The Embered Allegiance

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    The Embered Allegiance

    “From ashes to ashes, we will endure.”

    // A public Nexus page was created and pinned \\

    We of Embered Allegiance welcome the forlorn, the outcasts, and help them turn into something more. We grant purpose to those who earn it, we provide opportunities to those who welcome the challenge, and reward those who respect the old ways. Our goal is to revitalize the long gone kingdom of Ashe, incorporate modern ideologies, and provide those in the Fringe a new Court. While we will be no strangers to conflict, we invite peace to the lands we settle or if forced, take.

    || Our History||

    The Kingdom of Ashe xxxx - 3214. Personal recounting by Abraxas Kane.

    While the Embered Allegiance is a new ‘Court’ in the grand scheme of the Fringe, its predecessor, the Kingdom of Ashe, lasted for many a year until 3214. Prior to its fall, the kingdom was prosperous and known for its progressive nature and powerful monarchy, the doomlord clan, the Kanes. It saw many facets of its code changed and removed, up until my father, Charthraxis came to power. It saw its traditions restored, the values of might, opportunity, equality and technological progression prized above the violent and chaotic nature of the past. When I assumed the mantle of king, I maintained these principles, whilst at the same time expanding my sphere of influence. Embracing the ways of the past with the ways of the present, I conquered neighboring lands, forced them to capitulate and become vassals, or welcomed open trade with those who held their independence. When it finally fell, many of its secrets and wealth was lost to time and expeditious raiders. Now, I offer strength and security to those in need, or those worthy of it. In today’s age, I aim for far more peaceful relations with the greater cosmos, that I promise.

    || MEMBERS ||

    Abraxas Kane -- Lord Commander

    Gene Kane -- Commander’s Second

    Eggs -- Knight

    Moirai -- Lord’s Seer

    Azazelle -- Auxillirant

    Calliope -- Auxillirant

    || ASSETS ||

    The Dread-Keep: A sub-carrier class vessel designed to be our mobile headquarters. Essentially a mobile fortress, with amenities and living quarters.

    The Knights of Kinder: A Tartaran division of this endeavor. They primarily are independent, however, they will answer our call should we be forced to ask them for aid.

    // Additionally listed was contact information to contact Kane, with the nexus handle ‘Kane’. \\
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