The Crystalbacks

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    [/b]-The Crystal-Backs-

    [/b]The Pitch:[/b]

    [/b]Strange crystals that grow onto a host, changing them significantly.[/b]

    [/b]Detailed Snapshot:[/b]


    [/b]The Crystal-Backs place of origin was a small moon orbiting the gas giant Gamma Geminorum III, henceforth named Gemma Luna. Gemma Luna is composed primarily of Igneous rocks, the origin of which is unknown, and massive crystals that jut from the surface. Gemma Luna is also nearly void of life, and has no atmosphere. -Underneath the surface of Gemma Luna are massive geodes full of strange crystals. These crystals are similar in structure to Avian power crystals, and resemble gems. The crystals can spread extremely quickly over any surface in contact with sunlight, covering over 200 square feet of land overnight.[/b]


    [/b]The Crystals found in these geodes will also aggressively dig into the flesh of any species it comes into contact with. The biggest exceptions to this are races without any natural "Flesh” such as Glitch or Novakids. The crystals will begin rapidly spreading over the back of the host, no matter where on the body the crystals came into contact with flesh. This gives the hosts of the crystals the name "Crystal-Backs”. From the back, the crystals will continue to spread, though much slower than at first. After approximately 5 years, the crystals fully cover the Crystal-Back, leaving them completely unable to move, and effectively killing them.[/b]

    [/b]After the Crystal-Back has been infected, they may suffer a range of symptoms including: Confusion, Mood Swings, Change in personality, Sharp pain, and stiffness of the joints. A few days after infection, the crystals will begin to spread elsewhere on the Crystal-Back. After this point, the Crystal-Back may change even more drastically, with their eyes changing to match the color of their crystals, and seemingly no need to eat,[/b]

    [/b]or even breath. The Crystal-Back's personality may also change, such as one case where a Floran went from aggressive and savage, to shy and passive. Most Crystalbacks appear to have at least a partial change in personality related to their psionics, which will be detailed in the next section.[/b]


    [/b]The Crystal-Back after approximately 3 weeks of infection will also begin to show signs of strange psionic powers. The type of psionic powers the Crystal-Back gains appears to be different depending on what the crystal looks like. For example, a Crystal-Back infected by red crystals may gain the ability to raise the temperature around them, while a Crystal-Back infected by white crystals may gain the ability to create objects out of hard light. These psionic powers appear to be solar powered, and put massive strain on the user.[/b]

    [/b]Crystalback psionics appear to work by either manipulating matter already in the environment, or creating energy. Examples of psionics that manipulate matter include: Hydrokinesis, Ferrokinesis, and Aerokinesis. Examples of psionics that manipulate energy include: Temperature regulation, electricity generation, and light generation. Psionics appear to be unique to the type of gem the crystals resemble most. Most Crystalbacks' psionics have little to no use in combat, however there are some Crystalbacks with dangerous or even deadly psionics. Crystalbacks of this nature may be a threat to society.[/b]

    [/b]-Additional Notes/RP rules-

    [/b]Credit goes to @Jonathan Cristallum for the original Crystalback subrace. I've gotten permission from him as well, and he will be a sorta co-owner of the subrace app.[/b]

    [/b]To make a Crystalback you must message me or @Jonathan Cristallum  before you can create it. You can give us ideas regarding what you would like to do with your Crystalback, but we may decide to change things if it seems too powerful or too similar to another Crystalback[/b]


    [/b]Some general rules to follow when RP-ing as a Crystalback.[/b]

    • [/b]Becoming a Crystalback is permanent, and any attempt to remove or destroy the back crystal will result in permanent disfigurement or death.[/b]

      [/b]A Crystalback's personality WILL change upon becoming infected, but how much it changes is dependent on how much you'd like it to.[/b]

      [/b]A side note, personalities tend to be linked to Psionics. I.E. A Crystalback with healing powers will almost always become more caring and pacifistic, while a Crystalback with a more aggressive psionic will be more irritable and aggressive[/b]

    [/b]Psionics are cool, but taxing. Do not use your psionics for too long without bathing in the sun like a reptile for a while, or your Crystalback will most likely tire or pass out. The stronger the psionic effect, the more energy it takes obviously.[/b]

    [/b]Don't become a Crystalback just to make your character more interesting or better in combat. It's technically a disease, and the crystals cause many problems.[/b]


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    Hey /profile/16-cerealchan/?do=hovercard" data-mentionid="16" href="/profile/16-cerealchan/">@CerealChan, I'm going to defer
    this app to the tech/augment section. I don't really think this is best suited for a sub-species app, as it isn't a sub-species of anything and simply modifies existing species (Becoming infested with something doesn't change your species), and there's no culture to speak of. This is moreso a long list a powers that are granted to a character, which is why it belongs in a tech app.