The Republic of Canada

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    =Republic of Canada=
    Co-Writers: Hat Snake, DZka0s, Coloris
    Editors/Reviewers: PrivateNomad, krowski_nall, WowGain​

    Planetary System: Terminatus Minoris
    Total Population: Approximately 5.9 million people across all districts.

    Table of Contents
    • History
    • Culture
    • Government
    • The Districts
    • Import - Exports
    The original design of the Republic was crafted by a collection of psychopaths known as the Outcasts. The original Sequoia district was the first one to be developed, created as a base of operations for the group of terrorists. Between the group's leader, Danny St. Ives and TR-4P, who would later become known as Alyx, they devised a place where crime could be legal, in addition to the entire thing being a tourist trap for the group's hostage and kidnapping plots. The original design idea varied between a neo-modern style and traditional rustic one, with none of the members being able to decide upon a name for it until the newest member stumbled across the term 'Canada' in a book they had been reading at the time. From there, they coaxed it into the Republic of Canada - a welcoming name for a planet with a sinister purpose.

    Finding a suitable location for the tourist trap was difficult and took a good amount of time. Around the time of its founding, TR-4P had strayed from the Outcasts and outright betrayed them to the police in exchange for a full pardon, going on to continue the group's dream of having the Republic be an actuality - but this one was with changes. Instead of a false front, the Republic would open its doors to any and all refugees, starting as a shanty town of sorts. A ragged group of renegades put together almost spelled disaster at first, with heavy infighting and disagreements as well as crime being legal resulted in trying times that nearly broke the foundling settlement. With calm diplomacy and fervent effort from multiple faces, the colony was reformatted into the Sequoia district, and they began to build up the town from there - here they began to hit the first major flaws and road bumps.

    Once the Sequoia district was planned, they realized that they would require lots of raw and refined resources to make their structures - however, they lacked the funds to purchase bulk metal and the like, so they made due with the neighboring planets. Taking out a loan from the neighboring CivSpace district, they bought equipment and material to construct facilities for timber harvesting and mining, feeding eighty percent of the materials they harnessed to the loaner in order to pay off their debt. After the debt was settled, the resources were put to building the city up and there it began to spring up, with a number of the citizens spreading between Sequoia and the soon to be Winnipeg districts. As these four planets began to be colonized, more and more influx of population arrived as they actively advertised a fresh start for any and all that arrive, regardless of the history. With the current system and how things were being handled, transition for criminals seeking new futures, either legal or otherwise went smoothly and the number of individuals soared. In order to accommodate, the last planet of the system was taken over and colonized, adding the final Alberta District to the planet. The five districts were all fully functional, and from there, each district chose a leading senator to represent them, with the founder, Alyx, as the mayor to oversee it all. At this point, the Republic opened its doors to the Fringe as well, hoping for additional revenue to come in through the tourism.

    Fall of Sequoia District
    Some time after the opening of the Republic to the Fringe, constant pressures from both outside and inside sources caused the mayor to temporarily lose sight of the vision of Canada, striking out against the ones that caused the community so much trouble by smashing a satellite into the primary icebergs of the Sequoia district. This was after a formal evacuation warning was issued to only previous residents prior to the Fringe's invitation, causing a mini cataclysm that not even the mayor expected. The icebergs were weaker than suspected and gave way to the enormous impact, sinking only a few weeks after. The teleporter was shut off for the safety of any citizen, because teleportation at such a depth would result in crushing pressures and kill them.

    Present Day
    The Ottawa district is being reinstated as both an active district, having been only in construction at the time of Sequoia district's fall, and the new capital of the Republic. The small two bergs have a big future ahead of them, and hopefully with new technology the Republic will be able to build up, rather than out. After around seven to eight months of active immigration, the Republic has once again closed its doors to active immigration from the public, under the tenuous and publicly criticized leadership of Mayor Eva Wei, who was appointed to her position following a vote by the Senators and Council-members.

    The citizens of Canada are a wonderfully cheerful people, always happy to help their neighbors and others. Friendly faces and friendly activities are a commonplace, between unique and helpful social events for the community to gather around and enjoy one another's company. Aside from these wonderful events, the citizens are often busy doing as they choose, taking care of their various jobs and duties. Despite what one may assume about this happy go lucky place, there is barely crime to speak off, between the officials gently taking care of any rabble rousers and the more well equipped authorities dealing with the more violent of the crimes, the little world of Canada is often referred to as one of the more safer places to visit. From Grand Theft to Underground Gangs, this planet is as safe as can be, within reason of course. To help with this, any sales are considered legal, be it from a massive superstore to a vendor of any kind on the street.

    However, despite the friendly, worry free nature of the world, they are rather cautious and hesitant to open themselves to new dealings and offerings from other planets. Even more to that point, the Republic of Canada is timid to look over agreements, contracts or other such things from other sources, despite their friendly acceptance of outsiders.

