemind itself - often 'necromancers' of their own race or even others. Nay, skeletons are rarely Gravelords, for the dynasty of Gravelords marks some of the most diverse lines of reign found in the Undercrypt. There have been Glitch Gravelords, Vampyr Gravelords, Firstborn Gravelords, and so on so forth. These mindless skeletal legions that follow the command of the Gravelord act as Glitch hiveminds do, fighting as zombies - and sometimes even becoming fully aware of themselves. Skeletons can break routine just as Glitch do, founding new life as freeminded Skeletons that have minds of their own broken from the necromantic grip of the Gravelord - some go their own paths, many join the Gravelord in their conquest, many simply die and add onto the bone field that is the Field of Ruin.

    But the Gravelord is not chosen simply; many times the Necropolis Hivemind can split into subfactions under different leaders, and such often marks the period of time in which there is no Gravelord ruling. Fighting ensues between the subfactions, periods known as "Skeleton Wars" that come to dominate Erebus for the throne of the Gravelord - these Skeleton Wars become huge struggles for powers, involving other forces outside of even the Skeletons. Often, Skeletons break from the Necropolis Hivemind through these Skeleton Wars, some becoming great generals attempting to become Gravelords themselves. But once the Skeleton War ends, and the Gravelord unites the Necropolis Hivemind with his rule, his power is cemented; the Necropolis Hivemind grants great power to those who rule it, making the Gravelord an extremely powerful person recognized throughout the entire Undercrypt.

    Skeleton technology, like all of Erebus, is fairly archaic - most forms of higher technology are considered to be 'magic', and such as it is there exists Skeleton mages that utilize staves that control clouds of Black Blight or even necromancers that reanimate dead Glitch and skeletons or turn people into ghosts and such via Reincarnation. Today, the skeletons fit well into Erebus and have produced many famous figures such as the Purgatorian Senator Rattles Bones and the current Gravelord of Erebus, Death. The once resource skeletons prize above all else is calcium - most often in the form of milk. Wars have been fought a many for this valuable source of sustenance, as it is the one thing that skeletons use to regenerate their bones and is capable of sustaining their energy as well.

    Memento mori.[​IMG]
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