The Revolutionary Peoples Union of Indostea

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    The Revolutionary
    People's Union of Indostea

    Mission Statement

    “We the people of United Indostea:

    Realizing the previous injustices, miseries and innumerable disasters which have befallen our country;
    Appreciating the sacrifices, historical struggles and just resistance of all the peoples of Indostea, admiring the supreme position of the martyrs of the country's freedom;
    Comprehending that a united, indivisible Union belongs to all its classes, species and peoples;

    And in order to:

    Strengthen national unity, safeguard independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country;
    Establish an order based on the peoples' will and democracy;
    Form a civil society void of oppression, atrocity, discrimination as well as violence, based on rule of law, social justice, protecting integrity and human rights, and attaining peoples' freedoms and fundamental rights;
    Strengthen political, social, economic as well as defense institutions;
    Attain a prosperous life and sound living environment for all inhabitants of this land;
    And, eventually, regain The Union of Indostea’s appropriate place in the interstellar family;

    Have, herein, approved this constitution in accordance with the historical, cultural and social realities as well as requirements of time through our elected representatives, dated January 3, 3284, held in the city of Sidilia-”

    - Constitution of the Revolutionary People's Union of Indostea, 3284 (excerpt)

    Faction Description

    Originally a small independent colony formed on a small, dusty planet by a small group of Hylotl expatriates and others escaping the wars of civ space, the then-independent republic of Indostea quickly grew in population, expanding from its cultural center and capitol in the city of Sidilia, where the initial colony ships remain today.

    Years after its original founding, however, the planet would come to its first major conflict. A colony ship from ICIF expatriates would arrive, injecting the colony with a sizeable human population, as well as a healthy dose of religion, which easily took root in the planets more rural population centers. Before too long, a religious revolution swept through the poor, fledgling nation. The previous democratic ruling council was overthrown and a ruling class of Emirates was installed.

    This religious, noble ruling class ran a surprisingly stable nation for several generations, the nation's poor status maintaining the lower classes' reliance on the nobles while keeping the nobles humble. However, the discovery of vast Magnellium deposits greatly reversed the nation's fortune.

    By mining and selling the valuable resource, the nobles saw their wealth vastly increase, however, this did not filter down to the lower classes, who were often enslaved and forced to work in mines for the valuable resource. This growing wealth gap and general dissatisfaction with their situation especially among the military- who often made more money off of bribes than they did in their salaries- caused dissent to fester.

    On April 20th, 3283, the Indostean Royal Army, headed by one ‘Comrade’ Colonel Yazid Rasul, marched on the Capitol. Fighting between the ‘People's Revolutionary Guard’ and what remained of the loyal Royal Army fought for several months, eventually reaching the walls of the Royal palace on September 4th, but were pushed back by loyalist orbital strikes on their own city, after having held off on such a destructive move out of fear of damaging the Capitol. However it was in vain, the palace falling on December 4th, and the royal council being publicly executed.

    After the surrender of remaining loyalist elements, the nation was rechristened ‘The Revolutionary Peoples Union of Indostea’, headed by President Yazid Rasul, who promised ‘monetary, social and racial equality for his new nation, built from the ashes of the old Emirates with the wealth stored in the planet's crust.

    However, other policies that were implemented were less popular, especially among rural communities. Religion was abolished, and Yazid jailed many rural religious leaders in a series of purges throughout the countryside. The mandatory land reforms also were not received well, especially by village leaders and landowners whose families had secured their large swathes of farmland for generations.

    Present-day, dissent is brewing again. In the rural areas, outlawed religious communities and militias grow stronger, while in more urban areas leftist groups- dissatisfied with the lack of the social reforms they were promised- plot and scheme. Yazid remains in control of the country for his fourth year in office.

    Member List IC & OOC
    -President Yazid Rasul - Dust and Echoes

    -Ka a T'zaan-tin-Khoopitel - Crumchy

    -Kamir L'bn N'Ahad - Roren

    -Jeremiah "Jared" Karga - Syntheticdeity

    Public Asset List


    The Planet of Indostea-
    -Type: Ionoplanet
    -Capital City: Sidilia
    -Moons: None
    -Natural Resources: Mineral metals, large deposits of Magnellium, limited agricultural goods

    -The Revolutionary Terrestrial Guard
    -Older military equipment, poor training, varying morale. Dislikes the Void Guard.
    -The Revolutionary Void Guard
    -Small, out-of-date navy. One defense station in orbit. Dislikes the Terrestrial Guard.
    -The Disciplinary Force
    -Small, poorly trained, decently armed uniform police force

    Supplementary information
    Indostea is an Ionoplanet orbiting a neutron star. Most of the civilization is based around the northern hemisphere, and the north pole in particular, where the colorful lights in the sky provide illumination. The south pole is uninhabited.

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