The House of the Eclipse

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    The House of the Eclipse
    "Memento Mori."

    The House of the Eclipse is one of the courts of the new age. We provide solace for those exiled, those shunned by society for their gifts or otherwise, or simply those looking for a family within the Fringe; those looking for a place of belonging. We take all of those that have been tossed aside and told they are nothing by the Galaxy, and we bring them into the fold with open arms so long as they follow our oaths.

    The History of the House of the Eclipse, as Recounted by Domina Nyx

    The House of the Eclipse first formed in 3285 shortly after the destruction of the Crimson Conclave of which myself, then only Nyx Sedatus, was apart of. Twas was scattered to the wind like nothing, by but a single Paladin of Aluminus, and Lord Redbolt was slaughtered like a dog. Keris, one of the Three Sisters, watched over myself and those who were at risk of slaughter from the Paladin, and in her infinite wisdom and mercy granted us escape.

    I took those who fled with me to the depths of Tartarus, and from there I brought those scattered and lost souls into a travelling court of my own. I kept them safe from harm and throughout the next two years we were but a simple roving band of mercenaries and warriors simply looking for a keep. We found one in the construction of Arx Lunae, our first and grandest keep, but half a year ago.

    We've since then consolidated into a proper court, and now in the name of Keris we serve to bring about order and stability to Tartarus, and to expand our realm outwards so that we art not trapped solely within the Undercrypt. Our only enemies are those wretched paladins who dedicate themselves to Aluminus and would see us destroyed for our beliefs of necromancy and the dark arts.



    The Court of the Eclipse
    ((Characters only, NPCs not included))

    Domina - Nyx Sedatus
    ((Doomlord/Liche Queen, zirconzz))

    Ossa Sophus - Alistair
    ((Great Seer/Court Wizard, zecon125))

    Ossa Sophus Luminare - Kristina Noskova
    ((Great Seer's Apprentice, Alias))

    Praeventores Equites - Ankaris
    ((Elite knight, Cheffy))

    Magistratus Armicustos - Gossareime
    ((Quartermaster, crumchy))

    Magistratus Architecti - Robin Flynn
    ((Chief Engineer, Quazwerty456))

    Sophus - Avodice Sootwhistle
    ((Seer/mage, Teldrassil))

    Those looking to join the House of the Eclipse should seek either myself or one of the members of the House that art not a Provisorium Socius, either in person or over the Nexus. From there, I shalt discuss with prospective members of their potential induction.


    Assets of the House

    Arx Lunae - A grand keep within Tartarus, the primary stronghold of the House of the Eclipse and where the majority of our administrative actions take place.

    Arx Nova Lux - A new keep established from the Quarry within Baldr's Underground. It controls the access to the Geode, by extension, but we allow visitors to the Geode free passage with no qualms so long as they prove non-hostile. The shrine to the east tis under protection of the House of the Eclipse and aggressors or arsonists to the shrine will be dealt with swiftly. ((on-server changes not yet made, but worked out with zecon oocly))

    Manus Autem Keris - My personal ship. Though tis not a mobile stronghold, it serves the purpose of transport just fine.


    Who is Keris?

    Keris, hallowed be her name, is the Lady of Death and Midnight, Goddess of Midnight, Moonlight and Death, and our patron deity and the oldest of the Three Sisters. The other sisters are Escula, the Lady of Plague and Twilight, and Oriensa, the Lady of War and Dawn. Keris watches over the House of the Eclipse and it's members and has done so since the days of the Crimson Conclave, though she had not made herself apparent to her adherents yet.

    Domina/Domine - Doomlord, can also be referred to as a Liche Queen/King by subjects

    Ossa Sophus - Great Sage/Grand Wizard, highest ranking Sophus of the House
    Ossa Sophus Luminare - Apprentice to the Ossa Sophus
    Sophus - "Sages", wizards, mages, nobles, equal with the Equites
    Sophus Luminare - Apprentice to a Sophus

    Praeventores Equites - Elite knights, often referred to as “Praeventor(s)”, may also simply be a knight with a specialized role
    Equites - Knights, nobles, equal with the Sophus
    Armiger - Squires to an Equites
    Pagus - Pages to an Equites

    Praetor - Military commanders, below Equites, lesser nobles
    Miles - Your average soldier
    Miles Immortuos - Your average undead soldier

    Magistratus - Non-military nobles, various officials
    Magistratus Luminare - Lesser non-military nobles, usually serves under a Magistratus

    Plebeians - Common folk, peasants
    Provisorium Socius - Provisional members, yet to be officially inducted into the House of the Eclipse through a ceremony
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