The Benevolent Order of Kemet

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    The Benevolent Order of Kemet

    Who are we and what do we do?
    The BOK is a peacekeeping group. We are here in the Fringe to reassure the safety of the new generations without parents along with providing the education necessary for the future. Alongside protecting and educating younglings, we specialize in evacuating denizens and offering them asylum. Our operations spread even through war zones, where the youth is at risk the most.

    Our plans:
    Along with soothing the safety of children and giving them proper preparations, we are here to help the Fringe in general, taking the money we receive out of charity and giving it to the poor whilst providing the necessary equipment for orphanages.



    Orphanage management:

    Peace Corps:
    Combat Medic

    Hospitality management:

    Chairwoman: The Chairwoman of the BOK is Tia-sitre Sharifa, she is the leader and is the one who controls all of BOK.

    Administrator: These people are a rank lower than the chairwoman, tasked with helping her and overall managing the BOK in her absence. Their salary ranges from 13-15k pixels a month.

    Commander: This person is tasked with leading the officers, meaning that they lead the entire Peace Corps of the BOK. The Commander of the BOK is Romanova.

    Teacher: Self-explanatory. These people teach the orphans of the BOK. They need to know at least 2 subjects which they would teach the kids. Their salary ranges from 7-10k pixels a month.

    Caretaker: Also self-explanatory. These people take care of the children in the orphanages by giving them food, water, take them outside on trips, etc. Their salary ranges from 6-8k pixels a month.

    Officer: These people are not only tasked with taking care of groups of Peacekeepers, they are also tasked with keeping the people of the BOK safe along with the orphans. Some officers take their appearance of the android versions of the gods. Their salary ranges from 10-14k pixels a month. Evolves from Peacekeeper.

    Combat Medic: These are the people who specialize in taking care of the wounded on the battlefield, especially in war zones. They must be trained to the level of an EMT minimum. Their salary ranges from 10-12k pixels.

    Peacekeeper: These people are like the officers-tasked with keeping the people of the BOK safe and with the orphans. Their salary ranges from 9-11k pixels a month.

    Surgeon: These people perform surgeries on the wounded and sick to save their life by removing threatening things out of the body. Their salary ranges from 10-14k pixels a month.

    Doctor: These people diagnose and give prescriptions to patients. Their salary ranges from 9-13k pixels a month.

    Nurse: These people are tasked with helping patients in the hospital with daily tasks and do check-ups. Their salary ranges from 7-9k pixels a month.

    Payment all depends on the amount of work they do and how good it is.

    Chairwoman: Tia-sitre Sharifa (Crab)
    Commander: Romanova (Partizan)
    Administrator: Nephthys (Ashleigh)
    Combat Medic: Khnum Hanif (Shay)
    Peacekeeper: Blue (Alias)
    Peacekeeper: Three (WowGain)
    Caretaker: Asim Madu (Yz)
    Caretaker: Belle Parry (9k)

    Job Request:
    Are you a part of any other organization?:

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