The Islamic Caliphate in the Fringe

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    The Islamic Caliphate in the Fringe

    National Anthem: Hebbit Kerrih


    General Purpose and/or Mission Statement: To provide a strong, stable government in the Fringe under the guidance of a holy Caliph, and to spread the message of God amongst the stars.

    (( Members list is private ))

    List of Citizens:

    Syed al-Quiche: @Hastur

    Thomas Cook: @GregPeters

    Zainudden al-Rahman: @gregpeters

    Alexandra Kane: @Specter

    Morganna Godus: @Cat Boomer

    Mae: @Nick McMuffin

    Hadley Akers: @amposnampo​

    Panter: @PartiÏŸan

    Malacoda: @PartiÏŸan​

    Ahsanullah al-Saqqaf: @Hjalmar

    Diana Cilvay: @ThatCabbage

    Regala Peters: @Reggie

    Veles: @Gun

    Evalyn: @Marshmallower

    Chell: @Hallows

    Leo Safar: @Jackalope

    Testament: @Skid

    List of Techs/Race Apps made for guild only: Qarin

    Base Hub(s): al-Dhaid

    Friendly Factions: NAUSCM, The Atlas Corporation, Purgatory, AkCorp, B-Corp.

    Neutral Factions:

    Hostile Factions: Haven

    Currency: Caliphate Riyals: ﷼‎


    The Islamic Caliphate in the Fringe, or the ICIF for short, is a theocratic nation settled on the planet Maladh. Lead by the current Caliph, Syed al-Quiche, it sets itself on providing a home for all Muslims and non-Muslims in the Fringe. The ICIF is founded upon the word of God, the Most Beneficent and Merciful, and hosts the one true form of government, the Caliphate. The ICIF has recently decided to open its borders formally to the Fringe, and this post is designed to be an easy to understand, quick method to apply for citizenship. Conversion to Islam is not necessary to join, but we do encourage all to seek out the glory of God.

    For those that do not know, Islam itself is a religion of Earth, brought back to the knowledge of humanity by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. It teaches us that there is One God, who created all that exists, and that his Law and teachings are to be found in the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam. Followers of Islam are known as Muslims. The Caliph is a descendant of Muhammad's tribe, the Quiche, and holds absolute power in the Caliphate. To convert to Islam, one must announce the Shahada, which is "There is no God but God, and Muhammad is his Prophet." Conversion is an option in the Citizenship form, and if one wants to convert, insert the Shahada into the Religious Beliefs.


    The Caliphate divides its citizens into two types, Ummah and Dhimmi. The Ummah are all Muslims. The Dhimmi are non-Muslims, and are still expected to follow sharia law in most public circumstances. Dhimmi must also pay their monthly Jizya tax to the Caliphate, as payment for not being a Muslim. Both Ummah and Dhimmi are expected to swear allegiance to the Caliph. To swear allegiance, one must say this in their form via text or voice clip, "I swear allegiance to the Prince of the Faithful, the Caliph of the Muslims, Syed al-Quichei."

    The form to apply for citizenship is below.

    Full name:

    Date of Birth if known:


    Religious Beliefs:

    Announcement of Allegiance:

    Any current citizenships or ties:

    Previous criminal records //If any//:

    Reason for Applying:

    Once the form is sent in, the Ministry of Citizenship will review it and message the user back, letting them know if their submission has been accepted or not.

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    Full name: Wit-Ok

    Date of Birth if known:
    64 years before 3284, 3220 in years.


    Religious Beliefs:

    Announcement of Allegiance:
    I swear allegiance to the Prince of the Faithful, the Caliph of the Muslims, Syed al'Quichei
    /The user also sends a non-video recording of a neutral and slow voice speaking the Allegiance./

    Any current citizenships or ties:
    Citizenship of Lahn, Scalius

    Previous criminal records //If any//:

    Reason for Applying:
    To make known of Chinaut existance and culture, as well as meeting Alien species other than the Chinauts, and to document it for information. Finally, to make home in the stars, specfically, Maladh.