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    Yup yup, this is my goodbye post. I'd like to give an overview of what I'm going to be saying here for anyone who doesn't want to spend some time reading it all. In short, I have nothing but the utmost respect for anyone who's dedicated a large amount of their lives to this community. I will never forget about Galaxy Citizen, ever.

    It's a very tough decision I've had to make to even leave, and the best, brief explanation I can give is that I've simply burnt out of Text-Based Roleplay, and over the recent 10 months I've had increasingly more negative interactions within the community (Some self-inflicted, some I believe unjustified). The staff here at Galaxy Citizen have given remedy to some of these grievances over the course of this time, and it would be unfair to say they don't do their job - because they do, and do it exceptionally well. I have nothing but respect for those I've had these negative interactions with, because frankly every member in Galaxy Citizen is a staple in their own right. With a heavy heart, I leave behind my staple through the Skyborn Sounds broadcast, daily "long-term" spam, and my thematic character(s). It's been a blast, but I now set sail to new horizons and step out of my comfort zone.

    The Meat Of The Post
    Since I announced my departure from Galaxy Citizen, I know that tensions were high that I was going to make a "hit piece" on people and air out dirty laundry. At the time, I had just got accepted into a different roleplay community that I tried my hardest to get into. Riding that high of "Oh my god I got accepted" there was pretentious, distasteful, and hurtful things said to members at my departing announcement. That wasn't my intention, but after reading what was argued/said, I can agree that I came across as a cunt. It really sucks that I leave that impression on people on the dusk of my time here, and I would like to apologize to everyone. It was wrong of me to say those things in the way I did - it is unfair for all that you've built in this community.

    There isn't much laundry to air out without being partial or misconstrued, but I will say that the staff have done an amazing job at handling my player-to-player drama better than any staff I've interacted with of the 20+ Roleplay communities I was in before it. To any of you I may have/had beef with in the two years I've been here, I hope someday we can talk and find common ground.

    As for Staff-To-Player interactions, since I started Skyborn Sounds back in 2018, I've advocated for transparency between staff and its players. Things have drastically improved with the enforcement log, and clarification that staff do not act individually when it comes to enforcement - but act as a democracy. Although in some cases it seems like staff is divided into different groups of opinion or rationality, they discuss it with each other. Much like any staff in an organized community, you'll never stop finding ways to better yourselves. So far, Galaxy Citizen's has two big thumbs up if I was reviewing it. In conclusion of that: Staff is watching, fucko's.

    The Goods and Bads of Roleplay
    The opportunity I've had to create a story, and be part of others stories has been wonderful. There have been times where I've genuinely laughed, cried, and been frustrated with my characters with their actions. Text-Based Roleplay gives you a unique experience of exploring your writing capabilities, vocabulary, and voice while simultaneously helping others do the same. My writing has gone a long way from doing this, as a matter of fact. If it wasn't for Galaxy Citizen, I would not have as great of a writing voice or conveyance of emotion in my University papers, texts, and emails. The allowance to take your time with a post, and not think of "on the spot" words enriches the interaction even more, and allows you to ponder on the best / rational course of action for your character and their goals. However, all of these great things provide limitations.

    The limitations that come with Text-Based Roleplay have become more apparent the longer I've been in Galaxy Citizen. The infamous roleplay limbo's that I've contributed to, and had to suffer is one of my main reasons for departing. Sometimes life gets in the way, of course, but if you are a busy person - then a guesstimate of how long the interaction would be is on you when it becomes a 20 minute In-Character encounter stretched to 1 Out-Of-Character week. When you pay attention to quality, you often sink more time in and forget what time it is. I'm guilty of all of this, and I'm sure anyone who's been here can admit it in some form.

    With the setting of Galaxy Citizen, its custom lore, and new additions/reworks - I've become increasingly aware that the anomalous / Ruin aspect has given characters a common enemy. With this common enemy, the excitement that comes with faction wars/tensions reminds me awfully of the last two seasons of Game Of Thrones. I understand staff and people have put hours upon hours of development of these events and encounters, but for me personally, it just doesn't seem fun. Why? I'm unsure really. It could be that I wasn't part of it, feeling almost pressured OOCly to stay out of it or I needed a certain kind of character to be in it, which could hint that there's some buried jealousy involved on my end. I do hope that those who've entrenched their characters into these arc's get the best conclusion and enjoy each part of it!

    The events on server have also been a deterrence for me in recent months. I've come to the realization that in order to host an epic event on server, one must understand how to sprite even slightly. That might be a wrongful assumption, but from my experience that's what I've determined. Events on discord can be player-driven, but they often fall into limbo. Considerable effort to bring it out is met with silence, and thus your character development or potential fire to roleplay burns out in a silent, distant whimper. When these do end up succeeding though, the reward is often euphoric and enlightening. When I did the Miskatonic University, I actually ended up making more friends within the community better than I would have just going on the server every day. My recommendation: TAKE PART IN EVENTS IF YOU CAN.

    There's no doubt in my mind that Galaxy Citizen will be in my heart forever. I often use some characters from here to compare in movies to measure the depth of development (either shallow or deep). This community has been my gold-standard for roleplay even in my Dungeons & Dragons games (which I'm always doing heheheh). The factions here are entrenched once they appear, and although may leave a large or small mark, will never be forgotten. There is no Galaxy Citizen without it's players, staff, lore, and unique roleplay style.

    I'm off to a different kind of roleplay community, one that I've been eyeing for about 5-6 months now. The style is different, and I think it might be a good time in my life for a big change. Galaxy Citizen has been my comfort zone for these past two years, and I hope I can return to it if life beats me down. This may be months from now, or years. I do want to tell those who're my friends here that I'm always available to talk or conclude some sort of RP if it involves a character of mine still within the Fringe.

    I'm glad to have contributed to the fun, and hope you all continue making those memorable moments with each other. To the new folks who might stumble across this, put the effort in, and you'll shine brighter than ever.

    Beam Me Up!
    So Long, You Beautiful Galaxy Citizen's!
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