    The government of Canada originally consisted of a mayor leading the districts, having senators overseeing the other districts with its county seat located in the Sequoia district. As popularity of Canada grew, as did the need for more people to balance the power of the Government and help maintain order. As thus, a 3 man council was chosen to assist the Mayor in any and all decisions that need be made. Following the fall of the satellite onto the Sequoia district, the Seat of Government moved temporarily to the Ottawa District, placing the 3 man council on hold in this time of crisis for Canada. These three on the mayor council are, respectively, Civilian, Police, and Workforce. The civilian council man or woman handles matters that are pertinent to the civilian population of the Republic, and while the decisions made by this part of the council can often affect or coincide with workforce, they are still two different categories. Civilian also handles the matters of housing, infrastructure, and entertainment. The Police Councillor handles security affairs within the Republic. This ranges from funding police, fire and medical stations, to supplying their officers with equipment. The workforce councilor is in charge of taking care of ensuring employees are receiving acceptable levels of payment and health care. As well as sending Inspectors to businesses that offer services to the public, such as hotels and restaurants for health inspections and newly built buildings to inspect meet safety regulations before being opened for workers and civilians. They can also handle employment and position election. When lacking a council, senators have all of the above powers.

    In terms of both political and diplomatic, Republic of Canada has always and will continue to maintain itself as an independent faction, keeping its strongest ties to other nations in the economic department. They do sport embassies and have prided themselves in the past as a place where two diplomats may meet and discuss terms on true neutral ground, while turning down any political alliances lest it draw the Republic into a war that it cannot simply participate in.

    =The Districts=
    Sequoia District: The original capital of the system, the Sequoia district was the pride of the Republic, sporting the most infrastructure, entertainment opportunities, and embassies of the other foreign entities. This district was the primary political and tourist hub, sporting nearly ninety five percent of all visitation and traffic from outside the system, with the other five percent belonging to the import/export trade-ships in between nations. The only district to share it's planet with another, smaller district, the Sequoia icebergs were the largest of the frigid planet's, making further development much more difficult. This district was run by Alyx Rasov, until their disappearance before the end of its glory days.

    Ottawa District: The smaller offshoot district of the Sequoia district, the Ottawa icebergs were originally designed to be a 'closed community' in the sense that it was a radio station complex spread across two icebergs. The district was never finished and put on hold when Sequoia fell, leaving it in a half finished state. In recent times, it has been picked up and is being rehabilitated in order to take the place of Sequoia, but the road will be slow. It is currently run by mayor Sevarov Rasov, and has no ongoing mayor council.

    Alberta District: The Alberta District is on a neighboring planet, sporting an alpine and woodland biome for those that perhaps don't enjoy the snow and cold twenty four seven, year round. This district features a beautiful fall and winter season that lasts a majority of it's rotation cycle. Primarily as a residential district, Alberta hosts a majority of the Republic's middle and upper class residents, as the alpine regions have high property values. Alberta is the jurisdiction of Senator Loran Jhei.

    Winnipeg District: The Winnipeg District is also on a neighboring planet in the system, featuring the tundra biome that the Republic is known and loved for. The folks that live here tend to be in the lower class, but all types live here. Despite being mostly lower class, the level of poverty is still low here, as the culture of the Republic keeps the community together and strong. Winnipeg is notorious for its entertainment centers, however, and is the largest tourist destination outside of the primary districts. The head of Winnipeg is Senator Annie Masim, who also lobbies heavily for the workforce council position.

    Edmonton Industrial: A heavily wooded planet, much like the Alberta district, except this one was relegated to focus on industry rather than residential. Granted, there are still a few residential clusters on the planet, there is a massive lumber and timber processing plant there, from which these resources are either taken to the other districts and used to cheapen and speed up the construction of structures there, or placed within pallets and exported out for revenue. Edmonton is taken care of by Senator Popori Aslo.

    Vancouver Industrial: A mostly barren planet, Vancouver district was chosen as a mining world due to both its size and lack of topsoil and vegetation. The only residential places here are barracks that are assigned to the mining crews for their period of work, as the planet itself is not very hospitable for life. The temperatures here are even colder than Sequoia's, making cold weather exosuits necessary with high levels of cold resistant alloys to keep engines from freezing over for the equipment. This district is overseen by Senator Gael Forsol, who is also the head of the Tachyon Mining Corporation, the Republic's operation on the Vancouver district.

    =Imports - Exports=
    The Republic is renowned for its access to large quantities of natural resources, so thus they have a lack thereof for higher grade and refined materials. This causes a need for imported refined goods and materials, such as metal, wire, computer parts, etc. These are stored within vast warehouses located on the industrial districts, often mostly underwater within icebergs and accessed via elevator. The Republic lacks both the space and need for its own refinement processes, resulting from a desire to maintain strong economic ties with neighboring nations.

    The Republic exports several products, the primary two exports are timber, both raw and refined and stone, both raw and refined. The secondary imports come primarily from the mines, and these are gemstones, ores, and salts. The gems are oftentimes cut before being shipped out, while the salt and ores are left untouched and sent out raw. The pride and joy of the Republic's exports, however, is the alcohol they produce. Maple Ale. Timber comes from the Edmonton District, while almost every other import hails from the Vancouver district, as it hosts both the mine and distillery. The maple ale has a syrupy flavor to it, but goes down as smooth as any other ale would.